Persistent Bullies Should be Expelled

Bullies make other kids’ lives a misery. They make it impossible for their victims to learn. They create fear, depression and chaos in their victim’s lives. Sometimes kids are driven to suicide through bullying. Kids who go to school to hurt other kids should be kicked out and denied free education. They should have to … Read more

Social Media should be part of the curriculum

Social media is the most up to date way of communicating; young people in particular are hooked. Yet as with many such technologies schools mostly consider social networks to be detrimental to learning and they are restricted or banned in schools. Instead social media should be embraced as a way of learning that engages with … Read more

Discipline In Schools Needs To Be Improved

The amount of poor behavior in certain schools is still quite a lot we need to put in an effort into creating new disciplinary practices that are more effective and will reduce behavior problems in schools. yes discipline in schools should be definately iimproved because the students are getting spoilt and no sense of respect … Read more

School-Leaving Age Should Be Raised

Should everyone be forced to stay at school until they are 18? All the Yes points: More education provides the opportunity to acquire more skills and therefore more options. It has be… Ensuring everyone gets educated for the same amount of time at school should promote equality. Curre… If more people continue at school until … Read more

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