Could the health benefits of GM foods outweigh their risks?

Today, genetic modification seems to be the answer to everything. Yesterday the Times revealed plans for breeding genetically modified pigs in order to produce organs accepted by the human body to reduce waiting times for transplants. In the current global hunger crisis, GM foods could prove useful in producing more yield for less acreage and … Read more

Should the world go Vegan?

Can an ever increasing human population support the agricultural status quo and continue to dedicate massive resources toward the support of farm animals without significantly destroying what is left of the world’s wildlands? Also are the ethical arguments concerning global food distribution and animal welfare (especially concerning factory farming) strong enough to reform the way … Read more

The US Should Abolish Agricultural Subsidies

The US should abolish agricultural subsidies All the Yes points: Government intervention in the marketplace contradicts the values of free-trade advocated by the USA… Subsidies are expensive and represent a burden on the American citizen as taxpayer and consumer. Th… Subsidies cause poverty, both domestically and internationally by maintaining the prices of goods at… Subsidies … Read more

Fat Tax

Should there be a tax on fatty foods? All the Yes points: People need an incentive to eat more healthy food and avoid unhealthy fats. This will improve people… Fat causes severe medical problems. Diseases connected with being overweight such as high blood pres… Additional taxes on fatty food would create a disincentive to buy … Read more

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