Multilateralism vs Unilateralism

Should states act (impose sanctions, declare war) unilaterally, or should they try to get international support for their actions? All the Yes points: Multilateralism guarantees the support of the international community. This makes international perc… Unilateralism is destabilising; if a country fights wars solely on a domestic whim, unconstrained by… Even if successful military action … Read more


Is nationalism always a force for bad, or can it sometimes bring benefits? All the Yes points: Nationalism empowers political movements that lead to excess, corruption and violence. Leadership r… Nationalism causes ethnic violence through its narrative of racial superiority. This aspect of nati… Nationalism reinforces the existence of essentially arbitrary nation-states. Nations form by … Read more

UN Security Council Should Be Expanded

Should the UN Security Council be expanded? All the Yes points: The current Security Council doesn’t reflect the economic reality of the 21st century. France and G… There is a growing imbalance between developing and developed countries representation in the Counci… A rise in UN membership should be reflected also in an increase in Security … Read more

States ought not possess nuclear weapons

The issue of nuclear proliferation has become one of today’s most pressing issues, as countries such as Iran and North Korea desire to join the elite group of nuclear powers. While many people call for total disarmament and the movement towards global zero, a world without nuclear weapons, others are proponents of the right of … Read more

Water Resources, a Commodity

Should water be treated as a commodity that can be priced as an economic resource and traded across international boundaries? Or is it a unique common good that should be the subject of international cooperation? All the Yes points: Water occurs randomly, just like oil and gas, which are treated as commodities which can be … Read more

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