Compulsory Voting

Should voting in elections be compulsory? All the Yes points: In all democracies around the world voter apathy is highest among the poorest and most excluded sect… A high turnout is important for a proper democratic mandate and the functioning of democracy. In th… The right to vote in a democracy has been fought for … Read more

Overpopulation and Contraception

Is there a global crisis of overpopulation? Is so, is increased use of contraception the solution? All the Yes points: Population is a major problem today – the world population of 6 billion is expected to reach 10.7 bi… Contraception is an easy and direct method of reducing population growth. The popularity and success… Contraception … Read more

Drugs in Sport

Should the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport be legalised? All the Yes points: Freedom of choice. If athletes wish to take drugs in search of improved performances, let them do s… Natural/unnatural distinction untenable. Already athletes use all sorts of dietary supplements, exe… Levels the playing field. Currently suspicion over drug use surrounds every … Read more

Private Lives of Public Figures

Should the private lives of public figures be open to press scrutiny? All the Yes points: The people have a right to know about those in power over them. Their salaries are paid for by the … All elections are to a greater or lesser extent about the character of the leading politicians invol… A … Read more

Human Cloning

Should human cloning be banned ? Should reproductive human cloning always be prohibited? All the Yes points: The technology is unsafe. The nuclear transfer technique that produced Dolly required 277 embryos, f… Cloning is playing God. It is not merely intervention in the body’s natural processes, but the crea… Reproductive cloning harms the integrity of … Read more

Cameras in Courtrooms

Should cameras be placed in courtrooms so that criminal trials can be televised? All the Yes points: In a democratic society, people have a right of access to courts. Anyone can sit in the public galle… Courts should be televised for the same reason that we see the proceedings in parliament on our tele… Putting … Read more

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