Should children be taught politics at school?

As we all know that children are the future of any country,the values and habits taught to them not only reflects their future but also reflects the future progress of that we all that election is one of the mechanism to choose our representative at the parliament,so it is very important to choose the … Read more

Should the Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools

Should the Cell phones be allowed in schools

In most of the schools cell phones are not allowed and also most of the people think that cell phone has alot of disadvantages and in schools cell phones are the cause of disturbance. All the Yes points: Yes, it should be allowed for the case of emergency. Mobile phone use as a subject in … Read more

Homework Should Have a Limit

There should be a limit on homework. As in only a certain amount of assignments per subject.There is a section in school agenda’s that tell us how much time each grade should spend on homework every day/week. But realistically, some students are getting WAY to much homework while other students in the same grade but … Read more

School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory

School uniforms; to wear or not to wear. That is the question. All the Yes points: School Uniforms – Yes It encourages discipline It contributes to the sense of school’s unity Creates a sense of equality Uniform has practical benefits when students are outside the school building. Uniform prepares students for life after education, when … Read more

School Day Should Be Extended

Research supports the premise that longer school days improve the overall quality of instruction which can be provided for students. In countries where the school day is longer students gain superior results on standardised tests. It stands to reason that more hours face to face with students would give teachers the chance to spend more … Read more

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