Are Most People a Little Bit Gay?

Most estimates assume that around 10% of the population is exclusively homosexual. Doesn’t this logically mean that 10% of the population would be exclusively heterosexual and that everyone in the middle is a bit of both? All the Yes points: Very few people are completely gay or completely straight Society has a very narrow view … Read more

Selflessness Is Selfish

Everyone is selfish no matter what. This is because selflessness isn’t even possible. The choice to ever be “selfless” will always be driven by a form of serving one’s self? No person chooses to be selfless because THEY absolutely hate it or are against doing it. People choose to be selfless because THEY want to, … Read more

Children should be seen and not heard

Or would it better apply to their parents? All the Yes points: Children in public have the potential to make your life that little bit harder The most ridiculously ageist idea concievable I agree!! All the No points: HOWEVER, a child of2-10 years old cannot be blamed solely.. It is a draconian idea that can … Read more

Should baby ear piercing be banned?

The only reason babies get their ears pierced is because their mothers think it looks cute. The babies can’t possibly have chosen to be pierced and so we should ban the act until they are of an age when they can choose. All the Yes points: It inflicts unnecessary pain on the child. Risk of … Read more

Parents Should Be Allowed to Choose The Gender of Their Child

Should parents be allowed to select the gender of their offspring? All the Yes points: People should have freedom of choice. Why shouldn’t would-be parents be able to do this, given that… It is a fact of life that sometimes parents are disappointed with the gender of their children. Thi… Some cultures place great importance … Read more

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