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Should children be taught politics at school?

As we all know that children are the future of any country,the values and habits taught to them not only reflects their future but also reflects the future progress of that country.now we all that election is one of the mechanism to choose our representative at the parliament,so it is very important to choose the right candidate….according to me children should be taught politics in schools so that they get better understanding of all the electoral proceedings and can wisely decide whom to choose as their representative….political learning will not only widen their outlook but will also help them to elect the right candidate and they will learn the importance of voting…

All the Yes points:

  1. Young people need a better understanding of Politics
  2. An informed electorate is the key to a strong democracy.
  3. They are the future of tommorrow
  4. of course they should
  5. for the people who vote no cause kids shouldnt be forced to learn it

All the No points:

Young people need a better understanding of Politics

Yes because…

Politics plays such a large part in how our society is formed. Without an understanding of it young people are more likely to become disengaged or even elect people based solely on personality or media/public opinion, without taking notice of any possible party affiliation, policy/voting records, political and social beliefs or manifesto. Teaching children early on about the working of the political system, it’s history and the variety of political beliefs and theories is important if we want to live in society where people are interested and engaged with politics.

No because…

You cannot force people, children especially, to want to learn about politics. Many children find politics boring and are not interested in knowing or understanding more about it. It should be left up to them to learn more as and when they choose.

But then again they are forced to learn other stuff they consider boring but politcs will help them learn how their country works

An informed electorate is the key to a strong democracy.

Yes because…

A democracy allows for all people to have one equal vote in who should lead, or who should represent a constituency. One’s vote must be based on an understanding or perceived knowledge of policies across candidates. In a country such as Australia with compulsory voting, one must invent reasons for voting for a certain candidate. This simply isn’t a democracy. If we allow deception or media representation to sway our voting habits, then our votes do not truly belong to us, for we have not considered our own, independent opinions in voting.

Any survey of registered voters, young or old, shows a large sense of apathy and political misinformation. This is dangerous in a democracy where while these people are kept uninformed and are often lied to, the media is free to be adulterated by whatever biases their CEOs choose, and more often than not, as is the case in Australia, those media companies own a huge share of the national media. Including a strong understanding of politics into school curricula would ensure that all graduates have some understanding of the political, social and economic world, which can only mean a stronger democracy.

No because…

They are the future of tommorrow

Yes because…

It has been proven time and time again that children are impressionable, and that the things you learn while you are young dictate who you will become as an adult. Our government is a democracy, and consequently we have a voice, and the power derives from the people. We decide what changes are made, and each decision effects every citizen regardless of their circumstances or area code. If the public of America choose not to participate in the democratc system, it will cease to function. Unfortunetley, the youth of this generation are too preoccupied with texting and Jersey Shore to care about politics. The majority of my classmates and friends do not concern themselves with the issues being discussed in Congress, and do not even intend to vote next year in the 2012 presidential election. They see the mess left behind by our parents, the chaos and arguing that occurs on Capitol Hill. They are intiminated, they do not want to get involved. We must make them involved, we must help them to care, to see the impact they have on the future. We are the voice, we are the power of tommorrow, we can bring change. Yes, yes politics should be taught in schools, but more importantly it should be taught in the home. Studies show that children are more likely to be involved in the democratic system if their parents are, it is simply a matter of education and enviornment. The responsiblity lies not only with the teachers of these young minds, but the family. It is up to them, to shape their minds and to spark a desire to make a difference. Without the people, America is nothing. So have an opinion, listen to the debate, join in. I urge my generation to do one simple thing:care. Do not sit in a dark room playing video games, while the world crashes around us. Stand up, scream, shout, let your voice be heard. But more importantly, we must teach the generation of tommorrow to vote. VOTE!

No because…

of course they should

Yes because…

Everyone before they reach the age of voting should be given basic knowledge of how government works and how they can contact politicians with their views and complaints. They should know how to contact their local councillors and what they can go to them about. Then maybe we could get more working class people interested enough to become politicians and fight for equality instead of having politicians with no clue about what its like to a working class person in the country they run. They government just expects everyone as soon as they are 18 to pick a party and start voting for them with no understanding of how government passes laws etc

No because…

for the people who vote no cause kids shouldnt be forced to learn it

Yes because…

They are forced to learn other subjects they find boring but at least if the learn basic knowledge of how the government works eg They should know how to contact their local councillors and what they can go to them about. Maybe once they start it they wont find it boring thats stupid they may find english and maths boring but you would stop them learning that. Why shouldnt kids be taught how the country they live in work how are they supposed to decide who to vote for blindly?

No because…

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3 years ago

I believe politics should be taught because children have no clue as to what’s happening to their rights. They have no clue on who to vote for or how to form a factual opinion. They also don’t see the importance in politics because it’s not emphasized in school. Politics, as boring as it is, it’s essential to teach. No teacher should say they agree with any politician, only teach why these politicians do as they do. What’s happening and why. Saying that it’s boring or it could end friendships is dumb. The reality is, kids are the future, and we need to prepare them with essential information in order to better our country.

Theresa clark
3 years ago

I do not believe that he six grade 12 or 13-year-old child will truly understand political debates and issues this should not be taught at school because they are doing this to my daughter I am joining in and everything is biased and one sided it causes disruption at home argument at school as the old saying goes there are two things that you do not discuss politics and religion I believe that children should have the choice whether or not to voice their opinion on political issues and not be made to if that’s the case then why do we have secret ballot‘s when we vote we should be made to tell everyone what we’re doing as adults we have this privilege Children should also be granted this privilege leave the politics out of school children should only learn the essentials that they need They soon will learn as they get older how crooked our Government is they are too young to understand right now they are too impressionable politics and religion should be left at home and taught by parents where it belongs these are our children not the schools not the governments ours and we are the only ones that should govern what we learn with their political issues

5 years ago

I do think it should be taught at schools but maybe at like high school because at a young age kids tend to lean towards to what the teachers say. But when your in high school you have matured and should be able to create their own opinions. School subjects should be the main focus in middle and elementary, not politics.

6 years ago

I think schools should ban teaching about politics. I think politics can cause friendships to end. I think students should learn about some non-political history, english, math, and sciences. I think students should focus on their classes more than politics. I think politics can be depressing at moments and should stop being taught.

9 years ago

It is amazing to me that this isn’t debated more. The lack of enthusiasm and thoughtfulness for our future (the children) as a nation has sentenced our nation for doom. The dooming part is the only families who are invested in politics who really teach their children politics and encourage them to participate are the parents who know they can benefit; the rich families. Now I’m not putting all rich people into a bubble of evil conspiracy. But most people who have money have power, and those who have the power influence politics, which then influences our nation in a way that is very one sided.

With all the scandals and corruption in government the individual might think “there is nothing I can do”. I say WAKE UP! Do we not live in America? The land of LIBERTY. If we educate the 90%, arm them with knowledge and passion for the government which is supposed to be run “for the people, by the people” they, we, can make a difference. We can put an end to those who sit on their couches being fed bias news witnessing discrimination, injustice, and corruption who complain but do nothing. One informed student can make a difference. Because there would be thousands of informed American students prepared to participate making up the functioning democracy. A democracy that demands true transparency. A democracy that can identify and see through bias and manipulation. A democracy “run for the people, by the people”.

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