Cars Should Be Banned From City Centres

In this debate, we focus on facilitating the efficiency of commerce in city centre, mostly Central Business District, and on reducing the urban pollution from its root, by not harming the basic necessity of the people, who are working and living in the city centre, about transportation. All the Yes points: On avoiding the inefficiency … Read more

Governments Should Actively Promote Multiculturalism

No introduction at present. Why not write one? All the Yes points: Definitions Multiculturalism greatly facilitates advancement and progress by advancing cultural exchange in both products and ideas. Multiculturalism promotes more tolerant societies Multiculturalism is morally justified Multiculturalism promotes healthier new generations Summary All the No points: Multiculturalism is antithetical to liberal democracyā€¸. Multiculturalism doesn’t … Read more

Physical Chastisement of Children Should Be Illegal

The title indicates that physical chastisement of children should be illegal in all circumstances. Currently, smacking children is banned in many countries. In Britain, the status quo is that a parent can be prosecuted for assault when the line of ‘reasonable punishment’ has been crossed. However there is no definition of ‘reasonable punishment’. Despite this, … Read more

Polygamous Marriage Should Be Recognised

Today’s motion is “Polygamous marriage should be recognised”. As proposition we define this motion as: marriages that involve more than one spouse for a person, should be recognised as a legal practise. As more and more types of marriages start being accepted around the world, we start to question whether others should be accepted too. … Read more

Should Children Be Allowed to Have Facebook Accounts?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg claims there is no harm for underaged children to have facebook accounts, that COOPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection) is wrong to ban them from this large social community. In fact Consumer report survey suggest that 7.5 million users are under 13 as it is. Facebook is a popular social network, on … Read more

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