Governments Should Actively Promote Multiculturalism

No introduction at present. Why not write one? All the Yes points: Definitions Multiculturalism greatly facilitates advancement and progress by advancing cultural exchange in both products and ideas. Multiculturalism promotes more tolerant societies Multiculturalism is morally justified Multiculturalism promotes healthier new generations Summary All the No points: Multiculturalism is antithetical to liberal democracy‏. Multiculturalism doesn’t … Read more

Polygamous Marriage Should Be Recognised

Today’s motion is “Polygamous marriage should be recognised”. As proposition we define this motion as: marriages that involve more than one spouse for a person, should be recognised as a legal practise. As more and more types of marriages start being accepted around the world, we start to question whether others should be accepted too. … Read more

Should Swearing be illegal?

So many people swear, should they be punished for it?“Should swearing remain legal?” All the Yes points: Too common The positive aspects of swearing. It waters down the meaning of ideas with emotion instead of content and limits people’s vocabulary, destroys life. All the No points: Crime defined Not arrested but a ticket. Free right … Read more

Just War

War is always evil, but some thinkers have maintained that under limited circumstances it may be the lesser evil. From Cicero to St Augustine, Thomas Aquinas to Hugo Grotius, philosophers and theologians have proposed numerous criteria for determining if a war is just. According to contemporary Just War Theory, a war is just only if … Read more

Children: To Have Or Not To Have

Should you never have children? All the Yes points: Being childfree is a lifestyle choice – and a logical one. The act of having children effectively e… Children are the biggest expenditure most people ever undertake. Are the massive sacrifices needed … Individuals have no moral imperatives beyond behaving properly towards those around them and … Read more

Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified

Do you think there are situations when terrorism can be justified. All the Yes points: In extreme cases, in which peaceful and democratic methods have been exhausted, it is legitimate and… Terrorism works. In many countries terrorists have succeeded in bringing governments to negotiate wi… Terrorism can raise the profile of a neglected cause. The … Read more

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