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Children should do part time and summer work

Today jobs for children seem to be restricted to doing the paper round a couple of days a week. However decades ago children, even some city kids, played a large role in bringing in harvests a job now taken by migrant workers. Even five years ago many more children were doing part time jobs than they arde today. Obvious factors would include tightening legislation and the state of the economy. However doing some types of work may be more helpful and interesting for some of those children who have difficulties with studying.

All the Yes points:

  1. Teaches them valuable life skills
  2. Children can use the money.
  3. They will have the satisfaction of a job well done.
  4. a good option for an un-academic child

All the No points:

  1. they don’t have time
  2. children will be exploited

Teaches them valuable life skills

Yes because…

Children who work learn such valuable life skills as self-responsibility, independence and the relationship between time and money.

No because…

There are better ways than sending a child to work to learn life skills. Self responsibility and independence can be taught in regards to homework and study. This will teach children to effectively manage their own time. It is something that parents need to demonstrate to their children. This would be much more effective than merely shipping their children off to a piece of employment.

Children can use the money.

Yes because…

Quite simply, children need money too. Not all parents can afford to give their children good lives. Some can’t even afford to keep them fed and clothed properly. Children should have the opportunity to make money to improve their quality of life.

No because…

This places too much strain on children. Childhood should be enjoyed, we only get it once. If society starts to make it a norm that children are to provide for themselves, then children will feel obliged to do so in order to relive their parents of financial strain. But this is not a worry that children should have. Children should not have to worry about money. Adults cannot cope with such pressure; why would we like to place this strain on children?

They will have the satisfaction of a job well done.

Yes because…

Having your own money that you earned through hard work is very satisfying for a child. They will know that they did something real that had an effect on the world around them, not just the enclosed artificial world of school, they will feel proud and more mature.

No because…

Children unlike adults do not value money; except maybe for running to the corner store to buy some candy/chocolates/gummy-bears for themselves.

But in general; unless the hard earned cash translates into a new PS-3(Play Station -3) or android or some other popular toy/machine/device; it is not appreciated. Children value material; stuff you can buy with money not money itself.

While adults are free to roam and spend their salaries on purchases we decide on for ourselves. Children are restricted from frivolous expenditure and can not run to and back from the corner store to buy the latest somewhat-expensive techno-fad.

a good option for an un-academic child

Yes because…

Some children just don’t fit in well with an academic environment. They don’t enjoy school and don’t do well in exams. Instead of them feeling as if they have no future, they should be given the chance to do well at a more practical job they might enjoy.

No because…

A vocational training option organised between schools and employers, rather than just dropping the child into work, might be better in this circumstance, as it will be much easier for the Government to monitor and they will definitely be taught a skill, rather than just being given dead-end jobs.

they don’t have time

No because…

Today’s school schedule is far tighter and more demanding than the days when children worked more often. There are more examinations and from an earlier age, school hours are longer and conflict with working hours, lessons are more intensive and there is more homework. They don’t have time to work as well.

Yes because…

They will have time to work in the summer holidays, which are often too long for children who get bored easily, and which they rarely spend doing any homework or revision.

children will be exploited

No because…

Children at this age are far too open to exploitation by employers, as they are more suggestible and less likely to be able to stand up for themselves in disputes. They are in an environment away from parents or any trustworthy adults and can’t be properly protected. Even if they are suited to the work, they aren’t mature enough for the environment.

Yes because…

Disreputable employers in the UK would much rather exploit migrant workers, who can work any hours and are available at short notice, who aren’t as well legally protected and who will accept lower wages.

Some children are remarkably disagreeable and mercenary. A work environment will quickly teach them how to stand up for themselves. In a work situation, they are more likely to quickly be seen as equal to the adults if they work as hard and stand up for themselves, which will give them a huge confidence boost.

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3 years ago

Is it a job for all parents to teach their children
constitutional rights and responsibilities?

4 years ago

Children should not work because childhood is shorter then adulthood.

11 years ago

I am doing a report on this subject, and I say yes because these days kids respect money, and they need confidence boosting.

4 years ago

There are other ways. Childhood should be a time of joy and childhood is short compare to adulthood.

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