Rail travel is the best mode of transport for the future

With the threat of global warming at the forefront of politician’s minds, we are increasingly being encouraged to dump our cars and use public transport. But is this really to our advantage and is rail travel the best transport method for the future? All the Yes points: Reduces CO2 emissions Rail travel is cheaper Rail … Read more

Should we abolish speed cameras?

It was recently reported in the press that a councillor in Swindon has called to abolish speed cameras. Speed cameras were first introduced as an innovative new road safety measure, designed to slow motorists down, thus reducing accidents. However in the years since their introduction we have still seen many road deaths, and are forced … Read more

Using a Mobile Phone While Driving Should Be Banned

Should drivers be prohibited from using mobile ‘phones? All the Yes points: Using a mobile phone while driving is very dangerous. Physically holding a handset removes one hand… Research shows very little difference between using a handheld and a hands-free mobile phone, in ter… Existing laws are inadequate; driving without due care and attention is … Read more

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