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Is there life on other planets?

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The Ministry of Defence has released 4,500 pages of documents detailing UFO sightings, many of which were recorded by professionals not cranks. Given the sheer size of the universe isn’t it inevitable we’re not alone?

All the Yes points:

  1. Thousands of reports yearly
  2. The MoD attempts to hide the evidence
  3. Why is the willingness to believe scoffed at?
  4. Scientists have found living organisms in space
  5. How big is the universe?
  6. Vast amount of space.
  8. Yes, because it is more likely.
  9. Is there life on other planets
  10. Chemical reactions in young planets create the building blocks of life.
  11. Technology
  12. Keplar 22-B
  13. Methane signatures found.
  14. are UFO’s videos can’t be proofs
  15. are we lonely in this huge universe?

All the No points:

  1. The Government has denied their existence
  2. There are many scientific explanations
  3. There are many false alarms
  4. There are never any clear images
  5. Why have other life forces not made themselves known?
  6. Why do UFO’s have lights?
  7. Why are aliens humanoids?
  9. Our fascination makes us believe…
  11. Can you confirm the presence of life in other planets?
  12. nothing is accurate…
  13. Not enough sources for life to be supported.
  14. There is no life on other planets!
  15. Where is it?

Thousands of reports yearly

Yes because…

Thousands of reports of UFO sightings come in yearly, hundreds of thousands over the last twenty years or so (1). Can it really be that none of these are genuine? A quick search online produces thousands of hits: not of only of pictures or videos, but also of detailed accounts that simply cannot be scientifically explained.

Sceptics are those who have not had an ‘extra-terrestrial’ experience or are desperate for everything to have a scientific explanation. Of the thousands of reports, surely at least some of them are true.

EDIT: One way to strengthen this argument would be to rewrite it as an argument that didn’t involve UFO sightings. Yes, there is life on other planets. No, that doesn’t mean they would visit us. Sorry, but while science supports life on other worlds, UFO nuts are, well, nuts. Your crazy. I’m sure your mother told you that before you moved out and bought that trailer in crazy-drug-addled-hippy-ville.

Using the law of probabilities; it is very probable that there is life out there.
We simply cannot be the only ones in the Universe. Think how big the Universe is. It is so vast that we are unable to measure it, and it may be even bigger than our own estimations. Our own Galaxy, the Milky Way has about 200 billion other Suns! Our Solar System is located in one of the Milky Way’s outer spiral arms, the Orion Arm, and we are in a lonely part of the Galaxy, known as the Local Bubble. And contrary to what religions may have taught, the Earth is not in the centre of the Universe. And while I’m at it – has anyone seen any estimation of where Heaven may be? Do you get the picture, the vastness out there simply makes it too improbable that a part of our Galaxy, amongst possibly at least another 100, 000 million galaxies in the Universe, has the only planet capapble of harbouring life!

Also, just because we can’t seem to keep hold of evidence, or governments can’t, or are hiding truths, does not mean UFO’s and alien have not visited us. It is probable that some may look like us, whilst others may not. It is probable that their technological development may be so far advanced, that it can avoid radar detection, conversely some alien life may not be as developed as ours. Tangible proof does not mean none of the above is untrue. Would the sceptics believe all of this, if say, governments admit to cover-ups, or if a leading Prime Minister or President admits there is life out there and we have proof?

No because…

Yes there have been an abundance of reports on UFO sightings yearly. That is correct and I have no doubt whatsoever on this statement, but what I do doubt are the actual reports of the UFO sightings. Many of these “hundred of thousands” cases in which an individual witnesses the sight of a UFO end up being false. Often times they reult in having a very easy reult such as confusing a metallic balloon floating in the sky for a UFO. Also sometimes thinking a shooting star is a UFO shooting across. Airplane and zeppelin lights also cause a great confusion in determining UFO’s. A quick search on the net does produces thousands of hits but it also produces thousands of FALLACIES. Maybe it’s not that we’re so desperate for a scientific explanation but that we are so desperate for a visit, or an obsession if you will which is fed by the media. Many movies regarding extra terrestials have been produced forever feeding our obsession with “UFOs”. I experienced one of those “quick” searches online as you called it and many of the videos i saw did not seem very genuine. What you see online can be simply a result of video editing because obviously they will not show you the whole picture. Authored by Lah_88.

Your point is so good I could not have wrote it better myself! I agree with everything you wrote. But, I can add that since we are so desperate for a visit our minds can play trick on us by making us see things (like a UFO) that are not actually there. Second, about that quick search online I can assure you that the majority of those pictures and videos are fake because of today’s technology anyone can spice up a picture or a video. As well as the reports any bimbo can make a report saying that they saw lights, a flying saucer, UFO, etc just to get attention specially from the media. Authored by mona23

The MoD attempts to hide the evidence

Yes because…

We as human beings are so vain to believe that we stand alone in the cosmos as the only intellegent beings. The earth is surrounded with an atmosphere, so it’s like a bubble in space, like a bubble in the oceans. So imagin all the bubbles in the all the oceans. Do you really believe that out of all the bubbles we are the only bubble that supports life?

Now if you believe that maybe life does exist on other planets, (bubbles in space) don’t you think, maybe that life on their planet started millions of years before ours did. And they are very advanced in tecnology. and can travel in space as we travel our skys. And they study us as we study our indigenous animals of our planet. The higher your intellengence, the more likely you are to believe in life elsewhere.

No because…

The MoD has to hide evidence. They exist to defend Britain. The knowledge they have is crucial, and to release all they know into the public domain would render Britain unsafe.

The MoD does not keep the files secret because they think it is genuine proof of UFO’s. They keep the files secret as it could be enemy aircraft and it would be dangerous to allow enemies to know what vessels of theirs we are aware of. The best fighting tool in such a situation is knowledge, he who has most knowledge wins.

Why is the willingness to believe scoffed at?

Yes because…

We are brought up our whole life either believing, or not believing. As a child, we believe in Father Christmas, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny (until someone shatters the illusion of course). Some individuals live their lives by religion, believing in a certain creation story, a certain God. Others choose not to.

In a society riddled with scientific explanations and new technology, those who choose to believe in the supernatural: ghosts, aliens, life-after-death, are scoffed at. Just because there is no evidence that deems it true and accepted, means believers will always be ridiculed.

No because…

Enthusiasts are not being laughed at or ridiculed: some people simply cannot grasp these ideas without credible. In today’s world, that which doesn’t have evidence does not have much standing in society.

Scientists have found living organisms in space

Yes because…

I believe that there is definitely life on other planets.If there is one thing that I and scientists are certain about, is that there is no advanced life like ourselves, that exists off Earth in the Solar System. Whether its as big as extraterestrial life, or as small as bacteria there IS life on other planets because “Off all the places in the Solar System that may support life, Mars and Jupiter’s moon Europa may eventually confirm without doubt, that life exists or used to exist elsewhere than planet Earth. While Mars may reveal the expected microbes, Europa holds the exciting possibility that more developed life forms may exist there… ” http://www.theguardians.com/Microbiology/gm_mbm71.htm. Authored by mona23

The Word Alien derives from something foreign.. The fact that the Universe is so large we can’t even comprehend the distances involved (Its further than we can actually see as the Universe apparently expanded faster than the speed of light) why is it not possible that through random chance one of the billion billion billion billion billion etc planets out there has not somehow randomly chanced on creating a life that is not on earth. We know planets similar to earth are out there so why they couldn’t have life seems a bit of a mystery..

No because…

Scientists are looking for vegetation or microbes, not the little green men that people are so certain that exist.

Another reason scientists are looking for life on other planets is to assess how well our human species can survive in other planetary environments. Earth is the same size while humanity is ever increasing. All the water that ever was, is, and will be is being consumed. Resources are not expanding, but humaniy’s consumption is and will continue to do so, and at some point our planet’s resources will no longer be able to sustain the future global population. Authored by Spark of God.

How can one be certain that life on other planets exist? How can one know what aliens look like or how many types of aliens exist?Many questions to be asked about such a theory and no answers.calculating the probabilities of life on other planets seems unbelieveable. No proof to back the theory and no sign of green men like everyone calls it. what is it? who made up the word alien? were did it originate? who knows no one because it does not exist. -berry

How big is the universe?

Yes because…

Could it be infinitely large? If the universe has an edge, what is beyond the edge? And if the universe had a beginning, what was going on before that? Our experience of the everyday world does not prepare us to grasp the concept of an infinite universe. Scientists are still looking out there: how do they know what is over the edge? Surely there must be something else out there?

No because…

No, we cannot know what is beyond that edge, and so cannot tell if anything is out there. But any philosopher and scientist would tell you that just because you cannot answer a question in the negative, does not mean we are resigned to the fact that the answer is positive.

We also have the concept of a God-like being creating the universe, and he would not be classified as a UFO. So there are possibilities other than aliens!

I dunno, if God went and flew over london, he’d be pretty unidentified. Just sayin’.

Vast amount of space.

Yes because…

Intuitively with that vast amount of space and planets, there must be life somewhere out there.

Do a few calculations on Drake’s equation and convince yourself. [1]

(Discussion whether extraterrestrial life has visited the earth is a whole discussion in itself, the question here is whether there is life on other planets or not.)

[1] http://www.activemind.com/Mysterious/Topics/SETI/drake_equation.html

Blue and Red Shift shows how space is expanding and contracting. If space is expanding and infinite, then infinite possibilities exist which makes life on other planets inevitable.

No because…

We really do only have a weak idea about the constants in Drake’s equation.

Eg. the constant for the fraction of planets ecologically able to sustain life that actually evolves life, is at best a wild guess.

Being optimistic about it might result in thousands of communicating civilizations in the galaxy, whereas being pessimistic might tell you there is only a single communicating civilizations per million galaxies, and perhaps even only a single one in the entire universe.


Yes because…

The mariner spacecraft that was launched in Mars in 1960’s has shown evidence that life outside the planet earth does exist. The photographs from the Mariner series of spacecraft, Mariner 6, Mariner 7 and Mariner 9 showed evidence that water once flowed in abundance on the Martian surface. Vast river systems, flooded plains and even ocean basins were in evidence.

Present theories about life on Mars also suggest that if it exists it will be microbial in nature and most probably nano-bacterial or archaean. There is almost no credence given to any ideas that Martian life will be any more complex than this. Good evidence that perhaps Martian life exists or at least, exited a long time ago has come from analysis of Martian meteorites, as well as the detailed examinations of the planet that have been carried out by the series of spacecraft that have visited.

No because…

Just because the researchers found water in Mars it dosen’t prove that theres life in this planet. Theres not enought evidence that proves such statement. At one point researchers found evidence of water on Venus but to this day scientist or researchers have not found any micro organisms on these planets therefore we can’t prove such theory.

Environmental factors such as high amount of carbon dioxide such as fluctuations in weather makes it dificult for organisms to exist on this planets. Some of the theorist that researchers had regarding Mars have being false statememts. One example is when the researchers stated that Mars had irrigations canals on it surface however this theory was proven false. These canals were a result of aptical illusions cause by different coloration on Mars’s surface. Also satellites have not shown any signs of life.


Yes, because it is more likely.

Yes because…

Is there life on other planets, yes because there is a greater probability of life existing on another planet than earth being the exclusive vehicle for life. No one can deny that millions of galaxies, stars, planets and their moons exist in the universe. Earth acquired the right circumstances for life to thrive by mere chance. An old cliché states-even a broken clock is right twice a day, also more than one individual has won the California state lottery simultaneously, if history has thought us anything, it is that nothing is exclusive. If you agree with latter you surely must acknowledge that by mere chance there is higher probability of life existing somewhere in outer space, than there is of life being exclusive to earth. Life, the concept of life has shown it is not biased, it will thrive wherever and however it sees fit, after all it has transformed from single cell creatures to enormous dinosaurs to inquisitive humans. Even if analyze this topic through a religious stand point you cannot deny- life exist outside of this earth. Most religious believe in a Deity of some kind who rules in the heavens. If God , any God created the earth IT surely must have come or existed somewhere else besides earth, the Heavens are not located on earth therefore life exist in other planets, unless you can prove the location of your God here on earth. I didn’t think so. Whether you are logical or religious person you must acknowledge the probability of like existing outside of earth is more likely than the opposing argument, so there is only one sound side to take; life does exist on other planets. -Certo

No because…

Because someone wins the lottery does’nt imply that there may be chances, or that maybe if they are lucky there could be life in the other planets. When using a religious stand point make sure you read the bible first. Nowhere, in the GOD’s word does it say, God is in another planet. Clearly his word says he is in heaven. God’s word is not a lie or is ever wrong. Anyone that is not carnal is spirit, God is not carnal therefore you are not going to find him here or in another planet. But if we are looking for little green man from outer space, so far there is no proof they are anywhere in any planet.


There is nothing to say it is more likely. It is just an idea in people’s heads. All people manage to say to promote the notion of other life in space is, “Space is big”.

Is there life on other planets

Yes because…

For many years scientist believed that there’s life on Mars. Scientist have been testing their hypothesis by researching and inventing new technology to find an answer of whether there’s life on the solar sistem. In 2003, researchers mentioned the amount of ice on Mars during its winter and spring seasons. Furthermore, in that same year researchers monitored the amount of water-ice in Mars, this water-ice was more than 90% in some areas, which lead the researcher to belived that there could be life on Mars. For years we have been exposed to such statements on aliens visiting the earth. By visiting the internet we find images which demostrate unidentified flying objects which leads us to believed that theres life on other planets.

I understand that we have airplaines and other air crafts but what about those flying objects that not even scientist can explain?
By: 95


No because…

Scientists have investigated time and time again in search of the ability to live our lives in other planets. They have not specified at any moment that they’re searching for living creatures similar to us. All the research you’ve mentioned goes back to whether we can live on such a planet or not. The evidence proves that it is possible for human life to exist on Mars, not that life DOES exist elsewhere other than on Earth. Mars might be the only planet with similarities to Earth so it’s a farfetched idea to believe that life is possible on some distant planet. Of the 9 that we know of [including Pluto, still] we have yet to find anything other than water and life possiblities. No actual life to base ideas on.

As for the images…the internet is never an appropriate source for research. With the access to technology people have these days, an ordinary picture can be easily turned into “evidence” of some sort. Wasn’t a short while ago when there was that “sign of big foot”? Didn’t that turn out to be a total hoax? This is no different. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Things aren’t always what they appear to be.


Life is statistically impossible, but it happened here on earth. DNA mapping and taxonomy have just about proven that here, on a planet that is ideal for organic life; in the “goldilocks zone” distance from the sun, having the right basic elements, having a molten rotating core creating a magnetic field to protect life from the sun’s emissions etc etc, life has only started once. Just once. Think about that. You the reader have a common ancestor with a geranium and a house fly, and every other species on the planet.

We know pretty well what the earth was like 3.8 billion years ago when life is thought to have started, but even under laboratory conditions no-one has been able to re-create life. Many have tried but failed, and still are, trying and failing. So called synthetic “life” has been created but it isn’t creation of life, merely re-programming of existing life. We have no idea how life started on earth. But it did, against overwhelming odds.

Of course I am talking about life as we commonly think of it ; organic life. But how is that defined? I would say something simply that reproduces, feeds and evolves. I could write a computer programme (if I knew how), or build a machine (which I do know how because I’m an engineer) that satisfy these criteria, but is that life? Life could be based on other chemicals, other DNA, but it still has to have to the facility to survive, or more importantly to start.

There are billions of suns in our galaxy, with even more billions of planets circulating them. Some will be rocky, perhaps with an atmosphere of methane or other potentially life starting gases, perfect for life you may assume. But a physicist’s or astronomer’s view is different from a biologist’s. It’s like saying “I must surely win the Lottery – look at all the tickets I buy? The improbability far outweighs the probability.

If the universe is infinite then yes, life will exist elsewhere. But as far as I’m aware the universe is pretty damn big, but not infinite.

What I’m saying is that yes, there might be life out there, but it’s naive to assume that because of the number of probable planets and moons that could “support” life one should assume that life has started elsewhere.

Chemical reactions in young planets create the building blocks of life.

Yes because…

In his book, “The Origin of Life”, the Russian scientist Aleksandr Ivanovich Oparin, theorized that the conditions present in planet Earth millions of years ago allowed for chemical reactions between the gases in the primitive atmosphere and stable isotopes of carbon, iron and sulfur, creating amino acids. Over the course of millions of years, these amino acids would combine into proteins and eventually into nucleic acids, the substance organic cells are made off. It’s simple basic chemistry, certain elements combine with each others under certain conditions (UV rays from the sun, high concentration of methane in the primitive atmosphere).

While he only applied his theory to this planet, we can deduct from it that the conditions needed for the synthesis of amino acids can exist in the vast majority of planets in our universe. Let’s just take a look at the way stars, planets and solar systems are created. By simple force of gravity, dust floating around in outer space and composed mainly of iron and carbon condenses into rocks that eventually crash into each others, every time producing heat and melting into larger rocks, until, after millions of years, all the dust has been taking in, no more crashes occur. At this point, the protoplanet cools down, a solid crust is created and the molten iron remains in the core. Let us remember the theory proposed by Oparin. What do we need to generate life out of inanimate matter? A hot and condensed atmosphere composed mostly of methane (a gas produced by volcanic activity from the planet’s core), we also need carbon, iron and sulfur, common minerals found in the space dust we mentioned earlier, finally,add some UV rays (coming from every single star in the universe and much more condensed in young planets due to the lack of a dense enough atmosphere). It’s not magic, there is no divine intervention, just a simple chemical reaction that can be easily replicated in a laboratory.

No because…

Oparin’s theory, while respected and indeed used as the starting point for most xenobiology research endeavors, it’s quickly dismissed due to a fact known to every person out there who calls himself a biologist. It fails to predict the exact chain of events that lead to the formation of actual living cells.

As of 2009, no one has yet synthesized a “protocell” out of inanimate matter. Yes, anyone can replicate the conditions in early planets that allow for the formation of amino acids, proteins and nucleic acids. But that is all, just nucleic acids and nothing more, no particular way or pattern for them to recombine into actual cells. You don’t bake a cake by trowing all the raw ingredients at once in the oven and hope they rearrange by themselves into batter.

Both entries by LV426


Yes because…

Although we do not have the advance technolgy yet to explrore further in space to find life,it does not mean that we won’t have the technology in the future. We have come along way on inventing new technology like cell phones , the internet and satelites, and it is possible for us to invent something that is going to find life in another planet. It is only a matter of time that we invent something that will travel further and faster into space to explore and find a new planet. There has been many futuristic movies where there is flying cars and other planets that are discover but also the technology in those movies is very advance that it could only be made up. Many of us many of us wonder if we are going to be alive to see another planet and flying cars. Our technology has increased rapidly over the centuries and is still continuing to grow and who knows maybe one day we will find life in another planet and even fly a car. veleze23

No because…

Keplar 22-B

Yes because…

Scientists have found a planet that can support our species. That means there are other life on that planet as well. If scientists have found this planet keplar 22-b than i beleive there is life out there and we are not alone

No because…

Methane signatures found.

Yes because…

Life in other planets is mainly narrowed down to evidence. Evidence we all seek to support our reasons of believing that there is such a plant in our solar system that has ever had some type life in the past. What we seem to surpass is the fact that those scientists are not looking for these so called “aliens”. They are looking to prove if such life existed in Mars or still exists now. Mars is very similar to earth which is why they believe there could be life in or there was life in Mars. Mars has terrain such as earth, unlike Jupiter or Saturn which is gas. It has weather, atmosphere and most importantly cracks and caves were life would and may be able to hide out. The second one is the evidence of water. If there is water there is life. Moreover, the existence of water has been proven by examining a soil sample that the Phoenix Mars Lander took. On January 15, 2009 NASA confirmed that there are pockets in Mars where large quantities of methane are coming out of on a seasonal basis. This is of huge interest to astrobiologists because organisms are what release earth’s methane as they digest nutrients. Whether it is biology or geology that is producing this methane it is being produced somehow. Once it is inserted into the atmosphere the wind will spread it within months or weeks. Two questions arise from these studies, what is creating this methane? And what is destroying it?

Written by: listenwell

No because…

So far the only thing that researchers, scientists, astrobiologist and theorologists have come to find is more theories that there could be or might be or maybe someday we could find. There is no doubt that someday, not on our call, just God’s saying they will find what they so much search for, one thing is certain no advanced life or intelligent life, such as ourselves exists off Earth in the Solar System.

– alone

My position on this argument is clearly stated. I never mentioned anything about any intelligent life because i do not believe that there is superior intelligent life elsewhere other than earth. Microbial life yes. If not now, maybe there was before.


are UFO’s videos can’t be proofs

Yes because…

Of course there must be life in other planets. So far it’s premature to have a solid result of the investigation of this matter due to the fact of exploration in some planets it still impossible. But here in earth we have thousands of videos where they show in UFO’s in different countries. People telling their experiences about what they saw on the sky. I know there are lots of UFO’s bogus videos and people making a few bucks selling their stories but it’s also arbitrary to think that all the videos and peoples experiences are not real. written by martz642

No because…

Videos depicting UFO’s and little green men are not proper ways to prove that there is in fact advanced life in other planets, galaxies, and around the universe. But there is evidence gathered by scientists and researchers obstructing the idea that there is no life out there. Although advanced biological organisms have not been unearthed there are many microbial life forms that has been found. This is the evidence that scientists and researchers are targeting primarily when it comes to finding “alien life” from beyond the big blue planet we humans have named Earth.

are we lonely in this huge universe?

Yes because…

I think we should open our mind a little bit and think about what really makes the earth planet to have existing life? And what do we need to keep existing in our planet? Now let’s think the entire universe is huge and there are millions of galaxies with planets with the same or almost equal characteristics of the earth planet. Why we couldn’t accept life in other planets but only in this planet? And the other question is what makes us so special to be the unique species on this universe? The conception of life we have may be wrong in the concept that we need water and oxygen to survive, but for other kinds of life they may need different elements. written by martz642

just think about it for a second thing of a HUGE room like a stadiam, that stadiam is all of space. Now think of a single dust mote in that Stadiam. that dust mote is our entire solar system.


The UNIVERSE contains billions of galaxies, and each galaxy contains billions of stars. Of which contain several planets in each one. There is already an estimated number of OVER 1,000,000 intelligent civilizations in just our Milky Way Galaxy!!! We just have to look hard enough. Hell, who knows, maybe they are watching us right now saying how stupid we are for fighting like wild animals. Because that is what we act like. To say that we are truly alone would be itiousy because that is not logical.

No because…

The Government has denied their existence

No because…

Why would the Government lie to us? If they knew certainly of the existence of life on other planets, surely we would know? The Ministry of Defence said it examined the reports solely to determine whether enemy aircraft had infiltrated British airspace. Once it was determined that no enemy aircraft were in the sky, it did not investigate further. Why do we not believe the Government? And if they were lying, it would not bode well with the rest of the world.

The government would lie to us about this to prevent people fretting and worrying

Yes because…

Perhaps the reason that they lie is that they do not want to cause mass hysteria, or admit that something exists of which they know little about and cannot explain.


‘Why would the government lie to us’? Does anyone actually ask that and expect not to get a laugh in the face? The government would make that statement in order to sound knowledgeable and authoritative on the subject. Never mind that there’s no way on earth there’s any way they could know that. It’s like the government making an official declaration about the existence of God. The government. You’re serious, aren’t you.


Because the leaders of one pathetic little island on one pathetic little world haven’t ever seen an alien craft, one can conclude that there is no life anywhere else in the universe? I can’t even believe I’m arguing. That argument needs no counter.

There are many scientific explanations

No because…

Once again, science does provide an answer. And, unfortunately for the alien enthusiasts, it is much more logical, much more believable and many sightings have been proved to be something else. The phenomenon that has been seen is not a UFO, or other life forces. Scientists explain how many sightings are simply clouds; meteors that create spectacular light shows when they burn through the Earth’s atmosphere; ball or bead lightning ( strange forms of lightning that are rarely seen); stars or planets or sundogs – bright spots on the solar halo that appear as balls of light in the sky(1). Sorry for the boring scientific explanations, but the little green men have not landed, nor are they likely too.

(1) http://uk.reuters.com/article/UKNews1/idUKL1313185220080513

Yes because…

Many photos can be explained. However, some cannot. Among the MoD’s records there is at least one case of a genuine UFO(1). This was a matter closed for the MoD and scientists have not picked up the task of identifying the flying object, perhaps because, as scientists they want to have a reason and explanation for everything, and they do not want to be associated with saying that there was a genuine unidentifiable flying object which science can prove or deny.

(1) http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/europe/10/20/britain.ufo.sightings/index.html?iref=mpstoryview

There are many false alarms

No because…

Not only do many of the sightings have scientific explanations, but they also have stupid ones. It cannot be denied that the majority of the sightings of life on other planets are witnessed by fanaticals who sit in their basement with their trusty telescopes, desperate for anything unexplainable. Many of the sightings have been simple light reflections, strangely-shaped clouds and military aircraft. But people are not willing to even consider believing this. In one case, a purported UFO was the planet Venus near the horizon, but the lady who recorded the supposed phenomenon would not hand over the videotape because she was absolutely certain that the UFO investigators were part of a government conspiracy. (1) And there is no denying there are certainly many others like this lady out there, desperate to believe in something that does not exist.
(1) http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=98385&page=1

Yes because…

Yes, there are many crazy people out there, but there are also intelligent ones who know about all the explanations that exist and do still see things that cannot be explained. The head of the Mutual UFO Network receives 200 to 400 (1) reports of flying objects every month and acknowledges that many are hoaxes or mistaken beliefs. But, he does believe a small portion are credible sightings – roughly around 10% are visits from alien life and he believes the government knows about it.

(1) http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=98385&page=1

There are never any clear images

No because…

In my opinion I believe that many people want to believe that there are aliens, but we just simply do not have enough proof. There are not clear images because this generation is exposed to thousands of technologies making it possible to create image that look real. In the internet anyone can create a webpage and add his/her own ideas with no proof or validation but judged on a personal opinion. therefore, Most of the images we find in the internet are a false.

Yes because…

I hope that people would change the image that appears in their head when they think of life in other planets. I strongly believe that there is life in other planets but it does not consist of little green men with big black eyes who are out to dissect humanity. Life regardless of its shape and form is life! Life can develop in many types of environments and scientists are realizing that there are many elements that factor in this equation and that contrary to prior believe, life can evolve where we did not expect. Methane-which on Earth is produced mostly by organisms-has been found in Mars and this suggest that there could be life there. Scientists are debating what the actual source of the methane may be. Sushil Atreya from the University of Michigan remains optimistic and says, “Whatever the source, it indicates the presence of liquid water underground and that there is some type of activity going on, biologic or geologic – and that is exciting.” My point being is that it is very unlikely to have an actual photograph of life in outer space because if there is life, than it is bound to be microorganisms that cannot be captured on film or camera by an inhabitant on Earth.


Why have other life forces not made themselves known?

No because…

The key point raised over and over again by UFO sceptics is the lack of evidence that aliens are visiting us. Why have they not landed and made themselves known? Scientists have long been sending out signals far into the universe. Where are they?

Yes because…

Ufologists retort that just because aliens have not communicated with us as of yet, does not mean that we can deny their existence. One speculation is that the aliens have some kind of moral code which prevents them from large scale interference in the affairs of a less advanced civilisation. (1) The human race is not ready for open contact with the extra-terrestrials because our lack of spiritual consciousness is too low. And perhaps the most sinister answer is that they are not well-disposed towards us. After all, if your intentions are hostile, why announce your presence?
(1) http://www.ufoencounters.co.uk/why-dont-aliens-make-open-contact.html

Why do UFO’s have lights?

No because…

So many images of alleged UFO’s focus on the disc-shaped objects with lights. Why do they have lights? Our aircraft turn on their lights at night to help prevent collisions with other aircraft. Does a UFO have this kind of consideration? Why do alien spaceships need them? First of all, they would presumably want to conceal their presence rather than advertise it, otherwise they would have landed on the lawn outside the Houses of Parliament by now. And if they have technology advanced enough to travel to the far distances of space, surely they would have the means of avoiding collisions with all the other spaceships that are so obviously flying around without the need to resort to a light show.

Yes because…

This is a ridiculous argument. We do not know of any technology that any other life form has. We do not know how their bodies may or may not function without light. Perhaps their eyesight is similar to human beings and they need light to see where they are going? They may not care for our well being, but a species able to create such technology to fly would obviously want to further its own species and so would value their own lives. They would not want to crash into anything.

The fact is we simply could not know why they would have lights. So this argument neither proves nor disproves anything, it does not even scratch the surface. That of which we cannot speak meaningfully of, we should remain silent on.

Why are aliens humanoids?

No because…

Those who claim to have seen alien beings nearly always describe humanoid creatures of some sort. The aliens broadly resemble human beings: two eyes, a head with a mouth and some kind of nose, two arms and walk upright on two legs. Does it not seem extraordinary that all of these extra-terrestrial creatures, at least some of which must have evolved on planets vastly different from our own, should nonetheless all closely resemble us? Surely there must be some planets where aliens have an evolutionary advantage: four eyes, or six arms and five legs?

Yes because…

The truth is, we have no way of knowing what types of planet intelligent life may have developed. Perhaps intelligent life only does develop on broadly similar planets and the humanoid form really is the non plus ultra of galactic evolution. And any reports of direct encounters form only a small part of the sum total of UFO sightings. (1) It is possible to be sceptical of the abduction and encounter stories whilst still believing in the phenomenon as a whole.

(1) http://www.ufoencounters.co.uk/arguments-against-reality-flying-saucers.html


No because…

According to NASA they have been observing as well as researching the universe for 60 years, how long does it take to simply poof if there’s life in space? Obviously, in the world we live in we advance rapidly (“so they say”). Technology is way advanced and the government and other people spend so much money researching things but if in fact we were threatened by this so called “aliens” wouldn’t the government and elected officials spend governmental money so that it could be a proven fact, they spend it on everything else anyways. As of now there is not enough evidence to say that life exist in another planet. Just because someone sees a bright little light in the sky moving doesn’t mean it’s a “UFO” and if it was who build the UFO’S? Let me guess ALIENS. They must be quite smart to build such a thing, we should have them build cars for us then so we can save gas.lol….I think this alien thing is all a myth people believe a lot of things so the next time you see them tell them to land in LA.

Yes because…

The “alien life” that NASA along with other scientific research intities are studying is the microbiota organisms, and not “little green man”. Organisms that are very similar in cellular composition as to the one that started life here on Earth. Currently NASA’s Astrobiology Research Center have found microbes in the permafrost of Siberia, Alaska, and Antarctica. These microbes are able to survive in harsh climate conditions for thousands and even millions of years. Therefore, our reseach to finding life on other planets should be focused on these organisms. Mars, Europa (Jupiter’s moon) among other planest in our solar system contain ice caps similar to the ones that we have here on Earth and is very possible to find this type of organisms there as well.

Our fascination makes us believe…

No because…

As human beings we are equipped with a mind full of questions and fascination for the unknown. This is our human nature, and sometimes this fascination makes us see and even believe in things that are not true. For many the fascination is the belief of UFOs. In the past decade the reports of people that have “seen” a UFO has increased dramatically. One may ask why more and more people report seeing a UFO? Well, it’s really not difficult to find the answer to that. Along with the increase of reports during the last decade or two, we have had major increases in technology. Anything from a digital camera, video camera, cell phones, computers, etc. Nowadays technology is everywhere and sometimes people own more than one of these devices. As a photography student I know how easy it is to alter a photograph and make it seem what it really isn’t. To alter a photograph or take something out of context is really not difficult and anybody can do so with just basic knowledge of a computer and a digital camera. And like people say “a photograph is word a thousand words”, and many times we believe what we see. Once you are hooked on this belief, your mind starts believing other things even if its not entirely true. These reports of UFO sightings are in direct correlation with our advancements in technology. The reports will continue to increase but none with physical proof of UFOs.

I completely agree with the above point. There are some people who dedicate their life trying to prove any type of supernatural phenomena, including aliens, and go to great measures to do so. Photographs are easily altered and many times images in the sky can be deceiving to an untrained eye. To most of us the unknown is unbelievably fascinating yet some people take the subject to unnecessary and even tragic levels. One example of this was the incident that took place in California on March of 1997 involving the Heaven’s Gate Cult. Twenty-one women and eighteen men committed suicide because of there believe that the world was going to be “recycled” by UFO’s. Their religion combined elements of Christianity with unusual believes about UFO’s and thus played the key factor in the multiple suicides. Whatever the reason of why people develop stories that are based on a very active imagination and spare time, they must acknowledge that their words will have some sort of impact on others and consider all the consequences that come along with their words.

Authored by roz_here

Yes because…

Scientists have found proof of possible life on other planets. The thing is it is not the green intelligent humenoids we think of. Using the hubble space telescope NASA detected an organic molecule in the atmosphere. What they found was methane which according to NASA can have an effect in creating life, play the role in “chemical reactions considered necessary to form life” (1). So there is in fact life on other planets which is the topic announced here. Life does not necessarily mean a super human but can be anything ranging from vegetation or chemicals. Although NASA did not find life regarding an alien humanoid they did find that a chemical that identifies signs of life on another planet aside from Earth.

Authored by Lah_88.

(1) http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2008/11/full/


No because…

Is there life on other planets , no one credible source has provided solid eveidence that life exist outside our planet, therefore life is exclusive to earth. The intelligent life on this planet has provided the means for information to be shared and contested, whether right or wrong, in open forums, free from censorship. None of the so called evidence proving extraterrestrial life exist has been acknowledged as accurate by credible professionals in the field of science. the scientist cannot agree there is no solid proof, scientist base their claims on sound proof and no such evidence proving extraterrestrials life exist. Most of the evidence claiming that aliens exist comes from uncertified, uncredible individuals who are on a wild goose chase. None of the evidence cited in this website is articulated or given any method of conformation but simply mentioned. To believe the individuals who make their claim in the favor of life on other planets would do you just as good to believe a car mechanic claiming he found a cure for cancer. No consistent proof exist, until then humans need to only to worry about the preservation of the only life know on any planet, our own and the sub species which we share the earth with. -Certo

Yes because…

Simply because there is no “solid” proof found by us doesn’t mean that it’s not out there. How long does it usually take for the truth to come out in any given situation? How long was it before we found a cure for the common cold? Or for headaches? It took many attempts, none of which we were completely sure of, to find the solution. This is no different from finding out the truth about extraterrestrial life. I agree that we cant jump to conclusions based on individual stories, but we shouldn’t tune them out either. Uncredible or not, their stories have sparked curiousity in even the best of people and the fact that no one can find evidence to completely shut down the controversy leaves a shimmer in the inquiring mind of many.

Can you confirm the presence of life in other planets?

No because…

no one has confirm the presence of life on other planets! firsts of all were did the whole idea of life on other planets such as existing aliens come from? life on other planets has not been found. aliens as many say are just made up by normal commun humans. why would there be life somewhere else other then earth it self? how do anyone know that they are aliens and not people? how can someone identify them and say its them and not the government poeple such as the air force, army..just to keep people wondering…Moreover the Bible does not state if there is life on other planets.It just clearify that God created the heavens and the earth.

Yes because…

That is true no one has confirm the presence of life on other planets, but no one as yet confirmed that scientist have explored the whole universe. Our technology keeps on improving each and everyday and up to this day we keep on finding new things out there in space. If there is no life out there other than earth then why do scientists keep on exploring the galaxy? Scientist are so eager to find life on other planets because they believe that its possible for life to be out there other than earth itself.

nothing is accurate…

No because…

We have all heard of stories where people clame to have some kind of aproch with aliens. Although this stories might be true no one has yet provided any evidence to the public. Its understandable that the Governments does not want to make a big comotion about this mayor issue but there has been people that have made stories intentional to scare the public and to recieve some kind of reward, to see who gets to show the evidence first. We need some answers and we need them now!!

Yes because…

There have been many stories and reports that have been told and filed, ranging from common folk to government officials, regarding sighting and encounters. Although some stories may sound and seem inaccurate it is very doubtful that all stories are misleading. There have been many reports with detailed evidence and most of them similar that may result in the accuracy of their statements. Answers to questions that may seem ridiculous about alien life may never come into light, but there is definitely some accuracy in most of the reports that have been recorded and no actual accuracy on how the reports have been handled.

Not enough sources for life to be supported.

No because…

Life in Mars is simply too vague to be completely narrowed down on why it doesn’t exist to some people. However, the possibilities are endless on how life could possibly never exist in Mars. Although it has the many similar aspects of earth, it is still not quite ready to support life. Over 90% of methane is produced biologically here on earth; it comes from living organisms which are mostly cows. We obviously do not have any proof of living organisms or cows for that matter in Mars. Mars is so small which means less gravity and therefore not much atmosphere. With not much atmosphere and no ozone layer there is no protection from the UV radiation of the sun, and that is extremely harmful to life. There may be possibility that there was life before, but certainly life could not be supported in this time and era. There are only a handful of terrestrial organisms that can uphold harsh climates, but then again…where are those organisms they have been searching for?

Written by: listenwell

Yes because…

The idea that out of the several planets and galaxies that exist, We are the only form of life seems too vague. Were the other planets and galaxies created for decoration? What is the reason for other planets to exist? When you have a planet such as mars, which was found to have oxygen, You might ask why? Why oxygen in another planet? Then the question arises, does life exist elsewhere? It would be difficult not to believe life exists elsewhere when you have several planets in just our solar system, out these planets some include the facts of them containing oxygen and ice which results in water. And wherever you have the combination of oxygen and water you have life.

Extremely good point. I wrote another one on the yes side before this one, you might want to take a look at that one. It is called Methane Signatures Found.

There is no life on other planets!

No because…

There is no life on other planets because, there is no air on other planets other than on Earth and anything consider to have life needs air. Also because NASA has sent out a robot to Mars and since it’s been there it hasn’t seen anything out of the ordinary, just small amounts of water. No other type of life could exist on other planets because where would they and how would they survive. They wouldn’t have the technology, water, air, or resources we have to survive. There is no life on other planets because whatever has been shown about life on other planets is all made up. Such as, UFO’s and aliens they are made up by people who seek for attention and can’t get it anyway other than by making up such a things as UFO’s and aliens. With the way technology has improved anyone can say they have a picture of a UFO’s or have seen some lights flashing like on the shows. There is no life on other planets because no concrete evidence of life other than life on planet Earth has been found. -Chel

Yes because…

There are billions upon billions of galaxies and we inhabit just one of those billions. I think that there is some way you can live on another planet because us as humans have adapted to live on this planet. If there is life on other planets why can’t they adapt to their planet’s diversity just like humans have on earth. Life elsewhere in the universe is situated too far away for us to even think about meeting at the moment. In time though when we explore space further and advance our technology even more we might find life somewhere else. We know at the moment Mars has ice/water and Europa is thought to also be a prime candidate to have water hidden under its surface. So if we take the fact that water is the key to life, we have two planets at the very least within our solar system that have water.


Statistically, it is likely that other planets have air.

Where is it?

No because…

Several individuals believe in a different life form, life forms that habitat the abyss. With the scientific research and data that exists one might ask, where is this other life form. Scientific researchers have spent years studying earth and its surroundings yet empirical evidence is to be found to prove the existence of these different life forms. No evidence has been found to date that would even suggest the existence of another life form. Scientists are in fact studying earth’s surroundings for the simple reason that, our population continues to expand at a fast rate. And as the human race continues this expand we will need to expand our capabilities of being able to survive in a different habitat. Thus resulting in the reason why scientists have spent so many years studying earth’s neighboring planets.

Yes because…

if you think in millions and trillions of miles and there is only us you are not looking at the big picture .the universe is so big no human can comprehend it .and if we are the only ones there thats a big waste of space how do you know that we are the only ones scientists have only studyed the our neighboring planets and dont know anything about out of our solar system planets.

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7 years ago

Yes life on other planets exists,if not
in this endless space which has billions and billions of stars and planets ,if you think earth is the only one rock that sustains life
Then why these other galaxies,stars and planets ,our solar system would enough
Those all would be simply waste

Jayden Wright
7 years ago
Reply to  Neda

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell everyone thank you for saying this.

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