We Should Have a Quota for Women on Corporate Boards

Workplace diversity is an important topic that deserves more discussion. While there have long been initiatives to get more women involved in higher-level management, most boards are overwhelmingly male. In fact, a rather large number of boards have little or no female representation – and this proves to have a chilling effect on the ability … Read more

Anti-Bribery Laws On Corporations Should Be Abolished

We live in the post-communist and post-Watergate era and, most of all, on a corruption market. Anywhere in this world there’ll be both supply and demand on this market. Corruption and bribery will never be eradicated, as financial self-improvement and the power dynamics resulting from local and global inequalities will always feed bribery and corruption. … Read more

Hosting Olympic Games Is Worth It

Is it worth hosting the Olympic games? All the Yes points: Hosting stimulates regeneration. The IOC is enthusiastic about bids that will leave a lasting impac… Hosting creates a ‘feelgood factor’. It is hard to put a price on the buzz that surrounds internati… Hosting creates an economic boost. Whilst none of the Olympics of … Read more

Spend or save?

Consumers are caught in a difficult situation. Many still have large debts that they want to clear or have less secure jobs than they had during the boom times so are unwilling to spend more. Indeed they want to save for a rainy day but are punished for doing so by very interest rates that … Read more

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