Hacking Can Be Justified

Nintendo has been hacked and Sony has been hacked twice. These hackers have often claimed that they are ‘white hat’ hackers that are helping by showing where the flaws in computer systems are. By doing this the problems can be fixed so preventing any damaging ‘black hat’ attacks. However these recent hackings that have taken … Read more

Is accessing your spouse’s email account hacking?

Leon Walker from Michigan has been charged with hacking having accessed his wife’s email account. Not surprisingly accessing email, phones with their stored text messages and social networking sites is becoming one of the biggest ways of finding out if a spouse is cheating and the evidence is often used in court. Many give relations … Read more

Plea-Bargaining: Abolition of

Should ‘plea bargaining,’ by which people plead guilty to lesser offences in order to get lesser sentences, continue? All the Yes points: Plea bargaining is soft on crime. It means people aren’t properly punished for crimes they’ve commi… In effect, both plea bargaining and discounting violate the accused’s right to a defence, especially… Plea bargaining … Read more

Rehabilitation vs Retribution

Should the criminal justice system focus more on rehabilitation than retribution? All the Yes points: Which is a better general justifying aim for punishment?\Rehabilitation is the most valuable ideol… Which approach has greater regard for the offender?\Rehabilitation has another important value – i… Which is a better basis for determining sentencing?\As a guide to the … Read more

Age Discrimination

Should age discrimination be made illegal in the workplace? All the Yes points: The elderly may be just as capable as the young. Since age is not necessarily an indication of infer… Discriminatory practices in recruitment and promotion cause detriment to the economy. Age discrimina… Having few older workers also increases the amount the government … Read more

Police Should Be Armed

Should a police force be routinely armed? All the Yes points: Routinely arming the police is an effective deterrent to criminal behaviour; most countries in Europ… The old-fashioned notions of friendly neighbourhood light policing reflected the aspirations of a di… Routinely armed police reassure law-abiding citizens at a time when gun-related crime is increasing … … Read more

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