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Are cellphones safe

Much has been said about the use of technology in our era. People who were born before the age of technology try to avoid it, they are distrustful of such appliances. However, the generations who have been brought up with technology are using it to an ever increasing level. Cell phones is one major part of this. But are ‘cell phones’ the coined American phrase for a mobile phone safe? here’s a link to help http://cellphones.procon.org/#background

All the Yes points:

  1. the link between phone usage and brain tumours has been disproved
  2. They actually reduce the chances of brain tumours.
  3. the increase personal safety

All the No points:

  1. They can cause cancer
  2. People succumb to their mobile and drive whilst on the phone
  3. They make people too reliant on them.
  4. lower sperm count

the link between phone usage and brain tumours has been disproved

Yes because…

INTERPHONE [[http://www.newsweek.com/id/80966]] completed a study based upon phone use and brain tumours. They specifically found no correlation between the two phenomenon. Given that hand held phones are held to the ear with the antennae near the brain, surely this is where most of the damage would be caused. Given this, it is high time that we stopped scaring ourselves out of using technology and move forward with it

No because…

These studies were based on people who had been using phones for 2-5 years, but this does not show the long term effects. Like smoking, using a phone for 2-5 years probably does not significantly increase your risk of cancer. However, after 10 years, I fear the story is different. A minority of small case studies have been conducted in this area, and they to the contrary show that such prolonged use does in fact lead to higher percentage of rare brain tumours. This was also shown to occur on the side of the head on which the participants used to listen to the phone with.

They actually reduce the chances of brain tumours.

Yes because…

Quite the contrary to the suggestion that cell phones can cause harm to the brain via radiation, some research has shown the opposite to be true[[Joachim Schuz et al. “Cellular Telephone Use and Cancer Risk: Update of a Nationwide Danish Cohort,” Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Dec. 2006]]. The radiation from mobile phones has been shown to reduce the chances of the user developing glioma and meningioma.

No because…

the cause of cancerous tumors remains ambiguous.
Radiation is certainly not ruled out.

the increase personal safety

Yes because…

Whilst people may be focusing on the negative effects that radiation may or may not have, there is also the aspect of personal safety. People no longer have to find a phone booth to make an emergency call. People no longer have to have change on them to use that phone box. Mobile phones have saved thousands of lives. With most people having one, if you are out shopping and an accident occurs, you know that there will be many people around who within a matter of seconds would be able to call the police, an ambulance or a fireman depending on what the situation was. This is a speedier way to handle an emergency and the time saved will have already saved thousands of lives. This is compared to no recorded deaths for the radiation caused by mobile phones.

No because…

There have been deaths recorded which were solely or mostly caused by mobile phones; mugging. Criminals have been given a new way to make money and they abuse it. Everyone has a mobile phone; therefore everyone has something worth stealing. Many people have died through being mugged and not giving up their mobile phone. By having a mobile phone then, you actually decrease your personal safety by turning yourself into a target of crime.

They can cause cancer

No because…

We all know that radiation is bad for us. Yet we fail to recognise the fact that mobile phones are using radiation in order to make contact with another station. Research has shown [[http://www.newsweek.com/id/80966]] that higher frequencies of radiation are given out by a phone the further away it is from a base station; those who live further away from these base station and use mobile phones are more likely to develop cancer. This research shows that cell phones are in fact not safe; they cause a disease which we are still very much in ignorance over how to cure.

Yes because…

People succumb to their mobile and drive whilst on the phone

No because…

Car accidents have increased since the mobile phone boom. It is for this reason that the Government introduced a law whereby it is now illegal to drive and be on a mobile phone. This however does not stop people. People still talk on the phone whilst driving and they text. This lowers their level of concentration and puts other road users at risk. Therefore mobile phones are not only dangerous for the user, but also innocent passers by.

Yes because…

easy solution: Turn your cellphone off before driving.

there are phones and their accessories that can be attached to various areas of your car. you can also talk on speaker phone.

the same people talk to themselves, swear in traffic jams,listen to the radio and/or talk/listen other people in the car when not on the cell.

They make people too reliant on them.

No because…

People rely on being able to communicate with someone instantly wherever they are if something goes wrong. When the phone runs out of batteries, they can’t get a signal or the person on the other end of the phone won’t answer or can’t help them, they panic instead of trying to sort the problem out on their own or get help in another way.

Yes because…

the cellphone is not your master!

you are your master.

to reduce yourself or other people to mindless drones who follow the tantalizing mantra of an inanimate object is insulting.

lower sperm count

No because…

Sperm count is down by men wearing the cell phone in trouser pocket. Google it. Of course fewer children is good, lower sperm count is not.

Yes because…

then men should not put it in their trouser pocket.

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hillary barrett
7 years ago

no because cell phones emit an non-ionizing radiation, the non-ionizing radiation doesn’t effect the atoms in your DNA making it safe. Also the heat created from the cell phones are countered with heat shock proteins that your body creates it acts like an umbrella when the cells get hotter than their normal temperature protecting your cells. cell phones make microwaves which are safe, because cell phones emit less than 2 watts.

6 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Mobile phone are bad for us because for young children their brain are stay growing but when you use the Mobile phone the radiation can damaged your brain

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