Cars Should Be Banned From City Centres

In this debate, we focus on facilitating the efficiency of commerce in city centre, mostly Central Business District, and on reducing the urban pollution from its root, by not harming the basic necessity of the people, who are working and living in the city centre, about transportation. All the Yes points: On avoiding the inefficiency … Read more

Public Transport Should Be Free

Cities need good public transit or they grind to a halt. Growing cities in the developing world often have traffic jams that choke up whole expressways for days. The reliance on the car also leads to large amounts of pollution, both smog and CO2 emissions. The solutions for these problems is more and better public … Read more

What Is the Best Solution to Prevent Traffic Congestion?

what is the best solution to prevent traffic congestion?

Traffic congestion is an all too familiar bane in my country, everyday I’m stuck in traffic, amidst buses, cars, and motorbikes. It is a really uncomfortable feeling and I don’t know how to get out of it. Terrible! All the Yes points: Cell phones Building highways/motorways/flyovers or painting bus-lanes Car clubs or car sharing/pooling The … Read more

Speed limits should be reduced

Do you think speed limits should be reduced? All the Yes points: Reducing speed reduces deaths Increase in motorcyclists All the No points: High tax on cars is not value for money if you have to drive at a snail’s pace Government detracting from lack of money to spend on roads Negative impact on the … Read more

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