Globalisation is good

Globalisation comes in for a lot of flack from all sides. It is blamed for making the world more western, riding roughshod over other cultures. It damages the livelihood of millions, particularly of farmers but also in Manufacturing in countries like the USA. Globalisation however has many upsides, and most likely creates more good than … Read more

Is a cashless society likely?

Paper money revolutionized the economy when it was introduced (In Europe during the 17th century, though it was around from the end of the first millennium in China) however now it is getting old. We are increasingly moving towards a cashless society. Money will change hands using cards, the internet and mobile phones. Cheques are … Read more

Is capitalism creating an expanding gap between the rich and the poor?

Communism has lost the conflict of ideologies. All that remains is capitalism, and a failing capitalism at that. While the world is in recession the investment banks take advantage to continue paying immense bonuses despite having been bailed out only a few months earlier. When the pay of workers is cut the top bosses receive … Read more

Interest rates on personal lending should be capped by law at 20%

Interest rates on personal lending should be capped by law at 20%

Team South Africa is over the moon to be proposing this most orgasmic of debate motions ;) The context is clear: the world is barely emerging from a banking crisis that caused near-irreparable damage in countless local economies, and the international banking system more generally. The causes, and corresponding interventions, are manifold. We are not … Read more

Poorer Countries Should Abandon Free Trade Agreements

Poorer countries should abandon free trade agreements

The policy of Free Trade is still in debate due to the questionable benefit for each side. This debate doesn’t try to limit the effect of free trade to developing or third world country. It will however argue that poorer countries, in comparison to their trading partners, will suffer due to the ‘unfairness’ and ‘expensive’ … Read more

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