Financial Assistance for the Poor Should Be the Responsibility of Charities, Not Government

In most western societies, people don’t starve, they get educated and have sufficient healthcare to reach an old age. And yet, the problem of rising poverty and socio-economic gaps is one of the main problems that western societies face today, and western governments have failed to tackle through financial assistance. As declared by former US … Read more

The US should immediately close Guantanamo Bay.

Before going into any details of this debate, one thing that should be clarified is that terrorism is clearly not new to this world, but the response of developed countries to these criminals and non-state actors has become much more complicated. One of the ways to deal with the detainees is the Guantanamo Bay detention … Read more

Fast Food Advertising Should Be Banned

Banning and partial banning of fast food advertising has been a cause for debate globally over the last few years. The call to ban has been in large part due to the influence these businesses have on childhood obesity rates. Another factor driving the debate is health issues in the general population from the consumption … Read more

Should children be taught politics at school?

As we all know that children are the future of any country,the values and habits taught to them not only reflects their future but also reflects the future progress of that we all that election is one of the mechanism to choose our representative at the parliament,so it is very important to choose the … Read more

Anti-Bribery Laws On Corporations Should Be Abolished

We live in the post-communist and post-Watergate era and, most of all, on a corruption market. Anywhere in this world there’ll be both supply and demand on this market. Corruption and bribery will never be eradicated, as financial self-improvement and the power dynamics resulting from local and global inequalities will always feed bribery and corruption. … Read more

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