The increasing ability of anyone to share their thoughts through the media or online is increasingly leading to people losing their jobs when they make a blunder. Politics obviously where this happens most, it has always been the case that misrepresenting government policy to the media could get you

The claim that housewives staying at home spending more time around their children are better, much-more-responsible/effective mothers than their career-mom counterparts.
But time: quantity equal quality?

Research on the subject is inconclusive, sometimes lauding the children

Most of the developed world is in the middle of a deep recession and so getting a job is tough for everyone, particularly graduates just joining the jobs market. They often have sky high ideas of how much they want to earn or with to do something they want to do or will enjoy rather than just taking

Email is one of the immense successes of the internet. It has helped revolutionise communications and has come close to killing of the standard snail mail letter. But is Email itself is a dying form of communication? Many younger people do not use email and it is to how they communicate that we shou

For years women have fought for their rights. Once women gained rights in society, including the right to vote in 1928 via the representation of the People Act 1928, they were no longer willing to be treated as second class citizens in the home or in the work place. In the 1960’s it was public opi

The accepted dogma of business is that you have your employees come and sit in an office far from their homes and are watched for eight hours a day by a manager. In the modern world, there are many more ways to communicate and get work done collaboratively online and on the phone, so the office is n

Job interviews are a nerve-wracking trial for everyone involved. However, are they actually the best way to decide who to employ? Only so much can be learnt about a person in the space of twenty minutes and a traditional interview may not demonstrate many of the skills required in the job. Many extr

The number of graduate applicants per position has more than doubled in the past two years. In the context of the significantly fewer positions made available on the market, as well as the number of redundancy figures since the recession, universities seem to be generating an ever increasing number

Having offenders engage in work that is useful, helpful to communities and undoes some of the damage they may have cause seems obvious however there has been an increasing number of threats to supervisors and even violence against those doing the work there may be an unexpected downside to such work

Gordon Brown promised 'British jobs for British people' in September 2007 but the recent protests up and down the country show that this is not to be the case. Are the protestors right or is giving 'British jobs for British people' not the way forward?