Religions Should Not Qualify as Charities

A lot of people these days are chary of giving. They question the character of different religious organizations. One of the prominent issues remains. Should religions qualify as charities? This is relevant for tax purposes. It could also determine the fate of millions of clergy salaries. This article contains some points that different people have … Read more

Individuals have a moral obligation to assist people in need

Do-Gooders, philanthropists, humanitarian people, the ones who care; gotta love ’em. But is it always good to care? I’d like to relay a story my principal related to the school long ago: Once upon a time there was a caterpillar stuck in its cocoon and a goodly well-meaning stranger grabbed his scissors and clipped the … Read more

Is There Life After Death?

What do you think, is there life after death? Answer might be quite different depending on how you approach this subject. Do you have religious or scientific point of view. All the Yes points: If by life after death you mean heaven then yes life after death Life after death is strongly stated in the … Read more

Financial Assistance for the Poor Should Be the Responsibility of Charities, Not Government

In most western societies, people don’t starve, they get educated and have sufficient healthcare to reach an old age. And yet, the problem of rising poverty and socio-economic gaps is one of the main problems that western societies face today, and western governments have failed to tackle through financial assistance. As declared by former US … Read more

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