We Should Restrict Freedom of Speech

Is it ever right for Governments to restrict freedom of speech? All the Yes points: Free speech is an inherently ambiguous concept that requires definition and interpretation; Governme… Irrespective of its US provenance, we recognise that ‘the most stringent protection of free speech w… Speech acts lead to physical acts. Thus pornography, hate speech and … Read more

Mandatory Retirement

Should the government enforce a mandatory retirement age? Is there an age when one is ‘past it’?! All the Yes points: The most critical consideration for extending the generally accepted age of retirement to a mandator… Mandatory retirement allows opportunity for more employment of younger people, especially in the top… By freeing up more places … Read more

Assassination of a Dictator

Can the assassination of a dictator be justified? All the Yes points: Utilitarian argument: many deaths and much suffering could be prevented if one man is killed. The g… Dictatorial systems are highly personal, so removing the driving force behind such a regime will res… Assassination of a dictator may be the only way to … Read more

Republic or Monarchy?

Should the monarchy be abolished? All the Yes points: The concept of monarchy is undemocratic. If the monarch retains any significant political powers (a… The concept of monarchy is also inegalitarian. Even if the monarchy retains little or no political … The costs of monarchy are unjustifiable. Typically monarchs and their immediate family receive subs… … Read more

Overpopulation and Contraception

Is there a global crisis of overpopulation? Is so, is increased use of contraception the solution? All the Yes points: Population is a major problem today – the world population of 6 billion is expected to reach 10.7 bi… Contraception is an easy and direct method of reducing population growth. The popularity and success… Contraception … Read more

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