Are Boys Better Than Girls?

Considerable debate has taken place about whether the male species is better than female type. I'm now opening the debate to the floor. Take you're point across. Please Don't regurgitate what has aldready been said.

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In English: There has been considerable debate over whether the males of the human species are better-than/superior-to their female counterparts.Susanwusan(read:Veclock the second) has brought this motion to the floor.Take your point/s across; do not repeat what has already been said/written/typed.

Many thanks from Susanwsan;
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All the No points

Are Boys Better Than Girls?

Yes because... No because...

Boys are better than girls!

1. Boys work harder than a girl.
2. Boys’ fart sound loud, but smells not stinky.
3. Boys are talented at sports.
4. Boys are handsome.
5. Boys didn’t boast.
6. Boys lives more than girls.
7. Boy’s hair smells better than girls.
8. Boys are faster.
9. Boys are creative.
10. Boys sing better.
11. Boys are good at video games.
12. Boys are powerful than girls.
13. Boys receive a lot of money.
14. Boys are peaceful.
15. Boys can have a lot of job.
16. Boys can be president.
17. Boys are stronger.
18. Boys have freedom.
19. Boys are more active.
20. Boys are good at surviving.
21. Boys have leadership.
22. Boys didn’t wear pink clothes.
23. Boys are good at using computers.
24. Boys are funnier than girls.
25. Boys are enthusiastic.
26. Boys put on their clothes better.
27. Boys are brave.
28. Boys have better culture.
29. Boys are cooler.

How would you know if girls work harder than boys? Boy's fart doesn't smell? I have four brothers-I can assure it sounds AND stink... Handsome boys? I say Hot girls! Boys suck at creativity and are too lazy to use it if they have it. Boys sing better? umh have you heard a boyband nowadays? Boys receive a lot of money? when last have you been at a construction site? how many woman do you know being minimily paid? I have beaten every boy I know at video games-ha.ha wait for it-ha! Boys are more powerful? thanks to Testosterone elevation...Not for long! I am a leader. Are you? I am enthusiastic are you?Putting clothes on?What the hell? do you know how easy it is to throw a dress over your head? I am cool-Are you?The rest i'm not going to dignify.....

Are Boys Better Than Girls?

Yes because... No because...

Male is the biologically superior sex

           Greetings. I would like to present a slightly more eloquent and tactful argument for my standpoint on thos fascinating topic. Firstly, I would like to make it clear that this does not represent my views. Girls Rule! On to the debate.
         I will focus on three main aspects: intelligence, physical capability, and contribution to society. Firstly, intelligence. Most people will tell you that girls are smarter than boys. A study by Dr. Paul Irving and Dr. Richard Lynn,published by the British psychological journal, states that the opposite is true. Despite the fact that girls get slightly better grades, males, on average, have a higher IQ than girls by about 5 points. Also, for every female genius (155+ IQ) there are 5.5 male ones. This irrefutable evidence shows that, with many exceptions, men are on average more intelligent. The grades are merely a product of an educational system geared towards females.
        Second, men are stronger, on average, than women. The contributions of a physically strong population are innumerable; a balance of brains AND brawn is essential to any civilization's survival. Men have used their strength to benefit their civilizations on countless occasions, and pure, testosterone-fueled manpower allowed humans to thrive long enough for me to write this argument.
         Finally, the contributions of women to society, however great, are not as numerous as those of men. Men have ruled most of history's great empires; Men made the lightbulb, the telephone, modern quantum theory. The list is practically endless. Great men were famous for what they did; many great women were famous simply because they were women, or they helped women.
        I hope this argument has effectively cleared up our stand on the topic. I look forward to your rebuttal.

Are Boys Better Than Girls?

Yes because... No because...

reiterating away

Yes; boys are better than girls.
more boys are inventors/scientists/make-toys.

Boys make toys and video games and so are much cooler than little girls that boys' uber-mencsh(superman)-coolness makes little girls cry: waah.

Girls cry/whine/wail too much. Don't they know kicking is much more effective?

actions speak louder than words- boys understand this.

all the leader king in the past were men and not women.

Men are also better chef than girls

if girls r made of sugar and spice and everything nice u and all the girls i know need a refill on all that

boys go to war girls stay at home scared


points of information:
regurjutating is not a word, by the way; just as male is not a species.

the males of the human species are probably being referred to in the motion. And the word is probably regurgitating/vomiting/throwing-up

No; girls go to mars to get more smart;
boys go to Jupiter to get stupider. -[[Playground chant grounded in superimposed reality]]

Sugar and spice and EVERYTHING nice that's what little girls are made of-[[the best nursery rhyme ever]]

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Speaking as a girl myself, I have to say that (except maybe at the extremes – some females ARE geniuses and some males are plain thick) in almost every area of life boys are better than girls.

Their brains are bigger than ours.

They’re quicker and stronger.

They are less likely to panic in a crisis.

Believe it or not biology also shows that women are MORE closely related to the apes than men are so even biologically we’re inferior!