Lady Macbeth is the real driving force behind King Duncan’s murder in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

In Shakespeare’s play MacBeth, Lady MacBeth seems to be a powerhungry wife who encourages her husband to do the evil deed of killing King Duncan. Macbeth seems to be indecisive while his wife has a much more clear view of what she wants. Is she the real force behind the murder? All the Yes points: … Read more

Do you think a celebrity would make a good minister?

Why should professional politicians be any better at being a minister than anyone else? What extra skills do they have that means they will be successful at running the country? Celebrities are successful in their own fields, they have often taken a hold of their life and made a success out of unpromising backgrounds. Celebrities … Read more

Celebrities, should get greater protection?

Should celebrities have greater protection from the media? All the Yes points: Your private life should remain private regardless of who you are. Privacy is important because it … It is unfair to claim that celebrities choose this lifestyle. If you are talented at modelling, spor… The fact that some celebrities invite the media into … Read more

Downloading Music Without Permission Is an Example of Theft and Is Immoral

Is downloading music without permission from the internet wrong? All the Yes points: Theft is taking something from someone who is the rightful owner without their permission. It doesn… Because the artist made the song, it is their property, in this case “intellectual property”. Prope… Apart from the moral reason, there is also a simple … Read more