Sports – Equal Prize Money for Men and Women

Should Wimbledon and other sports competitions offer equal prize money for men and women? All the Yes points: It is outrageous that in the modern world women can be paid less than men for doing the same job. S… How can this fairly be decided, when men’s sports dominate media coverage so thoroughly? The market… … Read more

Hosting Olympic Games Is Worth It

Is it worth hosting the Olympic games? All the Yes points: Hosting stimulates regeneration. The IOC is enthusiastic about bids that will leave a lasting impac… Hosting creates a ‘feelgood factor’. It is hard to put a price on the buzz that surrounds internati… Hosting creates an economic boost. Whilst none of the Olympics of … Read more

Child Performers Should Be Banned

Should children be allowed to work in the performing arts or professional sports? All the Yes points: If children are working they are not spending their time in formal education. Regardless of what kin… Children are less able to make decisions for themselves and to represent their interests. This leave… Stage fright and the pressure … Read more

Sports Have Became More About Making Money Than Playing Well

Earlier this summer I took my wife and two-year old daughter to a minor league baseball game. In between innings there was a contest on the field involving several contestants racing on bouncy inflatable horses. The song “PONY” by Ginuwine blared over the loud speakers throughout the race. The music continued as the pitcher finished … Read more

Does football unify or divide?

Football is the most global sport; you can find people playing it from the favelas of Brazil to the new megacities of Asia. However it is very much a tribal game, you support your team and sometimes your country against all comers. This can result in outbreaks of violence and hooliganism when two sets of … Read more

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