Are Boys Better Than Girls?

Considerable debate has taken place about whether the male species is better than female type. I'm now opening the debate to the floor. Take you're point across. Please Don't regurgitate what has aldready been said.

In English: There has been considerable debate over whether the males of the human species are better-than/superior-to their female counterparts.Susanwusan(read:Veclock the second) has brought this motion to the floor.Take your point/s across; do not repeat what has already been said/written/typed.

Many thanks from Susanwsan;
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Are Boys Better Than Girls?
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Are Boys Better Than Girls?
Yes because...

Boys are better than girls!

1. Boys work harder than a girl.
2. Boys’ fart sound loud, but smells not stinky.
3. Boys are talented at sports.
4. Boys are handsome.
5. Boys didn’t boast.
6. Boys lives more than girls.
7. Boy’s hair smells better than girls.
8. Boys are faster.
9. Boys are creative.
10. Boys sing better.
11. Boys are good at video games.
12. Boys are powerful than girls.
13. Boys receive a lot of money.
14. Boys are peaceful.
15. Boys can have a lot of job.
16. Boys can be president.
17. Boys are stronger.
18. Boys have freedom.
19. Boys are more active.
20. Boys are good at surviving.
21. Boys have leadership.
22. Boys didn’t wear pink clothes.
23. Boys are good at using computers.
24. Boys are funnier than girls.
25. Boys are enthusiastic.
26. Boys put on their clothes better.
27. Boys are brave.
28. Boys have better culture.
29. Boys are cooler.

No because...

How would you know if girls work harder than boys? Boy's fart doesn't smell? I have four brothers-I can assure it sounds AND stink... Handsome boys? I say Hot girls! Boys suck at creativity and are too lazy to use it if they have it. Boys sing better? umh have you heard a boyband nowadays? Boys receive a lot of money? when last have you been at a construction site? how many woman do you know being minimily paid? I have beaten every boy I know at video games-ha.ha wait for it-ha! Boys are more powerful? thanks to Testosterone elevation...Not for long! I am a leader. Are you? I am enthusiastic are you?Putting clothes on?What the hell? do you know how easy it is to throw a dress over your head? I am cool-Are you?The rest i'm not going to dignify.....

Are Boys Better Than Girls?
Yes because...

Male is the biologically superior sex

           Greetings. I would like to present a slightly more eloquent and tactful argument for my standpoint on thos fascinating topic. Firstly, I would like to make it clear that this does not represent my views. Girls Rule! On to the debate.
         I will focus on three main aspects: intelligence, physical capability, and contribution to society. Firstly, intelligence. Most people will tell you that girls are smarter than boys. A study by Dr. Paul Irving and Dr. Richard Lynn,published by the British psychological journal, states that the opposite is true. Despite the fact that girls get slightly better grades, males, on average, have a higher IQ than girls by about 5 points. Also, for every female genius (155+ IQ) there are 5.5 male ones. This irrefutable evidence shows that, with many exceptions, men are on average more intelligent. The grades are merely a product of an educational system geared towards females.
        Second, men are stronger, on average, than women. The contributions of a physically strong population are innumerable; a balance of brains AND brawn is essential to any civilization's survival. Men have used their strength to benefit their civilizations on countless occasions, and pure, testosterone-fueled manpower allowed humans to thrive long enough for me to write this argument.
         Finally, the contributions of women to society, however great, are not as numerous as those of men. Men have ruled most of history's great empires; Men made the lightbulb, the telephone, modern quantum theory. The list is practically endless. Great men were famous for what they did; many great women were famous simply because they were women, or they helped women.
        I hope this argument has effectively cleared up our stand on the topic. I look forward to your rebuttal.

No because...
Are Boys Better Than Girls?
No because...

reiterating away


points of information:
regurjutating is not a word, by the way; just as male is not a species.

the males of the human species are probably being referred to in the motion. And the word is probably regurgitating/vomiting/throwing-up

No; girls go to mars to get more smart;
boys go to Jupiter to get stupider. -[[Playground chant grounded in superimposed reality]]

Sugar and spice and EVERYTHING nice that's what little girls are made of-[[the best nursery rhyme ever]]

Yes because...

Yes; boys are better than girls.
more boys are inventors/scientists/make-toys.

Boys make toys and video games and so are much cooler than little girls that boys' uber-mencsh(superman)-coolness makes little girls cry: waah.

Girls cry/whine/wail too much. Don't they know kicking is much more effective?

actions speak louder than words- boys understand this.

all the leader king in the past were men and not women.

Men are also better chef than girls

if girls r made of sugar and spice and everything nice u and all the girls i know need a refill on all that

boys go to war girls stay at home scared

Are Boys Better Than Girls?

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40 Comments on "Are Boys Better Than Girls?"


girls and boys are both great. girls are good at there own thing boys are better at things girls are not good at it does not matter everybody’s diffrent. a girl can be super smart. a boy can be super good at sports. what i’m saying is that your alive make the best of it im a boy and im saying girls your good at stuff don’t let the other boy let you down:)


Boys are not better than girls! The first debate that I read on this website was REALLY bad. It was being sexist. If you don’t believe me, read it again. ‘BOYS ARE BETTER AT VIDEO GAMES, BOYS HAIR SMELLS BETTER, BOYS FARTS ARE LOUD BUT DON’T SMELL’. This is truly being sexist.


I totally agree with you. Seriously, I’d like to know who wrote that. They are obviously a boy and took all that “information” off the top of their head. Definitely sexist.

June Kim

First, female gender holds on to their communication skills longer than the male gender. According to a study in a University of Pennsylvania, men lose their communication skills faster than women. Using magnetic resonance imaging, researchers studied the brains of thirty-four men and thirty-five women. They found that deterioration in the brain that controls language and communication ability was two to three times faster than men. The cause of this is the female hormones may protect the brain from atrophy associated with aging. In addition previous studies have shown that these hormones increase blood flow to the brain.
Second, female gender lives longer. According to the World Health Organization, women on average lives longer than men in all countries in the world. Part of the reason women live longer than men is women is that women smoke less, drink less, and take fewer life-threatening chances than men. However, the main reason is women also tend to be less vulnerable to fatal illnesses like cancer and heart disease. The estrogen, the female
Hormone is to keep a woman’s blood vessels pliable. This is beneficial for women because it reduces women’s risk of developing atherosclerosis, the clogging of the arteries that is the cause of heart disease. In addition, estrogen helps the body to break the fat by stimulating the liver to produce high- density lipoproteins.
Last but not least, women commit far less crimes than men. In Korea, 2003, men committed eighty one point five percent of violent crimes. Women made up to eight point five present of the prison population over Korea. The cause of this is males are born with greater potential for violence because of the hormone testosterone. This hormone is proved to be the source of aggressive behavior. According to Dr. Steve Maxwell, more the testosterone, higher the frustration, more irritability, impatience, and greater impulsiveness.


boys lose their communication skills…. that is why female are always chatterboxes

Ashley Tammens

I can’t even say a word for this situation! I don’t think girls are better the boys but boys aren’t better then girl either. Speaking as a girl myself I have to admit boys are stronger and faster and they have been history geniuses, But boys are not only stupid in many schools they are lazy nasty dirty I can’t even think of another way to describe that there wannabe’s and they think they know it all well guess what they don’t. I’m sure EVEYSINGLE girl in this world has a heard a boy say boys are better then girls. Some girls are strong and faster then boys. And some are not. Some girls are smart some are not. No gender is better. A boy may have a bigger brain but that doesn’t mean they are more intellagent because THEY DON’T USE IT! I don’t know what the hell the other situation was about boys hair smells better what! Considering the fact many boys hate to shower! Boys are cooler? No no no here are more boy nerds and there’s a difference between nerds and smart people. Boys are so aggressive 90% of the fights in my school started with a boy ended with a boy had to do with a boy. I’m not saying girls are better then boys but boys aren’t better then girls. Boys have to cut the crap saying there better then girl because there not they are selfish rats! Always bothering girls. Not to mention bullying it’s mostly boys fights mostly boys Nasty inappropriate words/things mostly boys! All I’m trying to explain is that BOYS ARE NOT BETTER THEN GIRLS but girls aren’t better then boys either.

Enzo Michael



This is a topic me and my brother in 3rd grade are talking about he keeps saying boy and better than girls when there shouldnt even be a one or the other it should be neither

Enzo Michael

No, both genders are equal, with each having certain qualities over the other.


The MALE gender is far superior to the female gender. In a society/ world where school and our entire education system is geared towards making sure females succeed, MALES still hold down higher/better/more important positions. MALES work three times as hard for what they want and when they want something, they go out and get it without making excuses. females just want everything to be handed to them on a silver platter just because they are females. females just sit and complain when something doesn’t go their way, then try and blame it on sexism when there is none at all. females make excuses, MALES make it happen. Our legal system is also geared toward the catering of females. The amount of times females get away with murder/rape/assault is 25x higher than MALES and they also get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to a he-said-she-said case. MALES have made an immeasurable amount of accomplishments and innovations, while females ride the trails of these accomplishments or attempt to copy them. Great MALES were famous for what they did; many great females were famous simply because they were females. MALES are physically stronger than females. MALES also have a higher creative cortex in their brains, allowing them to create inventions, or masterpieces. females are always asking to be treated like MALES, but if females are better, then why would you want to be treated like a MALE? Its because all females know that MALES are better than them. females would not want to be treated like MALES because their life would be Hell on Earth and they wouldn’t be able to handle it. MALES can deal with their own lives as well as take care of other lives in a monetary sense, a domestic sense, and a mentoring sense. MALES have a harder life than females and still come out on top and are better. That’s why EVERYONE KNOWS that without a doubt, MALES are far more superior to females.


This is extremely sexist and stereotypical. Next time get your facts straight before come here and insulting the female gender. I don’t know what females you know but not everybody is like this and if youre old enough to be here you’re old enough to know that. Just because you have a big opinion on something it doesn’t mean your opinion is th right one so get your head out of your ass and maybe you could start start seeing the world and people in a different light. It sounds like you have a lot of anger and although I admire you for sharing your opinions, the way you share them is not the right way. Thank you.

Rights fighter

Males are not any better then females.Dont you think it is funny that when babies hear another baby crying,it also starts to cry?No matter what gender or race?It is because babies are not force fed labels such as ‘boys are stronger and girls can only like pink’ I am a girl and I despise pink .They are not yet told to ‘let the boys do it’.They care about each other because they don’t judge each other.They are the same although they are different.Studies show that early in a child’s development girls and boys saw each other a human beings not as a ‘dominant male’ and a ‘weak female’ but later in life parents and teachers have made girls think they can not be as strong and smart as boys.They are led to believe that this lie is reality.As Einstein once said ‘if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,it will live its life thinking it is stupid ‘ this means if you judge someone by their flaws they will think they are useless.While in reality,boys have as many flaws as girls.It is time we stop forcing fish to climb trees.It is time for us to see why girls and boys are same.Remember,when you judge girls,you make us think we are useless.I am a child and your making me feel useless.I rest my case.


The human race would die off without women and it’s scientifically proven you can get pregnant without a man

Just a dude.

This debate is just downright stupid. Obviously, both genders are equal.

Anonymous Human Being

Most of the items on that list are opinions or don’t make any sense whatsoever.


Okay hold on boys are not better than girls and girls are not better than boys.They just have a different ways of achiving things.Things wouldn’t be fair if boys are better than girls.Everyone keept on saying that boys are better than girls because there strong and stuff but for me as a girl i don’t see the point of what they are saying.Girls can achive anything that they want to and so are boys.Im so tired of boys and girls saying that they are better.let me just say this that no boy or girls are better than each other they are just a freaking HUMAN who can do anything,they just have to work harder and harder.SO THE REAL ANSWER IS NO MAN NOR WOMAN ARE BETTER.BOYS CANT LIVE WITH GIRLS AND GIRLS CAND LIVE WITHE BOYS ………………………^-^THE END^-^-


Sthiti-“What was that only boys go to war and girls stay at home scared? This is not at all true. If you go to a high school and ask students that who will join army and fight for their nation then most of the girls will raise hand. The problem is that they don’t get oppurtunity. As I am a girl from India I say my personal experince. I am not saying that girls are better than boys but both of the genders are equal.”

Nyssa Brockmann

What! Everyone is like “Girls are ally girly girls, and they love makeup and pink and shopping and dresses, and they are weak and totally dependent on men. To be fair, some girls are like that. But I am not! It’s not fair. Everyone says boys are so strong and smart and this and that. Plus, everyone says that the only reason girls to better in school is because they can pay attention more. I get good grades, but I sometimes have trouble focusing. Everyone says girls are mild mannered, but I know I’m just the opposite. I just have to speak my mind. I hate pink, and I hate how everyone automatically assumes that I like shopping, pink, makeup, ect. Plus, if you are a guy/boy and reading this, you are probably thinking “Hmmm… wow. They all say that.” And we do! but thats because its true. It makes me really angry. Oh, and that girls are cry-y and emotional and gossipy. I am none of those.

Calli Ruffin

Girls are so ‘inferior’ in your eyes because we were held back in the early years, and weren’t allowed to invent things, or get educations, or own things like boys. Maybe wait a couple hundred years, then open your mouth, sweetheart.

James Stonefield

I am a male, and in no way do i feel stronger then a female, just because we have our body’s pumped with “miracle testosterone” does not mean we are better. HUMANS NEED BOTH FEMALES AND MALES TO RECREATE AND LIVE. this page should not exist and should be removed.


As Austin said, boys and girls are all great. They all have their attributes, and you can’t really have one Superior race. Wouldn’t that just be sexism (probably not)? Besides, I’m sure kids aren’t THAT immature. We can settle our differences and get on with it. Let’s face it. None of us are better than the other.



Girls, for the longest time, have been oppressed to gender roles and norms. Back then, women were not allowed to be a doctor, not allowed to be a lawyer, not allowed to vote, etc. Women were only allowed to be housewives – trophy wifes, and were subject to childbearing and raising children.

Every Single AP US History Textbook Will Tell You That.

Women have just began to enter the workforce in the 1900s… but by that time, men have already dominated the fields.

So us women have had a great disadvantage of not being able to be president, be a CEO, be a leader. This is why few of us have been able to make extremely notable contributions – because we are bounded by gender norms.

Here’s my last example. Girls are worse at math and science you say?
Studies have showed girls having higher ability in math than boys in elementary school. But throughout middle and high school, girls performance level declines due to gender bias. This is why not many girls end up joining the STEM field.

Gender bias is this:
Girls expected to play with barbies – not play with cars, tools, legos, science, math, etc.
Girls expected to be mothers – not scientists, not CEOS, not leaders, not presidents
Girls expected to be girly/feminine – to shop, to kiss, to dress up – not study or aspire
Women expected to drop out of careers once they have a kid – Limits their aspirations & level of achievements…… why don’t men drop out ? Or both parents go part time?

Gender bias is the reason people think boys are smarter than girls. History is why boys have always had more privilege and resources to actually follow their career dreams, to actually make light bulbs, trains, cars, etc. Gender norms restricts women into a “Stay At Home Mom.” So why not let both women and men aspire to anything they want to be? Boys can play with dolls; girls can play with cars.


I think this whole debate is nonsense. Boys and girls should be treated equally. I hate the sexism going on here. I’m a girl but hang out with boys and act like a boy. We literally do the same things in different ways. We are basically all human.


No, girls are amazingly beautiful and smart and just all our amazing without girls the world wouldn’t exist

Aubree Dahms

This is the dumbest post I have ever seen. Now I will explain some things to these boys that think girls are better. 1: Everyone tells me and every other girl in my class “You’re not as tough as us we are cooler you use makeup and all that!” Okay wait wait wait.. I do not do any of this! I am a 13 year old girl that acts like a tomboy. I do not use makeup or go shopping. I do not play with Barbies or that dumb shit. I play with Nerf guns and cars and I enjoy punching stuff and going in the woods. Not all girls are girly like you say. 2: Boys say girls are dumb. Okay you guys are the dumb ones XD! I admit some other girls are stupid but ik why. Sometime LONG LONG ago, boys didn’t let girls go to school. You expect them to be smart but ofc they’re not going to be smart because you didn’t give them an education. Everyone is equal. Each gender is the same. Girls can accomplish the same things as boys and 1 more thing. I actually wish I was born a boy because one I am a tomboy and 2 ik that girls don’t get equal rights like boys.

Reach The Stars!

This whole “Are Boys Better Than Girls?” And “Are Girls Better Than Boys?” Thing has to stop sooner or later (gasp!). We are equal, some may have different strengths and weaknesses, but neither overrules each other. I know some may disagree with me, and that’s okay, I just need to point this out. Boys are amazing. Girls are amazing. Everybody is amazing. It’s 2017, how much more time will it take that one doesn’t overrule another? And plus, humans need each other to LIVE (surprise surprise)! How else would more people be created without the other one? Again, they both need each other. And on the list for yes it said, “Boys didn’t wear pink clothes” uhhh??? Alrighty folks, listen up, pink is just a color. I know SOME people say that pink is “feminine” but people like whatever color they want. So if someone says you can’t like the color pink because it’s too “girly” or you can’t like the color blue because it’s too “manly” just ignore them. Because after all, it’s just a color. And also the whole, “Boys can be president” is true. Boys can be president, but (get ready) girls can be too. So shocking right? Hopefully, that isn’t. Nobody is stopping women from being president, I’m sure everyone here knew that already though. Instead of having this (sadly a real) arguement about which sex is better, we should tell kids they’re amazing! That it’s okay if you like the color pink are you’re a boy, if a girl likes the color blue that’s fine too! To tell them to be themselves, and love themselves.


Why does it matter? There is no dominant sex. Some people are better than others. That is not because of their gender but because of what they do. If we want to better our society we should stop having arguments like this.


I believe that females are more accepting of either gender. An example of this is as such: On International Women’s Day, the Canadian PM’s wife actually asked women everywhere to thank the men in their lives who treat them equally. This is quite contrary to the beliefs of men. For hundreds of years, they have believed that they were superiors and offered no regard to women.


Sorry to say that but this debate made me laugh :). I am a teacher and had this topic in one of my debate classes. We had so much fun! I placed boys in the group that was suppose to ‘defend’ girls. They were brilliant! :) No one can take this debate seriously. Of course we are equal and need each other, wouldn’t exist without each other. And you know what, it great!

Jinha Yoo

I think boys and girls are equal. We are all one people.Boys or girls, all awesome!!


This debate is not worth reading. Men and women should be seen as equal however in the modern day discrimination and inequality still lies; so tell me why there are still ignorant people that feel the need to give their opinion if it is putting people down. I know that biologically men are built larger however that should not determine if a one sex is better than the other. Stop these silly pretences and promote peace.


sad to say that in the 2017 society the matter of equality between both sexes is deemed debatable, although both sexes have proven they are equal – truly they are seen as not. Each sex may have different strength contributions – but this does not mean ‘ boys are better then girls ‘ or even ‘ girls are better then boys’ . No one sex is better then the other, each should we seen as equal. However it should be accepted that although there are physical differences – does this mean anything? The first ‘debate’ was sexist and ignorant and completely false.

Maria Mathew

Girls and boys are equal. I should know I have a twin who is a boy and I am a girl and we both have the same Weekness and strengths but he is faster than me and I am smarter and more creative than him. And this might be just because we are twins but I am a scientist and I know we a baby is born they have the same Intelligen and athletic ability. It is just when they are learning and practicing their abilities are different cause they might learn differently or some have more practice than others.


Seriously… What is the point of this? It’s just a lot of subjective posturing on both sides, pitting one sex against the other, and to what end? A chance to spout “Boys are icky/Girl got cooties” nonsense? Boys and girls are different, not better or worse because of their sex. Individuals, maybe. Entire sexes? Not a real question.


Speaking as a girl myself, I have to say that (except maybe at the extremes – some females ARE geniuses and some males are plain thick) in almost every area of life boys are better than girls.

Their brains are bigger than ours.

They’re quicker and stronger.

They are less likely to panic in a crisis.

Believe it or not biology also shows that women are MORE closely related to the apes than men are so even biologically we’re inferior!