The European Union has taken over a large amount of control over numerous areas of policy, and this is not just the areas that the EU was initially created to consolidate; trade, steel and coal. The EU has expanded into regulation, the environment, business and competition, and increasingly justice

Should Iceland apply to join the European Union? And should the EU fast-track an Icelandic application to let the North Atlantic country in as soon as possible?

Immigration is a controversial topic all over Europe, not just in Britain. Different member states are affected to differing extents. Inevitably the countries at the borders of the union bear the brunt of the immigration flows and the costs of patrols, detention and deportation. The burden therefore

Europe is in decline while the European project is grinding to a halt. Population is in decline across large areas of the EU which in turn will reduce the economic weight of Europe in the world and for a bloc that relies upon its economy for its say this will mean a decline into irrelivence in globa

Since the end of 2009 when fears about Greeceā€™s economy mounted and its debt was downgraded, the European Union (E.U.) has faced a big challenge: deciding whether or not it should bail out member countries. Three countries Ireland, Portugal, and Greece, have so far received or are in the process