Are cellphones safe

Much has been said about the use of technology in our era. People who were born before the age of technology try to avoid it, they are distrustful of such appliances. However, the generations who have been brought up with technology are using it to an ever increasing level. Cell phones is one major part … Read more

Religion is not necessary

There is no hard evidence that there is “God”, so why do we believe in it? All the Yes points: religion is not necessary All the No points: This is why we believe in God: – Religion gives people a reason to live There is evidence that god exists. religion is not necessary This is … Read more

Could the health benefits of GM foods outweigh their risks?

Today, genetic modification seems to be the answer to everything. Yesterday the Times revealed plans for breeding genetically modified pigs in order to produce organs accepted by the human body to reduce waiting times for transplants. In the current global hunger crisis, GM foods could prove useful in producing more yield for less acreage and … Read more

Is there life on other planets?

The Ministry of Defence has released 4,500 pages of documents detailing UFO sightings, many of which were recorded by professionals not cranks. Given the sheer size of the universe isn’t it inevitable we’re not alone? All the Yes points: Thousands of reports yearly The MoD attempts to hide the evidence Why is the willingness to … Read more

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