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Is There Life After Death?

What do you think, is there life after death? Answer might be quite different depending on how you approach this subject. Do you have religious or scientific point of view.

All the Yes points:

  1. If by life after death you mean heaven then yes
  2. life after death
  3. Life after death is strongly stated in the bible.
  4. I have no doubt about life after death: it exists.
  5. There is a Heaven and there is a Hell.
  6. yes there is
  7. yes there is a heaven and a hell

All the No points:

If by life after death you mean heaven then yes

Yes because…

John 3:16
You cant believe in god and not believe in heaven!!!
Isnt that life after death, in a sense?

No because…

i belive there is god and i go to church ( sometimes) but i dont belive you go to heaven or hell. infact i belive if u die then your spirit dies too, except for if you have something wrong when you die something really important to do them you simply become a ghost.

life after death

Yes because…

i do think that there is life after death. ive lived in 2 different houses that we thought were haunted. and they are. we brought in 2 different phycics to the houses and they said that they were haunted then my step mother got held down to her bed both times in 2 different houses. we invited the phycics back but they were to scared to come back and one of my step sisters does things that would make her a phycic.

No because…

Psychics are fakes. There are well-documented techniques used by these so-called mediums such as cold-reading, and indeed the original perpetrators of these “powers”, the Fox sisters, revealed that they were not genuine. However, by that point, the craze had taken people by storm, and it is impossible to hold it now. Someone telling you there are ghosts is not irrefutable proof that there are ghosts.

Life after death is strongly stated in the bible.

Yes because…

John 11:25
English Standard Version (ESV)
Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life.[a] Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.”

John 3:16
English Standard Version (ESV)
“For God so loved the world,[a] that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Luke 23:43
English Standard Version (ESV)
And he said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”
My favorite verse ( that has nothing to do with this) is 1 Corinthians 13:13…..” For these three remain; faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is love.”

No because…

The Bible is not a definite source of information; it is as valid as if I were to say wizards are real because I read it in Harry Potter.

I have no doubt about life after death: it exists.

Yes because…

I acn and i love my life…….u should 2

No because…

Could you give details as to your experiences? judging by the detail in your point the answer is No? Okay.

There is a Heaven and there is a Hell.

Yes because…

I believe anyone can go to Heaven and anyone can go to Hell. Some of us believe in Heaven but not Hell. I see it as, if there’s a Heaven, there must indeed be a Hell. I also believe we make the choice of going to Heaven or not everyday. Whether it be because we act with kindness or we act cruel. And if we make the choice of being cruel, are we truly sorry about it?

No because…

Do you have proof?
[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5Za8HggalY]]Do you have proof otherwise mr no.

yes there is

Yes because…

I believe in recarnations and i believe that there is life after death…once we die yes we come alive in some other environment and other circumstances and it also depends on the karma we do in our earlier life….so do good and be a better one in next life

No because…

yes there is a heaven and a hell

Yes because…

God meant for all men to have fellowship with Him. He made man and woman in His image and gave them a mind and spirit to communicate and even to know Him. He also gave them freedom of choice to get to know Him or not. (after all what kind of a friend would you havet if they were your friend because you forced them?) same thought with God He wants us to want to know Him.

After Adam(and Eve) did not listen to God he was expelled from the presence of God..
Satan also was expelled from the presence of God.And God allows him to be in the world until he will be cast into the lake of fire in hell.

(hell was made for him and his demons)God set about restoring the relationship between man and Himself. And since there was no one to bridge the gap between man and God (no one perfect) God sent His son, Jesus to stand instead of us before a just and Holy God.

Jesus took on all our sins(missing the perfect mark-definition of sin) and gave His life for us. And then rose from the dead disarming all the satan’s power. Satan is heading for hell with his demons, but God is reaching for man and woman to fellowship and know Him. Now the ball is in man’s court – if he chooses God then he goes to heaven and has fellowship with God- if he chooses to go away from God he goes to hell with satan and the separation from God is many times worse than any death.

No because…

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Aye Moe
3 years ago

Yes because There is another life where all people can go to heaven or hell, it whether if you are good or not, All the people believe in heaven not hell, But it not people decision but god or devil. And you can live free in another world where you can eat sleep all day or get married again, But once your there there is no going back in human world.

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