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Persistent Bullies Should be Expelled

Bullies make other kids’ lives a misery. They make it impossible for their victims to learn. They create fear, depression and chaos in their victim’s lives. Sometimes kids are driven to suicide through bullying. Kids who go to school to hurt other kids should be kicked out and denied free education. They should have to work to pay for the education they would have had for free, and even then they should be put in a special school with Marine drill sergeants keeping them in line. Bullying should be prosecuted as a hate crime and as assault.

All the Yes points:

  1. Retribution: an eye for an eye
  2. Kid bullies gone unnoticed
  3. Harmful to others around them
  4. cause physical damage
  5. teachers are bullies too
  6. “Pesistant” Bullies Should Be Expelled
  7. Bullies will not understand only if you talk to them, you need actions!

All the No points:

  1. The effects of bullying can not be measured in absolute terms.
  2. reform schools (modern day military schools) just like jails are breeding grounds for criminals
  3. Nobody’s sacrosanct
  4. There are different levels/degrees of bullying
  5. sympathy for bullies
  6. Second Chance
  7. Expelling a child will make them worse.
  8. Bully is a compulsive need

Retribution: an eye for an eye

Yes because…

Consequences are the best way to teach people to change certain antisocial behavioral characteristics.

*One reason is that if a bully gets away with it, s/he has no incentive to change (no defamation, no giving up things; nothing): “I did it ’cause I could”

*Another reason is that the bully begins to identify with being a bully, as if that who s/he is, guilt factors in pressuring the bully to believe that this is his/her calling:”I can’t change who I am.”

*It becomes a habit, and habits are hard to get rid of: “I know It’s bad, but I can’t help it, this is what I do, I’ve done it all my life. I can’t stop now.”

No because…

Bullies are especially good at lying, they are afraid that someone they’ve bullied may squeal on them and so:

1) They bully that person out of that fear.
E.g wife beaters, beat their wives even more than before, because they’re afraid of being reported to the police.
School bullies give you a shiner for telling your parents or the principal.

2) They lie and play the victim card. “Miss, s/he’s distracting me” “Miss, I can’t help throwing chalk at her/him, s/he’s distracting me. What did I do? Oh, right I’m to blame because I’m the boy/girl”
Or I never did anything to her/him, s/he’s nuts/demented or some other equivalent, or “His giant red head gives me convulsions” or”I don’t know who punched him in the face, he punched me in the face, so what if I’m thick-skinned? He probably punched himself in the face.”

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell who’s telling the truth.

In addition there is the time honoured counter to an eye for an eye that it makes the world blind.

Kid bullies gone unnoticed

Yes because…

1-Often bullying occurs without any teachers, parents, or faculty noticing

2-Children who are being bullied are affriad to speak out and tell someone who can help them. They are often affraid of telling people that they are being bullied and need help. If the teacher or supervisor has noknowledge of the bullying situation they may only add to the problem by giving the child being bullied and the bully themselves time together being unsupervised.

3-According to an organization directed towards preventing bullying with children and adults which has a website called bullystatistics.org chidren who are bullied can have many problems. Often their school work suffers aswell as they are stunted socially and emotionally. In some serious cases they can have sevre depression and attempted suicide.

4-It can be hard for children who are being bullied to get help Each child that has been bullied has low self-esteem along with other issues as well. Often they already face enough attacks and they do not want to be labled a tatle tail, snitch, or rat. A child may need help to escape being bullied and by punishing thoose bullies it will make it easier to escape the attacks of a bully. If a child wants to speak out and let others know about the bully situation the thought of the bully being expelled would lead to the right amount of comfort and safety for them to speak up and let somebody know what is going on.

No because…

1) The proposal is that bullying does sufficient harm to warrant the expulsion of repeat offenders.

2) To the contrary, expulsion is unecessary and the educational setback to the child being expelled is excessive punishment.

3) Services like behavioral therapy and parent education would successfully resolve this situation.

4) Because children who bully are still children and are highly malleable, their behavior can be influenced and modes of thinking changed.

5) If you simply expel them without effecting a change in behavior they will suffer the consequences of their actions through setbacks in education and other members of society will likely have to deal with their unchecked aggression in adulthood.

Harmful to others around them

Yes because…

Yes, persistent bullies should be expelled from school because they are very harmful to others around them. Bullying in the classroom is a horrific problem. Children that are bullied can have long term affects and disturb them in various way. According to bullyingstatistics.org children that are bullied will begin to see abusive relationships as normal and will even begin to change their self image. This can seriously lead to ruining a child’s future. This problem presented is usually how people that are abused daily in their life get use to it. Actions must be taken at a young age in order to show that there are consequences with all of their actions If the bully is not expelled then the bully will see no consequence. Thus, leading to a life that will only lead to abuse and violence.

No because…

cause physical damage

Yes because…

Yes, persistent bullies should be expelled because they can seriously injure people on various levels. When children are younger and begin to bully in school they can be a bit too harsh sometimes. This can lead to fights and other actions that may hurt other people. To been seen on a larger scale, domestic violence really emphasizes why it is bad. The men that are usually beating their wives were bullies in school and only learned to a bully over time. This is not good because results like husbands beating their wives or women hitting children is all they ever learned. If children see their fathers beating their mother, or if hit by parents they can too turn into bullies. This just regenerates the cycle and passes it along. This is why persistent bullies should be expelled.

No because…

teachers are bullies too

Yes because…

Yes, all persistent bullies should be expelled. Bullies are commonly thought of as students who pick on other students. However, bullies can also be teachers and they need to be expelled also. Teachers that humiliate students or use their power to their benefit need to be terminated. They can lead to various situations that may danger a person’s health physically or more commonly, mentally. In some schools it is known that children are hit with rulers. This is not acceptable though because it can really hurt children. Also teachers who shout grades out loud are bullies. If a teacher tells a student’s grade out loud with intent to embarrass them, then they are bullying the student. It is not fair and can lead to a cycle of people bullying one another.

No because…

“Pesistant” Bullies Should Be Expelled

Yes because…

1. First of all I would like to make it clear that it is “persistent “bullies that should be expelled. I am not saying that bullies should be expelled right away. I agree with the idea that children who are bullying the other are also the ones who have issues with communicating other students and they should be given help and the second opportunity. So how persistent is persistent? There is need to define “persistent.” It probably changes at each school though; they all have different rules and regulations. Some schools might give them the notice warning that the one who bully the other will be expelled if bullying happens again. If bullying happens again even after giving them the second chance and at the same time offering them some kind of help such as a personal counseling, they should be expelled. Counseling and providing them right direction to not to bully the others would not work all the time due to lack of resource or proficiency of the counselor. There should be many other reasons that counseling might not work because the issue is complex the most of the time. And there might be another child who have been a victim of bullying and die by one’s own hand during the process of counseling of those children who bully the other. Therefore, giving aggressors the second chance would be enough just for once, and they should be expelled from school after the second time.

2. It is very difficult for children who suffer from being bullied to report bullying because they are afraid of retaliation later. If there is no guarantee that aggressor will be gone from school, they would be afraid and hesitant to report the issue to school or parents and probably take no action against bullying. There should be pretty high probability that retaliation will happen after reporting bully since the attackers probably would get pretty upset if they find out that they have been reported to the school for bullying, blame the weaker, and the situation will just be worse. But if they know that those children who are bullying will be gone from school, they are more likely to report bullying because they don’t have to worry about retaliation later. In one of the claims made by opposition side, somebody claims that report on a bully and she/he will come back at you worse the situation. If there is not any action taken against bullying, nothing will happen and will be changed, and children being bullied will just keep suffering from bullying and they might commit a suicide eventually. Therefore, as a result of expelling the attackers, there will be more lives saved. I am aware that defining bullying or evaluating which side is wrong or right is difficult to do. But I believe the issue of bullying is similar of the issue of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is pretty subjective; it depends on the persons who receive it. If she/he feels that she/he has been sexually harassed, it should be called sexual harassment. The same idea can be applied to bullying. If a child feels being bullied verbally or physically by the others and mentally or physically harmed, it should be called bullying. Therefore, if somebody claims that he/she has been bullied, some actions that will lead to expelling aggressor at the end should be taken.

3. Being exuded from a school would negatively affect bully’s life. It is pretty severe punishment that will bring many detrimental consequences to them. It is much more severe punishment than suspension and probably the most oppressive punishment a school can give to a bully. They might have to deal with many difficulties after going though the process of expulsion and possibly going to another school. They might potentially even become a victim of bullying after joining a new school. They will have to suffer defamation of being a bully. There should be an opportunity to give them a second chance before expulsion like I stated earlier. But if the second time happens, there has to be a consequence that they have to be deal with. If there is no severe punishment, who or what will stop them from bullying? If a bully gets away with it, she/he has no incentive to change and the weaker will keep suffering from it. Even though expelling from school will adversely affect attacker’s life, they deserve it; that is the consequence of what they did. There might be wrong judgment of expelling them, but it is for protection of lives of children who are targets of bulling. A value of lives of children should be overweighed more than anything else. The harsher the punishment, bigger the effect. The harsher the punishment, there should be less possibility of bullying and another life might be saved. It is not capital punishment and that is the whole another issue. They will have to deal with painful consequence of bullying because they have been bullying the weaker without knowing the pain of suffering.

No because…

Bullies will not understand only if you talk to them, you need actions!

Yes because…

If you just talk to them they will just listen through one ear and go out through the other ear, & if you do something about it their actually going to be scared & stop or maybe if you expel them, when they go to a new school they will actually stop. Teachers are bullies too as well, sometimes they talk about students culture, like saying “This part of the city is ugly, it smells, this & that” without knowing you have students from that place -__-
Also, students are worst!
You can NEVER make them happy
If your over weight “F**ing fatass” If your skinny “Anorexic” If your a girl & have lots of guyfriends “Ho
If you don’t have friends “loner”
If your smart “NERD”
If not “stupid”
So what’s the deal, what do they want you to be?
You can never make these kids happy.

No because…

The effects of bullying can not be measured in absolute terms.

No because…

Kids who commit suicide usually have problems outside of bullies. Bullies pick on kids who stand out, either by being very good at something or very bad, either way victims tend to be loners. Victims tend not to fit in. In sum, bullies pick on kids with preexisting problems. Often times bullies were bullied in the past or fit the same criteria. A bully could be a teacher’s pet or a jock just as a victim can be either. The question of the source of damage can be impossible to solve. Only about one eighth of all abuse victims become abusers themselves but almost every abuser was a victim. Bullies and victims(the demarcation between the two is not exactly defined) should be counseled to arrive at the root of the problem.

Since both victims and bullies tend to already be damaged or at least odd, the question of how much of damage can be attributed directly to a bully is unanswerable.

Yes because…

Whether bullies are former or current victims of other bullies or if victims have been bullied before is irrelevant and certainly does not justify bullying.

The buck must stop somewhere. Bullying is a choice and it is the wrong choice, just as cheating is punished, bullying should also be punished.

reform schools (modern day military schools) just like jails are breeding grounds for criminals

No because…

Bunch a lot of bad eggs together and they will teach each other tricks of the trade. The better bullies will bully the novices and ultimately to survive, kids will have to work towards being one of the big dogs. What these kids need is incentive to better themselves not to be taught that abuse and revenge is the way of their world.

Not all bullies are equal.

Hypersensitive kids could have tantrums over being told to shut up, whereas kids who are trying to always keep it together won’t even squeal about a rape(and possibly commit suicide two decades later or lose his/her head or the possibilities are endless). ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” but the reaction can either be subdivided into a major or minor chain reaction, the intensity of the act is not always in direct proportion to the damage done.
And there’s always the possibility of being wrongly accused.

Yes because…

the whole point of a reform school is to reform these kids, methods differ in different facilities. Either way, the staff of these schools is in charge not the biggest, baddest bullies.

Nobody’s sacrosanct

No because…

There is no definite demarcation between bullies and non-bullies. How many kids report on their bullies? Report on a bully and s/he’ll come back at you worse than ever(a victim of your wrath). The worst crimes are not only traumatic but also embarrassing for victims. How many people in general, would go to the police or in this case principal’s office to report molestation,beating or rape? Sadly, very few self-conscious teenagers actually report on this, they live with the guilt and suffer .

Point being, the major bullies will get off easy (because if they are ‘persistent’) their victims would not want to talk about the experience, while name-callers and the like, or rather those ‘accused’ of name calling and/or any other minor truancy will be punished (as is already the case).
Everyone calls people names, and people don’t shout for no reason.

How persistent is persistent?

Yes because…

Why assume that bigger bullies cannot be caught, victims will only step up if/when they have an opening. If bullying is not punishable then big or small bullies will have nothing to fear and victims would have no justice to turn to.

Persistence can be evaluated.

Everyone doesn’t call people names for no reason.

There are different levels/degrees of bullying

No because…

It would be unfair if ‘all’ bullies were expelled or forced to work (although a lot of students enjoy working, because it gets them petty spending cash and a sense of importance). There are different extents of bullying, as there are different extents of crime, judgment should follow a proper trial.

Yes because…

Bullies should not be allowed to study with non-bully peers, they can attend their own special/reform school/s and leave the civilized children alone, otherwise impeccably well-mannered children will be spoiled as well.

sympathy for bullies

No because…

No, because then i’ll become a bully and kick their asses.

Yes because…

Wnile sympathy is needed for dealing with all students whether bullies or not there is a point where sympathy can go too far and can be counter productive in that it can give bullies a feeling that they can get away with behaviour that is harmful. Expelling a bully would be doing great hurt but if that bully is doing greater hurt to a person whether physically or mentally to a person and they have been warned or punished earlier about their behaviour. Expelling people can be a tragedy but some times it takes a lesser tragedy to avoid an even greater one.

Second Chance

No because…

The consequence of being expelled from school is too harsh of a punishment for bullying.
The time children spend in school is when they learn how to behave and function socially with teachers and other students. Most children fit into the different identities they achieve and are ascribed to during their years in school.

Expelling a student is the ultimate punishment which is a consequence for a horrible crime or behavior act. There are different degrees of bullying and the punishment does not fit the crime in many scenarios. In some cases if the bullying was really extreme or intense then the punishment of being expelled would fit and those bullies should be expelled. But in general expelling a bully is to harsh a punishment and is unfair to those kids labeled as bullies.

Children who are expelled from school often see getting in trouble as part of their identity and continue to break rules until they are adults and end up in jail. Expelling a child from school is the first step in this path to incarceration. Kids deserve a second chance and expelling them from school is to harsh of a punishment for bullying.

Yes because…

Being expelled from school at the very start may seem harsh. Really it is not. You may think they should get a second chance, but really they don’t need one. What if the bully breaks a kids arm, leg, or even both. What would you do then? You would have to expell them or they might do it again. Say you don’t expell them and they do something even worse like bring pot, or some other drug type thing into school, then would you expell them?

Expelling a child will make them worse.

No because…

A child who is expelled from school has no way to learn how to behave properly. They won’t receive a basic education so that they have any hope of having a good job in the future. They won’t receive any help for their problems, they’ll either disappear off the system so they can commit crimes or they will be put in a reform school or given ASBOs so they will be treated like criminals and be motivated to become one. You can’t track whether a child is bullying another child if they aren’t in an ordered environment such as a school where you can watch them and get someone to keep track of them outside school, quite often the parents are unco-operative.

Yes because…

Not always true. Sometimes expelling people can be a sharp shock to that persons system by showing them that they can be rejected because of their own behaviour. This in turn forces a bully to potentially turn their own ways around and become a more responsible member of society.

Bully is a compulsive need

No because…

Expulsion may not be the answer as it doesn’t really address the behaviour. Maybe mom and dad are punitive and are the cause of the problem. Bullies don’t always pick on the loner: being vulnerable, shy, being well-liked, easy going, attractive, fair (something the bully lacks – fairness and honesty). Having a quality the bully wants but feels lacking in is a major incentive to someone who is inclined to bully. Bullies want power and control. Making someone else feel bad makes them feel better but it is short lived so they need to do it again and again. Girls especially bully other girls whom they are jealous of. In order to change the behaviour they need to learn emphathic skills which expulsion does not do and they need to be held accountable. Bullying is a serious issue that does cause major physical and emotional damage. The bullies in school today become future bullies in offices and in their families tomorrow.

Yes because…

If you need to bully, then there is something wrong with you. People are trying to make America a better place, but bullies are doing the oppsite. If they want power and control this is not the way to get it. Expulsion is the awnser, otherwise they won’t stop!!!!!!

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3 years ago

I feel like if all bullies were expelled school will be a much better safer place.

Wayne king
4 years ago

Yes because bully’s are noobs and shouldn’t get the privilege of a public school where they have some sort of power, the only people that diserve power are the ones who gained it from not themselves but others who wanted them on top. Forcing yourself into power normally doesn’t end well

5 years ago

I can see both points, but my personal opinion of ‘persistent’ is that the school has tried their best to help only for the bullying to continue. At the point where a bully is expelled, the school cannot do anything else to help them. I have been expelled myself, so I can say that sometimes expulsion is the only way to turn a kid around. Sometimes, a school does not have the resources or the ability to do anything else, but another school might. Also sometimes the reform schools can cause someone to look around, and make someone decide ‘I’m not going to become like these kids’. Once someone decides that, they’re on the road to recovery. Trust me, as a bully victim, bully, and mentally ill patient, expulsion can be a good thing, and a push in the right direction.

full of rage
7 years ago

okay but is this even a legitimate question
“the effects of bullying cannot be measured in absolute terms” that is not the problem, the problem is that they are still bullying people, and 80% of the time get let off with a “slap on the hand” so to say
“reform schools just like jails are breeding grounds for criminals” i mean… we still send adults to “breeding grounds for criminals” despite the fact that there is the influence of other ‘criminals’ there
“nobody’s sacrosanct” information in this paragraph is contridicting lmao “major bullies will get off easy while name-callers and the like, or rather those ‘accused’ of name calling and/or any other minor truancy will be punished (as is already the case).” this is the problem. people who continuously and systematically abuse other students (which is also apparently a contributing factor to growing up and becoming abusive toward a partner or a friend) are getting let off with a slap on the hand, and so they feel they’re getting away with it and continue
“there are different levels/degrees of bullying” this????? is nOT THE POINT???????????????????? THE PROBLEM IS THAT THEY STILL BULLY PEOPLE. Just because one person decided to systematically and repeatedly verbally insult their victim does not make their case any less or more important than someone who physically assaults their victim
and the fact that kids get away rather lightly when they call their friend some insult doesn’t help teach them, or other kids, to be a decent human being
“sympathy for bullies” WHY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? NO WE NEED TO HAVE SYMPATHY FOR THE VICTIMS THAT THEY SYSTEMATICALLY ABUSE AND INSULT AND GET AWAY THIS
“Second chance” if this is even coming up as an issue then they’ve already had enough seconnd chances. they don’t deserve any more. of course on a case to case basis; some kid might only do something wrong once and because they didn’t know any better, then give them a second chance but dONT GIVE SOMEONE WHO REPEATEDLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY ABUSES SOMEONE ELSE AND DISREGARDS WARNINGS A SECOND CHANCE FOR CHRISTS SAKE
“Expelling a child will make them worse” no it’ll drive the point in that they need to stop how theyre acting. expulsion wont work for everyone, but it’s better than letting these kids get away with their same awful behaviour and setting a GREAT example for other kids who do the same thing. plus we shouldnt be having sympathy for the BULLIES and trying to protect them from their future not being glowing bc they got kicked out of school for being an ass, theyre not the ones who need it. the people we should be worried about are the kids who are abused systematically and constantly by these bullies who keep getting away with their actions, and have to wake up every school morning thinking something along the lines of ‘wow another day in hell joy’ ??????????????? who have the same problems about their future being less than great because of CONSTANT ABUSE THAT KEEPS THEM FROM LEARNING

fight me m8s i will refute everything you argue back with

also if you don’t think this is respectful lmk i will 110% write up a legitimate essay that is longer than one and a quarter word documents (like this is LOL) and i’m kinda in a rUSH so this is all over the place rip

bully hater
7 years ago

Those who claim that expelling bullies isn’t the answer are liars. If bullies don’t get expelled, they could go too far in antagonizing innocent people.

And if all people who side bullies resist being punished, may they be punished even further.

Debra Watkins
7 years ago

Bullies being expelled is not the answer. All children should be protected in a school environment. If the bully is expelled that really suits them its a bludge day at home for them, and 9/10 times their is no parent at home to supervise them or their behaviour. And if a principal ring the bullies parents the bully is also a very good liar to turn the whole situation around to their advantage that they convince their parents that they are really a good kid. And I feel the answer is the school hierarchy just moves the bully from their environment that is all that they do. They want no media focus on their school or the school getting a bad image, so its hidden under the carpet. If they are bullying a person (a meeting between all parties needs to take place, and a police officer can be also present to ensure the situation is kept under control. When this starts to happen that parents can work together as a team in co-operation with their children and the school I will throw a party, its called common sense police laws in school not that hard to put into school policies in the 21st Century with approval ASAP from the Australia Federal Government. I am a single parent who husband to be was killed in a work accident. And my son went to a top private catholic school and was punched in the head, had chewing gum, spat and stuck in his hair, he had disgusting comments wrote through out his diary. He was thrown threw a school window.He had his maths calculator smashed and broken. He had a knee injury and need a walking stick it was snatched from him and thrown on top of the building so he could not get it.. Yes I went to the very top of the chain, the Catholic Education Department – And yeah right nothing was done! Oh of course some of the bullies in the set situations was given a anti-bully paper to read and wear school uniform and pick up papers around the school on a Saturday wow. There was more sympathy for the bully than their ever was given to the victim my son when he was at high school.

billy no mates
9 years ago

we strongly agree that bullys should expelled as they are runing every ones lifes

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