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Online education does more good than harm

I’m on my school’s debate team and, this being one of our topics, decided to get some help by creating a new debate here. Things like statistics, real life stories (with sources!), or any point really, help out tremendously. Thank you!

All the Yes points:

  1. Online education is great

All the No points:

  1. Does not encourage activity, social life, and is distracting.
  2. A mature adult is capable of choosing a great online school.

Online education is great

Yes because…

I think online classes are great. In my opinion it teaches people (mostly kids) responsibility by making them get up and take the initiative to go online and do the work without people having to remind or be on them for it. It’s also good because their is no mandatory time for you to go on in the day. You can still work and then come online and do your work and if you happen to finish early you can actually leave unlike in a real class.

No because…

Does not encourage activity, social life, and is distracting.

No because…

Yes, online education can be beneficial, but at school you actually move around, whereas on a computer, you sit and do nothing. With obesity on the rise in America, we should be pushing for more healthy things. Also, it doesn’t encourage a social life. It can also be very distracting because it’s the internet. Sure, no bullying, no hiring teachers, etc. but a face to face education is extremely important.

The issue at hand would be the complete segregation of a child from their peers, sure the bullying would stop, but would a child who sits potentially in the house all day have the appropriate skills for the wider working world in adult life? Probably not…

If you wanted to grow a generation of WOW style MMO gamers this might well be your option, but without face to face interaction with teachers and other children the social skills of the children would quickly become very self-centered.. and distant compared to face to face interaction.

Yes because…

When it boils down to the points of activity, social life, and is distracting, we must observe several things;

1: Kids will be sitting as much in regular class as during online schools. Peninsula Press posted in an article called “High school students sit for too long, new health research suggests.” Within this article it is quoted that “In a traditional class, the teacher stands and talks, and the kids sit,” Josh Maisel said. “But a lot of us know that that’s not good teaching.” Expanding on this, the article provides a Stanford University study showing the affects of sitting to long, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Online school is task based oriented, for example “read four chapters in two days.” Rather than everything being then and there, online education encourages students to not only finish work but also encourage work in other means such as play because it is task based oriented.

2: The fact of the matter is that the world is slowly changing to lives on computers. Life we know could not exist without computers. For example, in the industry of Drafting and Design, the complex building would be impossible difficult and extremely time consuming. Auto-CAD is a type of design program manufacturer and without their innovations in design, a skyscraper would not take a month to design but perhaps many years. Helium posted in an article called “Are computers necessary in today’s society?” that in society today that computers are necessary for their many uses such as instant access to information and uses of social interaction. Without online education, the transition into the computer world we’re slowly becoming would be very difficult.

3: The fact of distracting students is not nearly as tempting as in regular social environments. The urge to talk to friends, draw, sleep or day-dream is not nearly as strong as the urge to use the internet. Not only is internet limited within schools, but internet access is prohibited. For example, in my Algebra II class on FL-VS (Florida Virtual School), I am monitored not only by administrators working close by, but also by my teacher. If I use inappropriate access, I would either be stopped or swayed back into work. Furthermore, as I stated in #1, online education is task based oriented, allowing students to work and play at different times, encouraging working and playing at separate times.

4: The comment made that “no hiring teachers” is extremely false. All the time I am personally emailed by my FL-VS teacher. Secondly, if a person is taking a physical education class, they are required to either receive calls from the teacher to their parents or Face Time the teacher during exercise. And Lastly, the student to teacher ratio is closer to 8:1 or 10:1 rather than the common 25:1 or upwards of 45:1 in some large class experiences. In fact, because the ratio is better, the education quality of the students is significantly better, furthering education.

So as you can see, their is every reason to vote in Affirmation while none remaining to vote in negation.


A mature adult is capable of choosing a great online school.

No because…

I realize I’ve added a caveat, in that a MATURE adult is capable of choosing a great online school. My husband is a case in point. He is obtaining a Master’s degree online, from an accredited university, and has only to complete his thesis before graduating from the program.

Certainly there are bogus programs out there, but the fault does not lie in whether or not a particular online program may be bogus. There are many things on the internet that may do more harm than good, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the person using the internet. If that person is underage, then the responsibilty lies with the parents or guardians of the underage person.

As in the case of my husband, it is up to the user of a particular online education program to thoroughly investigate any online education program. It would also help if people would report programs to the authorities that are bogus and may have damaged them in some way. But to do away with all online education programs would do a great disservice to people like my husband.

Mature, adult perople are capable of taking in information, investigating it, then making choices about whether or not the information is true or valid, and following through with a mature, informed decision. This applies to any site we may visit on the internet, not just online education sites.

Yes because…

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Indian jobless Kid
3 years ago

I think another point that can be added is that online education saves infrastructural costs that are associated with physical classes( electricity, maintainenance of school, etc). The school saves this money, and can redirect it to hiring better faculty and overall improving the quality of Education to the students/

3 years ago

The online education is very bad for our eyes as we use mobile phone computers and laptop for online classes and it is not good for our eyes.

3 years ago
Reply to  Aniket

Get glasses or upgrade your monitor, there are people out there who code and are on the computer screen for hours

3 years ago

Online classes good for student in period of covid 19

ghytuie hytiop
3 years ago

it is bad also due to it causes many health problems like social isolatiom

3 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Yes , I”m in the favour of online teaching because urng these unusual times Without Online Learning it can’ be managed to teach childrens………..

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