Are cellphones safe

Much has been said about the use of technology in our era. People who were born before the age of technology try to avoid it, they are distrustful of such appliances. However, the generations who have been brought up with technology are using it to an ever increasing level. Cell phones is one major part … Read more

School Internet Filters

Stifling student exploration and free speech, or protecting our children…where do you stand on the use of content filter software in our schools? All the Yes points: Young children need to be protected from the internet Secondary school students need to work at school rather than surf the internet I agree Filters protect teachers as … Read more

Macs are better than PCs

They’re shiny, expensive and have something of a cult following, but are they actually any better than PCs? All the Yes points: Macs are more intuitive and user-friendly Macs are more secure Macs are hassle-free Macs are for professionals Macs continue to gain Market share in all sectors Macs are beautiful Macs can now do … Read more

Internet Censorship

Should governments censor material on the world wide web? All the Yes points: Despite the generally prevailing principle of freedom of speech in democratic countries, it is widel… Censorship is tailored to the power of the medium. Accordingly there is a higher level of censorshi… That it is hard to censor the internet does not … Read more

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