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Debatewise helps decision-makers collate the views of stakeholders and avoid information overload.

It’s been said a camel is a horse designed by committee. And it’s true, too much input is debilitating. The thing is though, it’s very important to get staff involvement in decisions. Doing so gets buy-in for changes and, more importantly, provides access to your staff’s wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The problem is that online debates often go off-track or get bogged down in irrelevances. Petty squabbles or turf wars can erupt; and as a result either important information gets lost or it becomes inordinately hard to find – as anyone who returns from holiday to find an inbox packed with Reply To All’s will know.

What’s needed is a way to gather the best thinking of one side and contrast it with the best thinking of the other. We need a tool which involves as many as people as possible without creating something inaccessibly big. We need a tool that allows decision makers to get a quick overview of an argument’s pros and cons and where the level of thinking amongst stakeholders lies. We need a tool that enables decision makers to have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

That tool is Debatewise.

So how does it work?

How Debatewise works

1. Valuable information within debates which take place online or in social settings is easily lost

2. Debatewise solves this by allowing information to be collated in one place

3. People use wiki-like technology to collaborate on an argument and form a definitive case
4. They can see and easily answer points raised by the opposing view
5. Anyone interested can vote on which side of a point or the overall debate they agree

6. Decision makers can easily see the pros and cons of each side
7. And what the current level of thinking is amongst staff

What are the benefits?

Greater participation in debates

Anonymity encourages involvement

Simplicity of approach makes it easy for the time-poor to get involved


Make decisions more easily

Key thinking collated in one place

Easily determine staff preference


Less work – better results

Get to the valuable information more quickly

Assess actual benefits and drawbacks


Get insight into your staff

Understand their current level of thinking

Learn which obstacles need to be overcome

And how to overcome them

Full controllability

1. The entire site can be co-branded and designed to your specification
2. You have full control over who can start debates, edit debates, vote on debates or even see debates

3. All information is held securely using 128bit encryption
4. Or can be hosted on your intranet

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