We Should Have a Quota for Women on Corporate Boards

Workplace diversity is an important topic that deserves more discussion. While there have long been initiatives to get more women involved in higher-level management, most boards are overwhelmingly male. In fact, a rather large number of boards have little or no female representation – and this proves to have a chilling effect on the ability … Read more

Age Discrimination

Should age discrimination be made illegal in the workplace? All the Yes points: The elderly may be just as capable as the young. Since age is not necessarily an indication of infer… Discriminatory practices in recruitment and promotion cause detriment to the economy. Age discrimina… Having few older workers also increases the amount the government … Read more

Working Mothers Should Stay At Home

Should mothers stay at home to raise their children? All the Yes points: As early childhood is the most formative period of development for a child it is important that a mo… Because the whole of society benefits from giving children the best possible start in life, the gove… Many childcare options are poor quality … Read more

Children should do part time and summer work

Today jobs for children seem to be restricted to doing the paper round a couple of days a week. However decades ago children, even some city kids, played a large role in bringing in harvests a job now taken by migrant workers. Even five years ago many more children were doing part time jobs than … Read more

Unemployment benefit should be paid in the form of vouchers for food, shelter and the basics of life

Being unemployed is a situation none of us would like wind up in and when we find ourselves in it due to circumstances, we should get out of it as fast as possible. However, unemployed people who are receiving their unemployment benefits often forget that the role of the state transferred resources towards their welfare … Read more

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