Surrogate Motherhood Should Be Allowed

Should surrogate motherhood be allowed? All the Yes points: Surrogacy is a way to bring the happiness of parenthood to a couple who would otherwise not have bee… There is no need for money payments to ever enter the equation. Even if commercialisation does occur… However, surrogacy arrangements could easily be made non-financial by allowing … Read more

Marriage Is An Outdated Institution

Is marriage an outdated institution? Is co-habitation replacing the institution of marriage, and will this affect the security and stability of children? All the Yes points: The principle of marriage has always been to provide a stable home life for the rearing of children…. Marriage statistics themselves show that 1 out of 3 marriages are … Read more

Assassination of a Dictator

Can the assassination of a dictator be justified? All the Yes points: Utilitarian argument: many deaths and much suffering could be prevented if one man is killed. The g… Dictatorial systems are highly personal, so removing the driving force behind such a regime will res… Assassination of a dictator may be the only way to … Read more

Human Cloning

Should human cloning be banned ? Should reproductive human cloning always be prohibited? All the Yes points: The technology is unsafe. The nuclear transfer technique that produced Dolly required 277 embryos, f… Cloning is playing God. It is not merely intervention in the body’s natural processes, but the crea… Reproductive cloning harms the integrity of … Read more

Animals in Sports and Entertainment

Should human beings be allowed to use other animals as objects of sport and entertainment? All the Yes points: All forms of sport and entertainment that exploit non-human animals should be banned; animals, like … It is very easy to take up the opposition’s challenge to provide concrete examples of cruelty to ani… Horses and … Read more

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