All third world debt should be dropped

Over the past decade many countries in what we know as the ‘third world’ have borrowed huge sums of money from wealthier countries in times of strife. Do these debts now hanging like nooses around countries necks? Are they preventing economic expansion and ultimately wealthier populations? All the Yes points: The loans are preventing economic … Read more

Economic Development vs the Environment

Economic Development vs the Environment

Is the economic development of developing countries more important than protecting the environment? All the Yes points: Taking care of millions of people who are starving is more important than saving natural resources, … The industrialised world’s emphasis on green issues holds back developing countries. Because this i… Economic development is vital for meeting the … Read more

The US Should Abolish Agricultural Subsidies

The US should abolish agricultural subsidies All the Yes points: Government intervention in the marketplace contradicts the values of free-trade advocated by the USA… Subsidies are expensive and represent a burden on the American citizen as taxpayer and consumer. Th… Subsidies cause poverty, both domestically and internationally by maintaining the prices of goods at… Subsidies … Read more

World Bank: Success or Failure?

Should the World Bank be deemed a success or a failure? All the Yes points: The public infrastructure projects funded by the IBRD have consistently been recognized as unmitigat… The World Bank investment policy consolidates the position of the corrupt, inefficient and antidemoc… The loan strategy of the IBRD is inherently risky. Donor countries are … Read more

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