Patents on life-saving drugs should be bypassed

Ring-fencing medical knowledge is one of the great grotesqueries of our age (Johann Hari). We live in a world where corporate profits come before hundreds of thousands of human lives. Where the production of cheap life-saving medication is not allowed by international laws that uphold the interests of pharmaceuticals. Where patent laws cost lives…The proposition … Read more

Should we still be concerned about the ozone layer?

In 1985 Scientists who were a part of the British Antarctic Survey published results showing that there was a hole in the ozone layer above the Antarctic shocking the scientific community as the decline was far higher than anticipated. In a rare case of quick action to an environmental threat, later that year nations agreed … Read more

We Should Be Concerned About Population Growth

According to the UK’s Royal Society, by 2050 the world’s population is estimated to reach around nine billion. Population increase has been a topic of debate and concern over the last fifty years, but feels perhaps even more of an urgent and pertinent issue to address in the context of current concerns such as climate … Read more

HIV/AIDS: There Should Be Compulsory Testing and Labeling of People with HIV

HIV/AIDS has destroyed the nation to an extent inconceivable. our brothers and sisters have died a disastrous and painful death because of this unforgiving epidemic. friends families, labour force, intellectuals have died of this pandemic. Governments lack resources to prevent and there is no cure. we are yet to find a solutions. Certain governments such … Read more

Is chocolate good for you?

We keep being told contradictory things about foods, particularly controversial foods that we like such as wine and chocolate. One minute they help us fight a disease and the next there is another headline saying they are bad for us in new ways – in this case depression. So on balance is chocolate good or … Read more

Food Labelling

Would warning labels on food make people eat better? All the Yes points: Food labelling is an excellent way to make people eat better. People don’t want to become obese and… People are able to make rational decisions, once they’re given the relevant information. Take a loo… The information on a food-label can indeed be … Read more

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