Iceland, join the EU

Should Iceland apply to join the European Union? And should the EU fast-track an Icelandic application to let the North Atlantic country in as soon as possible? All the Yes points: Iceland belongs in the European Union. Although a long way from continental Europe, it is clearly a… Iceland needs to join the EU because … Read more

Same sex relationships should have the same legal status as heterosexual relationships under EU law

Equality for the gay and lesbian communities is best done through giving them the same legal rights as heterosexual individuals, however states are often reluctant to do so. Bringing in an EU law which would enforce rights for the gay and lesbian communities would be a huge stepping stone to overcoming prejudice and discrimination as … Read more

Should Turkey Be Accepted In The EU

Should the European Union commit itself to including Turkey in the future, offering it a starting date for accession negotiations? All the Yes points: There is no obvious and widely accepted geographical definition of Europe. Turkey’s citizens may be Muslims, but the country is as firmly secular. Turkey has a better history of democratic elections … Read more

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