Vaccination Should Be Compulsory

Should the state make vaccination compulsory? All the Yes points: Prevention is better than cure, and a vaccine is the best way to prevent an outbreak of a disease or… Vaccination is a natural way to stimulate our immune system to fight a disease. Through vaccination… Compulsory vaccination has eradicated or greatly reduced the impact … Read more

Arranged Marriages Should Be Outlawed

Should arranged marriages be outlawed? All the Yes points: Arranging marriages is an insult to the very nature of marriage, which should be about creating a lo… To allow arranged marriages leads to unacceptable pressure on those involved. They are often reliant… Arranged marriage is bad both for the individual women concerned and for women … Read more

School Prayer Should Be Phohibited

Should formal prayer in schools be prohibited? All the Yes points: A pupil is unable to give or withhold their consent to participating in school prayer. This is becau… The provision of school prayer fundamentally undermines the proper role of the parents or guardians … The prohibition of school prayer is wholly compatible with the … Read more

Capital Punishment

Is it ever justifiable to execute criminals? All the Yes points: The principle of capital punishment is that certain murderers deserve nothing less than death as a j… Capital punishment is 100% effective as a deterrent to the criminal being executed; that killer can… If and when discrimination occurs, it should be corrected. Consistent application … Read more