Drones Should Be Used to Take Out Enemy Combatants

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are remotely controlled aircrafts. They are often armed with missiles or bombs to attack the enemy. From the time of the World Trade Center attacks, the United States has used countless numbers of drones to kill suspected terrorists in countries throughout the world. Proponents of drone use hold … Read more

Anti-Bribery Laws On Corporations Should Be Abolished

We live in the post-communist and post-Watergate era and, most of all, on a corruption market. Anywhere in this world there‚Äôll be both supply and demand on this market. Corruption and bribery will never be eradicated, as financial self-improvement and the power dynamics resulting from local and global inequalities will always feed bribery and corruption. … Read more

The Death Penalty Should Be Imposed For Acts Of Terror That Cause Death

Team Colombia firstly said the criminal in question should be given psychological treatment while he is kept imprisoned. What they fail the understand is that psychological treatment is only given to somebody who is clinically proven to be a lunatic. However, there is no guarantee that all terrorists can be successfully proven to be lunatics. … Read more

Physical Chastisement of Children Should Be Illegal

The title indicates that physical chastisement of children should be illegal in all circumstances. Currently, smacking children is banned in many countries. In Britain, the status quo is that a parent can be prosecuted for assault when the line of ‘reasonable punishment’ has been crossed. However there is no definition of ‘reasonable punishment’. Despite this, … Read more

Polygamous Marriage Should Be Recognised

Today’s motion is “Polygamous marriage should be recognised”. As proposition we define this motion as: marriages that involve more than one spouse for a person, should be recognised as a legal practise. As more and more types of marriages start being accepted around the world, we start to question whether others should be accepted too. … Read more

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