We Should Have a Quota for Women on Corporate Boards

Workplace diversity is an important topic that deserves more discussion. While there have long been initiatives to get more women involved in higher-level management, most boards are overwhelmingly male. In fact, a rather large number of boards have little or no female representation – and this proves to have a chilling effect on the ability … Read more

Fast Food Advertising Should Be Banned

Banning and partial banning of fast food advertising has been a cause for debate globally over the last few years. The call to ban has been in large part due to the influence these businesses have on childhood obesity rates. Another factor driving the debate is health issues in the general population from the consumption … Read more

Spend or save?

Consumers are caught in a difficult situation. Many still have large debts that they want to clear or have less secure jobs than they had during the boom times so are unwilling to spend more. Indeed they want to save for a rainy day but are punished for doing so by very interest rates that … Read more

Experience Is the Key Success for Entrepreneurship

No introduction at present. Why not write one? All the Yes points: We don’t learn everything in School and we do learn may not be very useful; terminology evolves as quickly as language All the No points: Exactly, the key success for entrepreneurship is not only the experience of entrepreneur, it include knowledge, Leadership, Communication, … Read more

Corporations are a threat to Democracy and society.

Citizens must become the masters of corporations or they will become slaves to corporate power. Corporations’ aggregation of wealth, political influence and legal protections has far surpassed those available to citizens. Corporations have usurped citizens’ contract with their elected representatives so that government primarily serve corporate interests rather than those of citizens. People must reclaim … Read more

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