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Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?

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Plastic bags should be banned. Plastic is non-bio-degradable and thus causes pollution; as it cannot be recycled, burning plastic diffuses harmful smoke. Plastic also emits some radiation. Plastic bags can prove to be a choke hazard for small animals and people. Plastic water bottles are also thought to be carcinogenic.

All the Yes points:

  1. environmental damage
  2. Repairing the Damage
  3. The Great Waste
  4. Non-biodegradable
  5. They litter our streets
  6. Plastic bags suffocate and kill
  7. Wildlife concerns
  8. Spread Awareness
  9. Environment destroyement
  10. Paper
  11. It messes up future with too much plastic bags and ends ups that we might have to leave earth.

All the No points:

  1. No need to ban, add a tax
  2. Used as a marketing ploy
  3. Freedom of choice
  4. people forget their re-useable bags
  5. Causes expense to consumers in a time of recession
  6. causes loss of jobs
  7. People can and do recycle plastic bags
  8. the environmental war needs to be won elsewhere
  9. Loss of Technology
  10. so what do we carry our shopping in?
  11. what if u bought them and u livd far away and you frove to the shopping centre and you 4 got youor plastic bags
  12. other packaging
  13. products making
  15. NO,need to ban just reduce the use of plastic

environmental damage

Yes because…

Plastic bags for use by consumers in supermarkets and other stores should be made illegal. In the UK alone, over 13 billion plastic bags are handed to consumers each year, representing a substantial proportion of all floating marine litter[[http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2007/nov/13/plasticbags.pollution]]. More than this, plastic bags are responsible for the deaths of huge numbers of marine species, who mistake the bags for food. Consumers must accept that it is hugely wasteful, massively unethical, and potentially deadly to continue using plastic bags. Supermarkets must be told by the government that continued supply of plastic bags will result in large fines, whilst those supermarkets who remove all their bags can be rewarded.

No because…

Of all the sins of supermarkets, it is hilarious that plastic bags are the main cause of people’s concern. From sweat shops, to over production; things which have much more disasterous consequences on the environment and people than misely plastic bags. The reality is, the environment argument is a smokescreen for people to moan about litter. A more diligent approach to parenting and teaching would solve this problem more effectively.

Repairing the Damage

Yes because…

Charging consumers for using plastic bags should not result in profit for the supermarkets. Instead, any supermarkets who refuse to totally ban plastic bags, and charge their customers for using the bags (eg. 10p for bag), should be made to pay a fine to local governments. This revenue should then be used to repeal some of the damage supermarkets reap on the local economy, environment, and society.

No because…


The Great Waste

Yes because…

Plastic bag production uses almost 10 percent of the world’s annual oil supply. Only 3.5 percent of this number are recycled. This means that much of the planet’s precious natural resources are being used to produce plastic bags that many of us maintain are unneccessary. The chemicals and compounds that go into making plastic bags could also be utilised in a far more effective manner. These two factors show that plastic bag production is a waste of resources, which could be being used in a far more effective way. Also there is alot of animals dieing about like 100,000 animals dieing each year by plastic bags.

No because…

Plastic bags are worth it. We should have the choice to choose.


Yes because…

An estimated 17 billion plastic bags are given to British consumers. We do not need this many plastic bags in the world. The pollution caused by their creation alone is enough to warrant a ban on their manufacture and their use. In addition, they do not degrade well in our rubbish dumps, so they will remain on this planet forever more. We cannot have this accumulation of plastic bags and the only way forward is to ban their distribution and use.

No because…

Ireland has seen a 400% increase in black bin liners since the tax was levied against plastic bags. These black bin liners are designed to hold more in them than the plastic carrier bags and therefore they are thicker. They use far more oil in their production and due to their thickness they take even longer to degrade. How can the ban, therefore, be seen as having a positive effect on the environment?

They litter our streets

Yes because…

Not only do plastic bags fill up our landfill sites where they will remain forever more, but people throw them into the streets. They accept plastic bags when they do not need to and once out of the shops take their items and litter the streets with the unwanted plastic bags. Animals can caught in them, motor accidents are caused, and many end up in trees. As a society, this shows that we do not need plastic bags if we are willing to just throw them away. Plastic bags should be banned and replaced with bags that we would not so readily disregard.

No because…

This is an argument against a society’s attitude towards consumption. But the war against plastic bags is not worth the relatively little gain, the problem will remain long after a ban on plastic bags is placed on people. Instead we need to recognise our dispoable society and start looking at the bigger picture. Instead of picking on the small features of the problem, we need to get to the roots. And here, the roots is not the plastic bag, but our attitude towards consumption.

Plastic bags suffocate and kill

Yes because…

Plastic bags can and have killed/(have been used to kill) many an animal (including human beings) and they only have one singular use(carry things) for which, they can easily be substituted (with other bags) for.[[http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ei=36KHSp3INo3W6gPN0_HOAw&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=Plastic+bags+suffocate+asphyxiate+kill&spell=1]]

A baby was deliberately suffocated with plastic bags in this particular case:[[transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0709/20/ng.01.html]]

No because…

Well if Animals have to die, just force them to mate as much as you can until they are over populated, then if some are killed it will be ok, and the same thing for children. If each couple has atleast 10 children, then out population will be atleast five times of what it is.
Essentially people do not seem to be bothered about ruining animals lives, or often even those of other human beings through other forms of pollution so why be bothered about plastic bags in particular?

Yes plastic bags can cause damage but why are people throwing plastic bags in forested areas and other wildlife habitats. The civic agencies should be making sure that plastic bags do not get to such places, those they gater from streets should be recycled or reused which is possible meaning we really need an improvement in infrastructure to solve the problem.

Wildlife concerns

Yes because…

Plastic bags often end up floating in the seas- the home to many mammals, fish and invertebrates. One species that is at great risk from plastic bags is the already endangered Leatherback turtle (amongst others including the Green turtle, see the article below).

Turtles often mistake floating plastic bags for jellyfish- their only food source. The tragedy is that once they eat the plastic bags, they can get caught up and wrapped round the gut or in the throat, causing suffocation and starvation.


No because…

even if we are to ban plastic bags the litter that gets into the ocean won’t stop the animals will just get trapped in the other items that we replace plastic bags with such as cloth it could rap around them and smuther them almost 30% faster than any plastic bag couldand any heavier items could sink to the bottom and kill ofthem plant life the animals thrive on plus most turtles will realize the difference between the plastic bags and jellyfish as soon as they startchewing on it and most of the time when they are close to it.

Hunter schofield

Spread Awareness

Yes because…

By banning plastic bags, not only will we reudce all the environmental issues such as animals, litter and landfill, we will also spread awareness globally and even potentially nationally. For example, say Australia bans plastic bags, in a couple of years time, all these issues would be on their way to being resolved and America’s government might think “Wow, we didn’t realise this was such a big issue! And look, 5 years ago Australias landfill was overflowing with plastic bags that do not break down and now the small perentage of cloth bags that do go in landfill (not many go in because cloth bags are so reusable) are gone very quickly because they break down into what is not unhealthy for the environment! Maybe we should ban plastic bags too so we can recieve such a great effect!” And the England may copy, the France and Japan and China and Brazil etc etc. Do you see what I mean. People realise it is a big enough issue to make a law and see this great effect and actually CARE!

No because…

Environment destroyement

Yes because…

Yes, plastics use must be banned .Throwing poly bags plastics could make the soil unfertile (soil pollution). this is very bad. we need fertile soil caue it helps plants to grow, which is our food. Animals also need soil cause it make plants to grow and animals eat plants.we can say they indirectly depend on soil. burning plstics cause very polluted gases which could make our lungs weak on breathing them, also can cause many lungs diseases like asthama. daily more than 5 crores poly bags are thrown.
so, we can do a little work to avoid plastic like we can use paper bags instead of poly bags.
try a lot to avoid plastic.

No because…

we then we should just not throw poly bags around, i have never seen anyone throw them, and there are many people who help clean them up if there are any lying around. not many people burn plastics these days, infact in some countries it is banned.


Yes because…

Paper can be reused. If all you do is put cans in it, its not dirty. They can be reused. I have many bags that i reuse. They are very useful. All you do is grab some before leaving and you’re set.


Within the united states the are more trees grown than cut down every year. Americans plant roughly 1.5 billion trees. Our Paper companies are committed to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative which is an organization that understands the need to use trees as resources and does its best to keep trees alive in the world so that they can always exist. Remember, without trees, paper companies would be without a job. why would they want that? They are not mindless idiots.

No because…

Paper make the tree population deminish very quickly. Normal paper does enough anyways.

It messes up future with too much plastic bags and ends ups that we might have to leave earth.

Yes because…

Those of you say that it dosen’t harm the enviroment you are totally WRONG!. Because turtles eats plastic and die by mistaking them by jelly fish. Also maybe some animals is close to extincit because of plastic. And its also very harm for earth earth wil really get dirty and we might have to leave the planet if this gos on so people who says no dont ban it

No because…

No need to ban, add a tax

No because…

Place a restraint where people will feel it most, their pocket. By placing a tax on plastic bags you are not limiting people’s choice but you will ct down on plastic bag use. This can be seen in Ireland where a 15p tax has caused a reduction of 90% on the plastic carrier bag use[[Isabelle Chevallot, The Guardian, 12 May 2007]]. The revenue gained would also be valuable to the government who could put it towards environmental issues already caused by the use of plastic bags. This is a much more effective way of dealing with the problem.

Yes because…

taxes may well reduce the number of plastic bags that are handed out and used by consumers however a reduction even by 90% would still leave more than a billion bags a year used in Britain, this still seems like an aweful lot plastic bags added to those that are already in the oceans and spread across the land. Some rich ones didn’t even care of the tax,so ban it is better than adding tax. If we ban it,they can’t buy any plastic bags n they will buy recycle bags.

Used as a marketing ploy

No because…

Anya Hindmarch launched a bag to combat plastic bags. But this was merely a business woman making a profit out of the negative press attention to plastic bags. The bags she made were in fact made in China using cheap labour. [[Isabelle Chevallot, The Guardian, 12 May 2007]] If plastic bags were banned, shopping bags would be just another way for scrupulous entrepreneurs to make money out of people believing that not using plastic bags is helping the world. In fact, sweat shops would be used to create maximum profits.

Yes because…

Most people already have bags, whether they be ‘a bag for life’, old style shopping trolly bags, rucksacks etc. There would be little need for consumers to buy new bags any more regularly than they do now and certainly no need to buy new bags to replace the plastic bags now used. These bags are mostly used because they are free and more convenient than consumers carrying their own bags to the shops as well as back again.

Freedom of choice

No because…

Why should we not be free to chose to take a plastic bag? As with everything else there must be a market price for plastic bags that includes the cost of making them and the cost to the environment in the monetary cost (therefore providing revenue to clear up the leftover plastic bags), at this particular price there will still be some people who are willing to pay the cost for the convenience of just being able to pick one up with the shopping, or if a shopper has forgotten to bring their own bags with them they should be able to buy plastic bags at the shop. There is no need for an outright ban on plastic bags.

Yes because…

Why should we not be free to make nuclear bombs? Why should we not be free to kill another human being if they annoy us? Why? Because some things in life are more important than ‘choice’. Why? Because we live in a society where our actions have implications upon everyone else. It would not be fair for some to strive to keep the environment clean whilst those with money show a blatant disregard just because they can afford to.

people forget their re-useable bags

No because…

Re-useable bags may sound ideal. However, do people actually remember to bring them shopping each time they go? If they do not, what happens is that they have to buy more re-useable bags which means that more plastic is being used. Yes, the idea is that they are not disposable and so do not fill our dumpster, but the reality is, after a few times of forgetting to bring your reuseable bags, you will have accumulated many of them. Eventually, you people will throw them away, just like they did with plastic bags. A ban on plastic bags seems like an unwarranted inconvenience when you look at the long term consequences.

Yes because…

It is a lamentable and rather devastating reflection on the current state of human apathy that somebody should argue that helping to reduce the negative impact of human beings on the environment is an “unwarranted inconvenience”. Indeed, it is an inconvenience that we should have to replace fossil feuls, or drive hybrid cars, or improve home insulation. If things were easy or convenient, you can bet that consumers have already adopted that process. Don’t worry though, if we keep going the way we are none of us will be around to apologise for our collective naivity and arrogance.

Causes expense to consumers in a time of recession

No because…

Instead of letting people pay for what they buy, the banning of plastic bags in reality will lead to people having to pay to carry their purchases out of the store. Plastic bags are cheap to produce so supermarkets are willing to give them out for free. To ban them would mean that supermarkets would charge for the more costly forms of carrier bags. This is putting an additional financial strain on families who do large grocery shopping trips. In a time of a recession, surely the policy of banning plastic bags should be left aside.

Yes because…

If you have/had a cloth bag or a relatively sturdy durable plastic bag already, with longevity, so that can be used be and reused over and over(without getting torn or damaged or inefficiently disposed like a standard plastic bag) .Then you will not have to buy ‘carrier bags’ every time you went to the market.

If plastic bags are banned, people will buy nice big bags that are much more useful. Since this would only be a one-time purchase the costs in the long-run will be significantly lower for shoppers and supermarkets alike(in monetary as well environmental terms.)

causes loss of jobs

No because…

The production of plastic bags is a big industry. There are factories which produce the bags and distribute them. Let us not forget that these factories may cause poolution, but they also have a vast amount of staff policing the production. In the time of a recession we should not be looking to thwart thriving industries but save them. Factory workers are finding it increasingly difficult to get work in this day and age and the ban of plastic bag distribution would only make their plight for employment even tougher.

Yes because…

I sometimes forget that the protection of plastic bag manufacturers is more important than attempting to clean the planet we live on. I forget that, so long as the workers in the plastic bag industry are OK, we will not suffer any environmental damage. Economic conditions should not impact upon the manner in which we address a problem that is contributing to the destruction of our planet. To believe that the livelihoods of a few workers is more important than preventing environmental damage is a ludacrous sentiment that deserves significant criticism.

People can and do recycle plastic bags

No because…

Plastic bags are being labelled as part of our disposable culture. However, the reality is, people do re-use their plastic bags of their own accord. Many people will use them on their future shopping trips, or hand them into recycling centres, and many people use them as bin liners. Ireland has seen a 400% increase in the purchasing of black bin liners since their plastic bag tax was introduced in 2002[[Leo Hickman, The Guardian, 11th August 2009]]. This means that the free white plastic bags are merely being replaced by larger blag plastic bags which have to be paid for. The banning of plastic bags is not all as proponants would have you beleive.

Yes because…

You might as well argue that a very small percentage of the human population has A.I.D.S or S.A.R.S or Cancer. Should we stop fighting disease, since most people at any particular point in time, are healthy? If we let the sale and purchase and inefficient disposal of plastic bags(including large black garbage bags) continue then more will be produced to be sold and inefficiently disposed in the future.If we stop production and sales, here and now, then one more environmental hazard(existing and in the making) will be checked off the list.

As we all know, demand causes sales and production. Stop buying and/or using plastic bags and production & sales will eventually cease.

To argue that plastic bags once BANNED will be replaced by more plastic bags. Is almost as redundant and (oxymoron-ic) as my posting the same rebuttal against this AND the next NO point.

the environmental war needs to be won elsewhere

No because…

Plastic bags are being vilified for harming the environment when the reality is that they make only a small percentage difference. In the US plastic bags account for less than half a percent of domestic refuse[[Leo Hickman, The Guardian, 11th August 2009]]. The only reason why they are being unfairly scrutinised is because they are white and so stand out like a sore thumb when dropped as litter. Instead of banning plastic bags and claiming to be an ‘environmentalist’ people should target the larger issue; over consumption. If the people of the world stopped stuffing their trolleys to stuff their faces, not as many plastic bags would be needed and our domestic waste would be reduced dramatically.

Yes because…

You might as well argue that a very small percentage of the human population has A.I.D.S or S.A.R.S or Cancer. Should we stop fighting disease, since most people at any particular point in time, are healthy? If we let the sale and purchase and inefficient disposal of plastic bags(including large black garbage bags) continue then more will be produced to be sold and inefficiently disposed in the future.If we stop production and sales, here and now, then one more environmental hazard(existing and in the making) will be checked off the list. As we all know, demand causes sales and production. Stop buying and/or using plastic bags and production & sales will eventually cease.

Loss of Technology

No because…

if you are to ban plastic bags humans as a race will lose a lot of technology because plastic bags are used for more than just supermarkets plastic bags are actually used to build and support structures when architects are making them without plastic bags it would be very hard for us to make houses they are used to package up areas on walls so they can see through the plastic when they are making the wallsso they know they did not block anything important banning plastic bags would cause most people with brocken walls have to pay a lot more to get them fixed as well as the price for house will raise plastic bags should not be banned.

Hunter Schofield

Yes because…

No loss of technology would occur. Maybe it would even improve technology. People would make newer, more sophisticated bags. The United States would no longer have trouble with pollution of plastic bags. The workforce from plastic bag factories can help make greener, smarter and more eco-friendly materials.

so what do we carry our shopping in?

No because…

one of the world biggest and stupidest ideas of mankind! how the hell do we carry our shopping home if we catch the bus? take the trolley home and then never return the trolley! BRILLIANT!
SEROUSLY though plastic carrier bags should be the least of our worries and anyway they do are not affecting our environment big way

Yes because…

So what did we carry our shopping in before plastic bags? Reusable bags! Most people have rucksacks, shoulder bags etc that could be used for shopping. It is just laziness that means that they take the plastic bags offered by supermarkets. All you have to do is carry 1-4 with you at all times.

what if u bought them and u livd far away and you frove to the shopping centre and you 4 got youor plastic bags

No because…

What if you live far away from the nearest suppermarket and and you frogot your green bags that is also creating polution and is very anoying!

Yes because…

Just carry your groceries its not like you are getting 3 gallons of milk, 2 boxes of cereal, and 10 cartons of cream cheese!

other packaging

No because…

The over-packaging of merchandise creates far more clutter than plastic bags. Where does all that ‘garbage’ go ? It goes into the landfill sites.

Yes because…

If ‘The over-packaging of merchandise creates far more clutter than plastic bags’, then wouldn’t having no plastic bags to add to that clutter make it a whole lot less clutter?

products making

No because…

we need plastic. we use plastics for making container, toys, a c, and may more needful things. plastic must be banned only in poly bags or on throwing plastics we must hav to pay fine. but dont use very much. actually, plastic is very useful substance. it hav many advantage.

Yes because…

most of the products made with plastic are not exactly the “really essential “commodities
and moreover they didnt exist during our ancestors time , they never had any “difficulties of present time” technological development upto an extent is okay ,but further of it leads only to sorrow and devastation. It will not affect the products. We are talking about plastic bags. Not any plastic.


No because…

We all have to USE the plastic bags instead of MISUSING it. All of us throw the used plastic bags on roads and other places. Infrastructure needs improvement to recycle plastic bags. plastic bags can be totally recycled. If we are not using plastic bags then we’ll rely on other resources which are paper bags, reality check : production paper bags cannot fulfill the requirement of today’s world.

Yes because…

Is infrastructure really the problem? It is because we think that it is someone else’s problem that we misuse the plastic bags. Most people don’t even care about that the misuse so why bother to teach them when we can save the environment, and just get rid of them completely! Which should come first; the Earth’s environment, or puny little plastic bags? Unfortunately most plastic bags are not biodegradable, so yes, plastic bags do harm the environment. If you are asking people to USE the plastic bags, wouldn’t that mean more people throwing them on the streets? Paper bags can equally well do the job, they hold stuff just as well as plastic bags do.

Of course both types of bags have disadvantages. So while it can be asked, “what if the paper gets soggy and breaks? What do we do then?’ Well, I would respond with ‘Well, what if the weight is too heavy and the handles of the plastic bag snaps?” Paper bags are just as good as plastic ones, and so do many people around the world agree. I bet there was even a country where they had never heard about plastic bags, because they thought paper was just such a fantastic invention. So; the Earth’s environment, or puny little plastic bags?

So what about Infrastructure or what ever that is. They kill alot of animals you might see this picture and be horrified by the effect of plastic check this site on the below.http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/bags-choke-e1336237536746.jpg and also humans too this is not fake just to tell you i also could lose population!

NO,need to ban just reduce the use of plastic

No because…

I don’t think it using plastic should be banned, but we should reduce the use. Plastic is necessary and has it’s uses, but we could reduce and replace plastic shopping bags, for example, with cloth or brown paper. Our aim should be to seek alternative measures.

Yes because…

Its plastic bags that are bad. not any plastic.

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3 years ago

plastic sucks bruh

3 years ago

Yes it should be banned it hurts the world and sea creatures that eat it!

3 years ago

plastic bags should be banned because they are killing our oceans our sea-life and animals we should put a stand to this and stop all you guys and us to stop throwing rubbish in the ocean and sea to all the wonderful animals

Asli Ilham
4 years ago

General approach on the issue can be considered ok but most of the “No” arguments were weak, they were not based on some valid grounds and some of them were diverting the topic out the plastic bags issue.

As an aspiring environmentalist, I strongly favor the ban on the plastic bags as they can be replaced so easily that won’t cause any harm.

P.s. there were serious writing and grammar mistakes in the article.

4 years ago

Plastic bags are bad

4 years ago

I also honestly think PLASTIC BAGS SHOULD BE BANNED but our government wouldn’t do that because they don’t know what this can lead to in the future.I am proud to be a columnist and look forward to write about this in a future article

4 years ago
Reply to  Jennie

yaaaaaaa, please

4 years ago

Yes because plastic bags can be reduce as much as 70% so we have to directly ban it It also destroy the world and the seas the land and it is light in weight so it can carry long distances to pollute earth

4 years ago

Yes, we should ban them because a lot of Earth’s resources go into making plastic bags, and less than 5% of them are recycled. THEY ARE A WASTE OF PRECIOUS RESOURCES!

Ananya kamale
5 years ago

We should ban the plastic as it harms the aquatic life.
Also day by day the aquatic animals aren’t dieing as like, the tortoise eats plastic by knowing that as it is a jellyfish. Also fishes die as the plastic gets stuck into their gills and they can’t breathe then.

Ivan Pedezert
5 years ago
Reply to  Ananya kamale

Well of course it is bad for fish, turtles, animals, and marine life, but what about the other stuff? What about plastic bottles? What about the careless people who throw plastic into the sea? It’s not plastic bags themselves, but the people who throw them into the seas. Banning plastic bags is not the same as banning plastic. Humans will still throw plastic into the sea. We just have to make people change their attitude.

fiza ali
4 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Pedezert

plastic bags should be banned.people say put tax on plastic bag but dont bann it .some rich ones dont even care about the tax,so ban is better than adding tax because i want pollution free envirnoment!!!!!!

5 years ago

I don’t think plastic bag should be banned because one if you put your grocery in boxes that contribute to termites that can infest the house two when people pay for treatment to treat the house more frequently that is when the citizens of the specific country becomes financially unstable . And they didn’t think of that or put it into consideration

5 years ago

No, because you can’t stop the damage that is done already. It’s going to be worse without it, the reusable bags are not durable as it sounds. The totes would work a millions times better, but millions of Americans are use to using plastic bags for decades. It is indeed a habit. We also use them as trashbags that is what keeps the environment safe. Without them do you want to see more boxes and cans littering around than plastic bags? No, I don’t think so. The plastic bags helps prevent that. There where programs to recycle plastic bags to be use over and over again. It doesn’t make sense for this ban when it could have been done decades ago. However, it does not change what the environment is facing now since there are billions of people on this planet. The children especially need to be trained how to throw trash away. Some people are slops. It’s not totally our fault with this. We have to make better choices in keeping our environment safe. It’s all in our hands on what we do. Lowering the cost of whatever that does that may help that better more signs with “please, do not liter” more barrels around parks, that would have been a better approach.

5 years ago

Well… for me, I would say just ban them over time yes.

From my experience when the 5p for plastic bags law was introduced I was shocked and thought it was completely ridiculous having to pay for a carries bag! Fast forward 6 months and I thought nothing of using a bag already in my house when I went shopping and forgot about it.

If they banned plastic bags conpletely Im sure I would be like, WHAT!! But after 6 months again I’m sure I would adapt and think nothing of it and not really care again.

So on that basis if it’s going to help save the environment and planet for 6 months of adapting to something rather minor, I’m all for it.

5 years ago

Yes it should be banned!! Cant people see the causes of plastics been used from so many days!! We are loosing our wildlife and marine life!! As they are non degradable then they are broken down into small piesces which are consumed by wild life!! They not only affect animals but also human beings!!!! Begging yo uhh all those who still use plastics!! STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS!!!!PLEASE!!!!

7 years ago

just use a regular re-usable bag, it does affect the environment!

7 years ago

please who on earth wrote the no argument to plastic bags suffocate and kill? please have 10 children and let some of them die. you’ll know the answer then.

Romelyn Terez Diangco
8 years ago

Its not the sin of plastic bags why were encounteering worst results…its just because of the peoples failure to do their responsibility…
We cab do something for plastic bags ..we can recycle them to rrduce them being scattered on the streets or everywhere …we can create something out of nothing….

9 years ago

I believe switching to reuseable bags will create a spike in food poisoning. even foodsafety.gov tells you to use a one time use plastic bag for raw meat and to not use it again.

11 years ago

If we have to pay 5pence a bag, I want plain, no logo bags. I do not want to pay to advertise a retailer.
There have been many times when I have been looking for a supermarket etc, and located it by people carrying plastic bags.

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