Drones Should Be Used to Take Out Enemy Combatants

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are remotely controlled aircrafts. They are often armed with missiles or bombs to attack the enemy. From the time of the World Trade Center attacks, the United States has used countless numbers of drones to kill suspected terrorists in countries throughout the world. Proponents of drone use hold … Read more

The Death Penalty Should Be Imposed For Acts Of Terror That Cause Death

Team Colombia firstly said the criminal in question should be given psychological treatment while he is kept imprisoned. What they fail the understand is that psychological treatment is only given to somebody who is clinically proven to be a lunatic. However, there is no guarantee that all terrorists can be successfully proven to be lunatics. … Read more

Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified

Do you think there are situations when terrorism can be justified. All the Yes points: In extreme cases, in which peaceful and democratic methods have been exhausted, it is legitimate and… Terrorism works. In many countries terrorists have succeeded in bringing governments to negotiate wi… Terrorism can raise the profile of a neglected cause. The … Read more

Multilateralism vs Unilateralism

Should states act (impose sanctions, declare war) unilaterally, or should they try to get international support for their actions? All the Yes points: Multilateralism guarantees the support of the international community. This makes international perc… Unilateralism is destabilising; if a country fights wars solely on a domestic whim, unconstrained by… Even if successful military action … Read more

Police Should Be Armed

Should a police force be routinely armed? All the Yes points: Routinely arming the police is an effective deterrent to criminal behaviour; most countries in Europ… The old-fashioned notions of friendly neighbourhood light policing reflected the aspirations of a di… Routinely armed police reassure law-abiding citizens at a time when gun-related crime is increasing … … Read more

States ought not possess nuclear weapons

The issue of nuclear proliferation has become one of today’s most pressing issues, as countries such as Iran and North Korea desire to join the elite group of nuclear powers. While many people call for total disarmament and the movement towards global zero, a world without nuclear weapons, others are proponents of the right of … Read more

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