Space exploration is a waste of money

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money

Last updated: February 12, 2018

Billions of dollars are spent every year by the world's space agencies, but does this money bring us any benefit, or should we pull the plug and spend it elsewhere?

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

against space exploration

Science may well give us good things. We all know Velcro came from NASA. But why bother spending all this money exploring space and finding out there was water on Mars at some point in the last few thousand years (we have water in Earth) when these same great minds could be applied to finding better ways to power humanity's insatiable desire for energy, to feeding the starving millions around the globe, and generally making life down here better before looking up into the heavens. It seems the authoritative powers have their heads way, way up in the clouds.

The needs of humanity should always come first. While there are people on Earth who need help, they should be helped, rather than seeing money spent on sending robots onto other planets. Humanity is the number one priority; keeping the human race alive is a necessity. Alternatively, space exploration is a desire. If we put our desires before our needs, then everyone loses out on a better standard of living. Sure, it's great that NASA can elevate technology to the next level time and time again, so why not make technology that directly benefits us? And as there are millions round the world who are starving to death, when people spend more and more money on space technology they should realize they are the killers.

Also, why take so much time and money to learn about Mars or any other planet, when we know so little about our own? We should learn more about Earth and the ocean before wasting time and money on Space exploration.
No because...
spends the time and money to develop these products for use in space, but usually there are many civilian applications for the same products. Production of these product leads to redevelopment, sales and distribution - all of which leads to more jobs; somebody has to build, sell, and repair.

One last point, we know that Russia and China have both put men in space and now even more countries are getting involved. Obviously we have seen the power of Google Maps (and that is only at the civilian level). Imagine now, that other powerful countries have satellites to spy on us and can position weapons directly above our country, dont you think it would be a good idea to be abloe to stave that off. If we decided to stop "wasting" money on space programs, we can say goodbye to many new developments that will be out of reach of garage scientist and we can expect to be overwhelmed with visitors in the skies above the US.

Did you know that to build a space elevator (a space-platform constructed with the intent of lifting substances into Earth's orbit) would only cost $40 billion with 100% contingency, and half that for the baseline construction cost? There are endless possibilities, ranging from solar energy farms to revolutionary and cheap intercontinental transportation. Imagine a solar farm, capable of harvesting the solar winds; this translates to an unlimited supply of energy for not just the United States, but the entire world! The human race is changing, and expanding. Soon, the Earth will simply not be big enough and we need to start considering our future as a species.

There are issues that do plague us as a race. There is poverty and injustice in the world. While these issues exist and should certainly not be ignored, the funds put forth to space exploration have a quantifiable impact and are no less of a priority. These problems will likely not be solved by the evolution of invention and space exploration alone, but as technology improves so will the lives of every man, woman, and child regardless of gender, skin color, or wealth. Space exploration needs focus and funding, it is representative of our future, and will secure it. Space exploration is arguably the single-most important investment we could possibly make.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

Space exploration gives us no direct benefit

There have been no direct benefits from space travel; the only 'good things' to come from it are indirect, and not the end aims. NASA weren't aiming for velcro, but the moon. We got velcro, the moon gave us nothing except some pretty pictures of the planet below. Scientists and inventors could give us the same by-products for a lot less cost if the associated space exploration was removed from the equation.

All the by-products of the space race could have been developed by commercial companies aiming to make a profit by developing good products and selling them, at a fraction of the cost: the Post-it note is possibly as useful as velcro, but was developed by 3M at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, a lot of the 'advances' space exploration bring us is irrelevant to daily life: why bother spending money developing a pen that works in zero-gravity when a) a pencil will do and b) the vast majority of the world's 6 billion people will never experience zero gravity?
No because...
However indirect they might be, the advances would not have come were it not for the space programmes of NASA, as there would have been no technological need. Space exploration gave impetus to projects that have been useful, as well as providing valuable scientific knowledge. For example, the laser-targetting of mirrors left on the moon by Apollo astronauts helps test and understand basic physics, which in turn leads to advances in very earthly things like electronics, hyper-conductivity, etc.

Anyway, space exploration absolutely does give us a direct benefit. When space technology has advanced far enough, we will be able to leave this planet in large numbers and live among the stars. This will solve our population/environment/resource/energy problems for a long, long time. It may take centuries, even millenia, but we will not get the technology without experimenting with it.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

The Earth itself is not fully explored yet

Space exploration has always been a gimmick. The USA was doing it only to look better than the USSR and vice versa; it has never really been about the science.
There are far more valuable scientific endeavours to fund, such as the exploration of our own planet. The seabed, especially around volcanic regions, is relatively unexplored, as is Antarctica. One recent news story about a ‘lost tribe’ also highlighted the fact that we are not in contact with all indigenous peoples across the planet.
The scientific knowledge obtainable from our own planet, particularly organisms that inhabit locations with extreme conditions, offers far more value than that of space.

No because...
Potential organisms to be found in space (such as on Mars) offer exactly the same value to the scientific community, and perhaps more, as the conditions would be far more extreme than those found on the Earth. Also, though it is true that much of earth, including the ocean and Antarctica, are unexplored, it's not as though we're exploring space instead of our own planet. The effort being made to explore the ocean is just a great as that of Space Travel. Besides, learning about the ocean floor, while that is important, is no more important than space. What is there that we absolutely have to know about the sea floor? Basically, I think that the only reason that we are so interested in exploring our own planet is because it is "our" planet, and we are under the absurd impression that we must know our own environment before branching out into others, when truthfully, doing both at the same time is an ideal opportunity that we seem to be taking for granted.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

A commercial space industry is taking over

Even if space exploration was a good target of funding in the past, it is now a growing target of venture capital and private ingenuity. For example, SpaceX's reusable rocket that is expected to reduce launch costs for commercial satelites, Bigelow Aerospace's investment in space tourism, and Virgin Galactic's expected space-faring plane, among others.

Now that private companies are intending to supply space access on the cheap, it is useless to spend all that money on expensive platforms such as the space shuttle.
No because...
the corporations will move in whenever they see opportunity for solid profit, but it is always science, and often government funded research, that finds those opportunities in the first place.

for example you mention satellites which are an integral part of the global communications industry, which in itself would not exist without first having the invention of telephone wires, radio waves, etc., all which have led up to space satellites.

as for the prospects of space tourism again that is simply a result of the fact that governments have funded space research for all these years and finally it is getting to a point where it's cheap enough and safe enough to send paying citizens up there.

corporations will not do anything that doesn't guarantee profit so will they investigate whether there is water on the moon? whether it is possible in the future to colonize it? no. it's too much of a risk so the government has to pay for it.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

the new crisis on planet earth: finish your priorities before starting new ones

there are two major crisis going on at your home planet. global warming and the world wild economic crisis, both are severe. if the government doesn't handle the economic crisis with care we all will end up poor. how can we feed the poor,fend for our selves and take care of really expensive space travels?

space travel is a unwanted business for now. how many of you'll know that NASA lost count of there budget after the first billions of dollar after the first year? is this more important than caring for the needy? when so many people are dieing as we speak can we just neglect them and say "the money we just spend went for a good cause, and these few hundreds of people who died are nothing because if we don't find a another planet to escape the cultures of global warming we all will die" is that fair for them?i say no and what will you say?

Global warming is the second most severe issue the earth is going through. we have to take care of our planet before we go roaming other planets. if the great legendary tribes of yesterday were here to see all this they would not believe that long time ago there used to be pure air to breath e and man and animal lived side by everything is destroyed. if we take care of this problem with with care we would be able to overcome this disaster.

what if the space shuttle launch and then fall?then what?the government is going to have to pay more money for they might get sued.our government is dumb for going along with this.

First priority is to teach people to help themselves so that they can help us when it is time to explore space, so let's prioritize. We would not have most of the problems of today if our parents taught us better than to steal and hurt others, so let's teach the next generation so that they can explore space when they are well grounded.

No because...
Our goal here is to create a balance, not to give up one option for another.

It's sickening to see all of these people going on and on about "saving the starving and impoverished". Well then sell your computer. Stop commenting on here, go dedicate your life to helping the "starving and needy". And how many tons of rice and grain do we need to keep dropping on these countries before they get their act together and FEED THEMSELVES. I know it sounds heartless, but it's their fault. I don't care if they don't have money. Man lived for thousands of years off of the land and many (dumb) animals still manage to pull it off. Why do we have to send some christian missionaries over to dig them a well? Why can't they dig their own well? Why can't they plant their own grain? Why can't they hunt their own game or raise their own livestock? Why can't they move OUT of the areas of drought? Why is it OUR problem? You feel guilty because you live better? We shouldn't help people that will not help themselves. And something is going to happen and we will ALL be dead or starving on this planet because we refused to move on and advance the survival of our species; all pissed away on supporting some people that would probably just as soon let us starve if we were the ones without food and they were the rich ones.

Most humanitarian organizations simply give poor countries money to fend for their sick and hungry when they can instead teach them how to plant crops that survive in their harsh conditions and educate people who are illiterate and turn them into doctors or farmers. When money is just thrown at their feet, what will happen if the money runs out? When they send people to give them prepared food and medication, what will happen when they leave?
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

Money is better used to help human lives in their own country

Imagine you own a house that you have ruined over the years and never bothered to fix any of the integral parts of it, like the hole in the roof, the foundation, running water, garden, and it has become unsanitary, you need 1 Million dollars to fix it up. Instead you plan to abandon this house since you don't like the neighbourhood anyways, and you want to buy yourself a new one.
You're really picky and won't settle for anything less then a perfect new home, no matter the cost. You hire a Realestate agent, his fee to search for your dream home is $1 Billion Dollars, and the potential new home you're looking in that perfect neighbourhood will cost you more then 100 Trillion dollars. You're conviced to go with the latter option, cause you're under the immpression that some really interesting girls live there, but you're agent has yet to confirm anything of this information. His search still continues....

We know that us humans exist but we don't know if "space creaters" exist so why bother. If there are things out there they don't hurt us. We people in your country we are like family and you have to help family.

No because...
Really? This is actually your analogy?

Well, to begin there's usually more than one person living in a country. Secondly I'm assuming the "1 million dollars to fix it up" means government spending on education, healthcare, policing not to mention military (which is considerably more than scientific space exploration if you live in the US). So your suggesting that governments spend doubly-doubly-doubly-triply-quadruply the amount they spend on those areas on space travel. Needless to say, this simply isn't the case anywhere. Thirdly, "some really interesting girls" is by far the best analogy based metaphor for scientific knowledge I have ever heard. Not joking, thank you for that.

However flawed your analogy is the title "money is better used to help human lives in their own country" is interesting. But here's the problem with that argument, the by-product of space exploration is scientific knowledge that has helped an unquantifiable number of humans since the beginning of space explorations. How do you propose to purchase MRI machines without the digital image processing NASA developed[]]? And how are you going to stop your troops from being blown to pieces by land mines without using a NASA Reusable Solid Rocket Motor (RSRM) scrap propellant[]] based device? There are numerous more examples that you can Google for yourself. The knowledge that space exploration provides is crucial for developing areas from medicine to the military. Without it development would stall. To attack space exploration in this manner is to attack the purpose of scientific research in general. Science may be done for science's sake occasionally, but the knowledge generated always benefits humanity.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

NASA is very Hazardous

Go and search space shuttle disasters on Google you will find tons of information on how NASA failed on some of its missions risking the lives of there astronauts. Nasa scientists have lost contact with the latest unmanned spacecraft sent to Mars, the $165m Mars Polar Lander.
In September, the $125m Mars Climate Orbiter mission also failed, after an embarrassing mix-up over metric and imperial measurements.
The history of failed missions to Mars stretches back 40 years, so are they a waste of taxpayers' money, which would be better spent on more earthly needs?
Is the cost of space adventure unjustified while poverty exists in many parts of the world?
No because...
NASA, yes, is hazardous. In space flight missions at least 18 people have died, and millions of dollars have been spent on rovers that have, yes, been unsuccessful. So that means we should give up? Of course not. if at first you don't succeed, try try again, right. And NASA has succeeded. And while its very true that being an astronaut is a risky, hazardous job, more people die from car crashes in one city in one month than people have died expanding exploration for the last forty years! And so what if failed mars missions stretch back for forty years. Poverty stretches back to beginning of history. If you want to hold of on exploration until we end poverty then I hope you don't care if we ever explore again. Additionally, all of the hazards of Space exploration are made public knowledge, if you take the time to look, and the Astronauts, which are really the only ones threatened, are fully aware of what they're signing on for. Their willingness to risk their own lives only serves to emphasize the imprtance of continued exploration in the Universe.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

Yes, because

Thinking that the budget devoted to space exploration is wasted money , we believe that this kind of exploratin is a wild dream that we cannot achieve and the huge amounts of money are gone in smoke rather than to spend these amounts to relieve poverty in the Third World and medical researches should be encouraged instead these explorations. In addition we have to explore our planet and solve its problems before thinking in SPACE INVASION.
No because...
The Space exploration program is in no way "wasted money". Anything we learn is cool because there are ninjas. You see, while we have ninjas here on earth we lack the destructive and mental capability demonstrated by the space ninjas. Wielding their flammable cupcakes, the ninjas will descend upon the earth and kill the enemies of those they work for. Unfortunately, these ninjas can only survive in Neptune's atmosphere. But we best be usin' some money to go to space and get them cuz there's this dude named Daniel who needs a damn cupcake in his face.

Last thing, I wouldn't apply to it as "Space Invasion" until we find actual life on a planet besides our own, which will never happen unless we explore, therefore, until we explore space more, your argument is invalid!!!

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

The resources and efforts focused on space exploration could better humanity.

How much money is devoted to space exploration? Hundreds of Billions. They are paid through grants and funding to and from government agencies, paid to companies to develop or innovate current models or ideas, and in turn, those companies pay for the materials and the manpower to manifest those ideas. This time and dedication could be focused on ending famine or building developing countries. It could be used to increase the efforts to combat terminal illnesses or to battle pollution. We could have a workforce teeming with brilliant scientist working on how to ameliorate the efficiency of our consumption of energy. Money could be allocated for education.

We need to focus our resources and efforts to one problem at a time according to priority. At least a tenth of our resources and efforts should be used by a taskforce for one goal/problem at a time. Education should be our first priority to get everyone on their feet to then help the rest of the world in a cycle of progress, so exploring space can wait until we are healthy on the ground unless there is some reason that exploring space is going to improve our condition within the next ten generations more than education would improve our condition, that would be hard to argue in favor of exploration.
No because...
The future is in the stars. The discoveries that await humanity warrants excitement unlike anything else. If this website that I am posting this to, this laptop that I am typing on, and this internet we all are using is the product of the discovery of America, then the possibilities are endless if we look to the heavens.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

Its a waste

Space Exploration is a waste of resources. Instead of decreasing resources by space travel and such, we must deal with problems on Earth first. Why bother spending all this money on exploring space when we could be helping our own planet that us humans live on. NASA is very damgerous. So many accidents and problems happened in the space shuttles such as explosions, pieces falling off, and missing the gravity on Earth. That is even more money to fix those problems. Space Exploration is a waste of money and a waste of time. Also, we know we exist, but we don't know if anything out there exists. Spend time and money on our planet also know as our home.
No because...

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

space exploration is a waste of money

you can use the money for japan who just had a horrible earth quake. What if a disaster happens in the U.S? if we dont have money to fix it hten we will just have to deal with it.
space exploration is a waste of money. but in some points its not....
No because...
If we have to use the money for something i would strongly approve that we use it for space exploration. Lets say the world is on its edge and we have to get off of the earth then we could take rocket ships and we could live on the moon. If we continue space exploration we could probably find a planet that has water or oxygen. The movie wall-e was a great example. the grown ups and children had to go into space and live in a giant space ship because the world ended. that is most likely to happen to us if the earth just becomes a dump.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
Yes because...

Could have been used for more impactful endeavors

Imagine only if we would have pursued alternative energy resources with the effort, time and money we had spent in the space program. Where would we be by now?. Probably in a better position to explore space with better, cheaper, more reliable technology.
No because...

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...

Scientific knowledge has value beyond the measurements of cost

Knowledge is invaluable. Furthering our understanding of how the universe came into being, and ultimately how we came into being, cannot be measured as useful solely in terms of cost. What price to pay for knowing that in the future, humanity can be saved because there are other planets out there capable of sustaining life?
Scientific knowledge has intrinsic worth. Space exploration is just one aspect of science that seems to have little impact on our daily lives. Who cares if the Higgs-Boson exists? Very few people. But governments have funded a new particle collider at CERN to find it because they recognise the importance of finding it to understanding the universe.

It's sickening to see all of these people going on and on about "saving the starving and impoverished". Well then sell your computer. Stop commenting on here, go dedicate your life to helping the "starving and needy". And how many tons of rice and grain do we need to keep dropping on these countries before they get their act together and FEED THEMSELVES. I know it sounds heartless, but it's their fault. I don't care if they don't have money. Man lived for thousands of years off of the land and many (dumb) animals still manage to pull it off. Why do we have to send some christian missionaries over to dig them a well? Why can't they dig their own well? Why can't they plant their own grain? Why can't they hunt their own game or raise their own livestock? Why can't they move OUT of the areas of drought? Why is it OUR problem? You feel guilty because you live better? We shouldn't help people that will not help themselves. And something is going to happen and we will ALL be dead or starving on this planet because we refused to move on and advance the survival of our species; all pissed away on supporting some people that would probably just as soon let us starve if we were the ones without food and they were the rich ones.
Yes because...
The argument that humanity will need to find a new habitat to survive is a stretch and paranoid. Humans are already dying due to poverty and the lack of food etc. The millions of dollars of government funding that goes to space exploration could instead be used to save the humans who are already dying in our world. No-one is going to argue against the value of knowledge but there is a greater value in spending more on food supplies which has a certain result of feeding the hungry, whereas certain results are not present in the theory of discovering a sustainable planet.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...

The cost isn't actually very high

Compared to other areas of government spending (e.g. military), the cost of space exploration simply isn't ridiculously high. There have been space vehicles built in the private sector for as little as $25m, a drop in the ocean compared to US spending in Iraq, and the net benefits outweigh even these figures.
Yes because...
Although the cost is not high relative to other government expenditure, it is still an additional cost that the taxpayer is burdened with. If this debate is saying that space exploration is pointless then it means spending money on nothing so is definitely a waste. Even if it's a small amount it is still an amount that could be spent elsewhere.Everyday in Delhi B.P.S buses are are getting blasted due to the default in the engeenering.So we shouldspend money on it not for the space exploration.We should spend money on the coton bags and jute bags.We should spend money on Afforestation .We live on the earth so I request everyone to spend money on the Earth not on space

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...

It is in man's nature to explore his environment.

Without the urge to ‘see what’s out there’ the continents would still be populated by the indigenous races. North Americans would all be Native Americans, Africans would all be black, and Australia would have only Aborigines and kangaroos. Let’s take this argument to its extremities: Suppose no one had ever wondered if there was another little village somewhere in the world. Then every group of civilised people would have to grow in their own shell of ignorance. The printing press would have remained in Germany unless some other nation happened to stumble on the same process. The same would apply to…well, the list is just too long and life is too short.
Yes because...
Indeed it is our nature to explore our environment - but that environment is not zero-gravity, extremes (and not the bearable extremes we experience on earth) of temperatures and terrain.

Indeed, there is still a substantial area of our own planet we have yet to fully explore. Why rush off to space when we've not seen all of our own planet yet?

If people had just stayed in their own locations they would find ways to become highly advanced in regards to those locations. lIkely, it wold get to the point that if they tried exploration they would be able to benefit most anyone that happened upon their civilization, and vice versa. Think about it as you would from ancient events in Eurasia. The the chinese were only able to help Europe so well because they were isolated from them for so long, even though it did really only lead to much conflict and war, but that was only because of the Europeans greed.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...

Many discoveries have been made as a result of Space Exploration

Many discoveries and products have been developed from the knowledge gained from space exploration. For example, NASA created Velcro which is now used in many clothing items, bags and so forth. Non-stick pans and surfaces were also created as a result of space exploration. Now we can cook without worrying whether or not our cakes will stick to the sides of our pans. Overall, space exploration has provided us with new knowledge and as a result of this, many new and intriguing inventions have been made.

It's sickening to see all of these people going on and on about "saving the starving and impoverished". Well then sell your computer. Stop commenting on here, go dedicate your life to helping the "starving and needy". And how many tons of rice and grain do we need to keep dropping on these countries before they get their act together and FEED THEMSELVES. I know it sounds heartless, but it's their fault. I don't care if they don't have money. Man lived for thousands of years off of the land and many (dumb) animals still manage to pull it off. Why do we have to send some christian missionaries over to dig them a well? Why can't they dig their own well? Why can't they plant their own grain? Why can't they hunt their own game or raise their own livestock? Why can't they move OUT of the areas of drought? Why is it OUR problem? You feel guilty because you live better? We shouldn't help people that will not help themselves. And something is going to happen and we will ALL be dead or starving on this planet because we refused to move on and advance the survival of our species; all pissed away on supporting some people that would probably just as soon let us starve if we were the ones without food and they were the rich ones.
Yes because...
Although these discoveries have been made, do you really think that velcro and non-stick pans are more important than feeding the starving, solving the current economic crisis or dealing with the environmental issues? Though these inventions may be useful, we can survive without them. A normal pan still cooks your meals, buttons and zips can do up your jumpers or clothes. These items are simply a luxury we cannot afford and we do not need them. The thousands of starving people cannot survive without food so why spend money on products which we do not need.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...


No one has ever said that space was not meant for us to cross, who is to say that the oceans were meant for us to cross into America? How many men died crossing the ocean to the Americas and other contintents? Much more then seven I can bet you, but I am not saying their death was pointless and for waste. They knew the risks, and they took it for the sake of knowledge.
It is also not meaningless, how is it meaningless? Many many many technologies have come out of it. (See The Largest Benefits)
Beyond the side effects, which were revolutionary in and of themselves, we may need Space more than we think. We all know, unless we're dillusional, that our planet won't last forever (found out through Space exploration, BTW), and that how long it lasts relies heavily on our surrounding environment. The more we know about out own Galaxy, and even just the Universe, the safer we can potentially make out planet. Besides, if we're not carefull, we're going to be emigrating to one of those planets out there sooner than we think. Where would we be if Earth became uninhabitable and we, having cut our Space program, were unable to find a substitute?
Yes because...

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...

Its not a waste

Space travel has given us a lot of new things for example the micro chip, the CAT scan and so on. You might say that we could just put together a group of scientist to figure it out, but and idea has to come from something, and they wouldn't just make a CAT scan if someone told to to make something to scan a brain, and even if they would, it would take a lot more time. Also, space travel could benefit our future, if we ended up making settlements on the moon or mars, we might be able to mine there and get rare minerals, or a huge supply of a mineral, boosting economy. Think of America, if someone had put a stop to earth's exploration due to poverty, we wouldn't have one economically strong country(USA) to help the poor.
Yes because...
a false answer, those things would have been developed WITHOUT a space program.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...

Plastics Industry/Internet

Plastic were invented by material engineers working on the space program. it is a large, profitable, and useful industry. Parts of your computer are made of it. Innovations in computing were needed. More efficient fuels were researched. The Internet was a joint military and NASA project. Obviously you are taking advantage of them right now.
Yes because...
Its a waste.

Space Exploration is a waste of resources. Instead of decreasing resources by space travel and such, we must deal with problems on Earth first. Why bother spending all this money on exploring space when we could be helping our own planet that us humans live on. NASA is very damgerous. So many accidents and problems happened in the space shuttles such as explosions, pieces falling off, and missing the gravity on Earth. That is even more money to fix those problems. Space Exploration is a waste of money and a waste of time. Also, we know we exist, but we don't know if anything out there exists. Spend time and money on our planet also know as our home.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...

NASA's Inventions and innovations that help the world

It's pretty simple. This is were research happens. Test, trying things out. See what works. What can be improved. Patents on new innovations to create a more sustainable and efficient world.
Yes because...
see these things would have been created and tested and made and bought without leaving the ground.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...

The Largest Benefits

Space Exploration has given us many,many technologies that are essential.

Satellites were some of the first venturers into space and are another critical part of our society.

Weather Forecasting (Satellites. Very important for hurricanes and dangerous storm systems, have saved lives and help us prepare for the worst.)

Velcor and non-stick pans! (Mostly a joke, but hey, they work!) (General Technology.)

GPS (Very critical if your lost somewhere, has saved lives!) (Satellites.)

Long range television! (Satellites.)

Long Range Communication (Phones,Cellphones,etc.) (Satellites.)

Internet. (Satellites, and power lines of course.)

(Much much more.)

Now onto the somewhat psyhcological and green-wise part of why we need Space Exploration.

If we stopped warring with eachohter and wasting precious minerals that we have on this Earth -on- war, we would have a lot more resources to spend on more important things such as daily life, and hey, space exploration wouldnt mind some more attention either. If we spent our time looking for other planets, and other areas of expansion. We would be a much more healthy planet and society. Our Earth is also nearlly completely explored except for the oceans depths which are frankly impossible to get to the bottom too. The pressures are far far too powerful and some even say its more dangerous to trek to the bottom of our oceans then it is into space. Our bodies and steels cannot handle the intense pressure they have for more then a half hour. (The window of an exploratory sub cracked and the crew nearly died before they had to immediately go back up.)

Look at the casualties of war and the waste of resources and land. Oil spills are causing massive damage to the eco-system, the recent gulf spill has me worried that the entire balance might just be at stake. We have seen that solar powered cars can convert it to electricity and has just as much if not more power then gas cars. (Instant accelereation* and some have gone to 100 mph.)
* You have to rev your engine on a gas car to get gas into the engine before accelerating. With electricity the power is instant.

Solar Power is infinitely renewable (Until the sun dies.) and infinitely powerful, why waste money on oil rigs? Your going to get alot more money on solar power and less expenses with minor maintence.

There are so many more things I can name at this time, but here are just a few as I must go eat for now.
Yes because...

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...

Man's uncontainable curiosity

To put it bluntly, if aliens were discovered on the face of Mercury, wouldn't you be interested in hearing about it? I know I would.
Just as man could help but wonder if the Earth was really flat, or if there was anything outside the 'Known World'. We now feel the same about space, human kind has always needed answers, questions temp us, pull us together and satisfy us when we find the answer. The question's being asked at the moment are: 'How did the universe begin?' and 'Is there life outside of Earth?'. These questions drive so many people that calling space travel a 'waste of money' seems to be an insult to so many people's lives and careers!
Yes because...
There are many things in our world that have not discovered yet; do cures to AIDS and cancer ring a bell? And what about over coming poverty? The point is, space exploration is extremely expensive. We should find a solution to what we don't know in our world before exploring a different one. We simply don't have the money or resources. Besides, if it's unemployment you're worried about, more people to devote their lives to over-coming the problems we know about, and not digging up more for us to "solve".

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money
No because...

Safety of Colonization

Space exploration can lead to humanity's safety in continuance if/when space exploration have developed more efficient ways to travel. Mars has been dubbed the Earth due to it's availability to terraforming. The Safety provided of moving to Mars will give a sure securance if Earth was stuck by devastation of the cosmos.
Yes because...
efficient ways to travel? how much fuel to you consume in one trip to the store on mars? and if your worried about living on mars then what you have given up on protecting the earth and find ways to save where you live?

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The problem with this whole argument is money. Greed, power and money are the exact things that are holding us back from being a truly evolved civilisation. Humanity as a species one day will have to leave earth to survive no matter how well we look after the planet. It may sound obvious and I’m sure some people will disagree with me but we should not be paying for anything that helps or advances the human race. Cures for disease, world hunger, exploration of space are all things that we need to survive as a species. One day hopefully the whole world can come together and realise that the future is not charging people money for things they need to survive and instead pooling our resources to better humankind. This is just the basic side of the argument, and I’m happy to go into more detail with anyone that really wants, but reality is the only reason there is a cost involved at all is because we have put a cash value on everything. Everything we use is a natural resource and the real question should be.. Why is money even involved? Let’s just do what we need to do as a species to survive.


I find it really hilarious that space exploration is more important than the survival of our planet and its peoples. Food, housing, drilling for water in some countries. What is really going on? Are the rich just looking for an out because they have continually ruined this planet and are not really concerned about the well fare of others.


A lot of people might think this is a waste, but science and technology these days is so ‘epic’ that it’s bad NOT to. And imagine, a whole new universe with life other than us. How could we know about it if we DIDN’T pay for space exploration? The thing is, if we DIDN’T pay, we WOULDN’T! Elon Musk, Neil Armstrong, and everyone else would definitely agree. So, heck YES we should spend money on exploring space! And I know people might be like; “But what about the poor? And what about helping the needy and building more hospitals? Those astronauts are GREEDY!” But some people that DON’T pay for space exploration can do that AS WELL AS exploring the universe.


we CAN’T explore space well at the moment as we don’t have the technology to move fast enough. we are exploring things at the moment that even if you sent childeren their childeren would not reach them


no we should use the money to explore the seas because we no almost nothing about what’s under the seas.

Bruce M

OK …so why should we want to go to Mars anyway? We could screw up another planet! Better look after this one first. The thing is we have made such a mess here already. How many could live there and how many of us would have to pay “astronomical” $ to get them there and to provide all the huge $ to keep them alive up there. First we have to make this planet earth very prosperous in order to pay the bill. 1) We have to make peace reign here. 2) feed all the poor here 3)get much smarter than we are now 4) I guess in order to reach that point we will have to ignore the dummies who have given us so much trouble in the past. So, if we eventually arrive at (Heaven on earth) …. well at that point, who wants to leave. There is a heaven “up there” but it is not Mars; read the famous text ( most read on planet earth – the Bible) and find the answers.


Go hug a tree. The inventions made as a result of space exploration could have been developed for a fraction of the cost. Velcro. Really? You needed a few billion dollars to come up with that idea? Those dollars could have been spent on other things, you say that people have always found a way to provide for themselves, that we shouldn’t waste our time trying to feed the less fortunate. I do partially agree; however, what if their government is the one stopping them from doing so? Many communists countries are poor, it’s not the people’s fault that they can’t get clean water or food. Another point is that our own planets isnt even fully explored yet. From youth, we are taught “work before play”. The U.S. is prancing around in space when their work isn’t even done here. Our nation is trillions of dollars in debt, and they waste way too much money on pictures of Earth and Mars dust? Sure, it would be cool if there were other life on Earth. But even if we found a plant sprig on Mars, since when did people become so interested in seedlings? I’m not against space exploration at all. I love exploration. I’m against the staggering costs and time put towards it.

Jebediah Kerman

We need space exploration for Climate Science, unless you are a pseudoscientist who doesn’t believe in climate change.


can anybody give me some authors, experts, writers, etc. that are notably anti-space exploration. i need them for a paper but cant find any.


Space exploration should be continued in our country, and around the world. This will explain why I think this, and why others think this as well. There are many reasons we should continue space exploration, but i can’t fit them all in one essay so here are some more examples. One, this creates jobs for people. Two, if stop funding it then the little kid who wants to be an astronaut will never get to be one. Finally, if we stop human exploration but continue robot exploration the human brain and common sense will be taken away.


Listen, in order to advance our civilization, we must reach past our comfort zone. Yes it’s expensive, but so is curing cancer or AIDS. Space Exploration is simple a matter of if you get bored about Earthly problems or not. For me, I’m tired of listening about terrorism. global epidemics, wars, corruption, lies, and everything that the government gives out. What excites me, what interests me, is the idea that we are not alone in the universe. The idea that there is a civilization that is probably as advanced, if not more, as us and the idea that we need to be prepared if they ever find out we’re here. In terms of cost, computers used to cost thousands of dollars. While some computers still do, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have one. Our phones are tiny computers! Just think about how there are somethings that use to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and now it’s something everyone has. Soon enough, a ticket to space will be the same as a plane ticket.


When Neil Armstrong first stepped foot on the moon it wasn’t just a victory for him and Buzz or even just America. People are so divided but in that moment mankind did the impossible. Flew higher than any animal born with wings, farther than any animal had traveled. Mankind went where life itself can’t go. Space exploration has done a lot but for one moment it gave every man, woman, and child of any race or religion a victory never felt before. The moment where we finally knew that nothing is impossible. And you can all rub it off and say that’s nothing but even you know that the moment they stepped on the moon it was nothing short of “a giant leap for mankind “


This article is very damaging to science. NASA didn’t just give us Velcro…..It was an astrophysicist who was studying gas clouds between stars because he noticed he could see Atomic nuclei in the gas clouds. This fascination lead him to understand why. He figured out that it was powerful magnetism between the stars that exposed the atomic nuclei. You are asking yourself why this study of gas clouds was important…well at the time it wasn’t, until and engineer took this concept of exposing atomic nuclei with high powered magnets and applied it to the human body. Through this Magnetic Resonance Imaging was born, Better known as the MRI. This new machine that would greatly benefit our health care came from looking to the stars. I can keep naming example after example after example…studing and exploring the stars and other planets will always make life better here on earth.


It is absolutely a waste of time and money on space exploration because there are lots of thing on Earth whom we don’t know therefore the first task is to know about our Earth on which we are living and the second thing is that there are millions of people who sleep without supper therefore it is better to stop wasting money on space exploration. I am not saying that it has not given us benefit and information about the planets ect but the first thing is that to look after towards our own earth.


Firstly, without space exploration, you probably wont be able to call your mother at home via mobile phone. This is one broad view. Let me specify the importance of space exploration into one example. Why do the astrophysicist studied Sun, like the solar flares, sunspot etc. ? Through study, they found out that all these phenomena create huge magnetic impact that can undermine radio signals on Earth and by acknowledging cycles or whatever processes happen there, lots of problems and waste of money through not realising this effect can be avoided.
I’ll just stop here because firstly, it is enough with just this info to tell that other things like pulsar, dark matter does benefit us in some way we could not see and secondly, to recap that you may want to take back your words that the budget on space exploeation is no waste at all.
And also, budget for suppers for poor are probably even with budget of research which sooner goes to different branches where astronomy are just a single branch in the entire research fields. Yeah, I agree that we should take care of poors, but space exploration doesnt always mean to cut budget from other e.g. from welfare portion.


Yes, space exploration is a waste of money and resources because we are base low-life creatures that don’t deserve to explore the celestial heavens. We just deplete more of Earth’s resources through space exploration. Waste of oil, fuels, gases, metals, etc… We, the people should just be realistic, live on earth as it is, deplete its resources, slowly but carefully. We should not waste any precious dime on black stuff.


Who said we are “low-life creatures that don’t deserve to explore the celestial heavens”? Really, while we would deplete Earth’s resources by going into space, there are exponentially more resources in space that might aid us in exploration MORE. For example, there are giant balls of gas call stars that could give us energy to power spaceships, bases, etc. There are also lots of precious metals in asteroids, which could offset all these economic problems that we have on Earth. “We, the people should be realistic, live on Earth as it is” practically is a suicide note. Think of this allegory: imagine you are in a house, and that house is burning down. Would you stay inside in the house’s basement and say “It’s fine,” or would you run out of the house like your life depends on it? Really, it’s far more realistic to go into space and establish colonies or something for the well-being of our species, as opposed to sit in our burning house and say “It’s fine.”

some body

You say that space exploration is waste of and we shouldnt waste resources right? well what will happen when those resources run out? Space exploration is highly likely to give us more energy sources and the state the world is in right now we need to take risks


Guys lets be honest with ourselves it would be great to say that we could use the money from space exploration to help out third-world countries but it simply won’t happen. The money would just go to something else that the government is working on such as education or the road systems. But even then what is the use of roads and an education if there are no jobs out there. This is one thing that space exploration does well it creates hundreds if not thousands of jobs which is important for the economy. Also in my opinion it takes a one sided mind to see only the cons or only the pros. People say that space exploration does not receive enough returns to be considered useful. So I say to those individuals who believe that space exploration is a waste of money you see that device you are holding and the thing called the internet that is allowing you to look this up, or duct tape, flash lights and so on. I will leave you with this. Based on what you are saying that things that are not giving returns are useless and should not exist. So you are saying that since cancer treatment is a 50 to 50 chance of working and that this is not a good enough return because people are still dying. Does that mean we should give up on cancer treatment… No that means we keep pushing forward.

carmine spaziano

No, space exploration should be first and foremost.A planed trip to mars in this time should not be even be considered.Let technology catch up with our need to explore.Look at us now,we are on the brink of cold fusion.We have large coliders finding eliments never before seen.The idea of folding space is within our grasp.A mission to a distant planet would be an exersize in feutility at this time.There is no way a person could servive a year in a confined space,the mental stress would be overwhelming.Building and or paying a shit load of people to design such a craft is a waste.Wait 10 or 20 years.I do beleive one thing ,putting money into our space prgram is a good thing.Satilites and robotic probes should be funded.As far as sending humans out in deep space,no.I envy the young people,in the near future,they will be able to breach the upper atmosphere.all because we had the funding for space exploration.


Scrub one mission and our homeless and hungry veterans would not be homeless or hungry…Some missions need not happen. I understand the satellite tech side of it…but there are other missions that should be scrubbed and the money used to build housing for homeless vets.

memes are good

You are wrong because half of the NASA missions are actually helping the earth, just like SMAP. That mission helps measure soil moisture, and its intended purpose is to help people grow their own crops because soil moisture is important.


but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong, yes some missions are helping our planet, but there are also some that could be canceled or postponed to help with other things like homelessness and poverty.

Spencer Lohr

Why is space exploration awesome? OTHER PLANETS.
What exists because of the space program?
Artificial limbs
Invisible braces
scratch-resistant lenses
space blankets
aircraft anti-icing systems
memory foam
freeze drying
advanced solar cells
And many more! —>


Any other scientist could have come up with those same inventions without spending billions of dollars. Seriously, no one thought about scratch-resistant lenses till they thought about space? Please.

Spencer Lohr

Science = Better technology = better life on earth


Space exploration allows for funding for new technology to be tested, implemented, and used for everyday life’s. Jobs for educated individuals and less for food stamps…tough decision.


Space exploration is a waste of money, but the civilizations who are stupid enough to ignore this and leave their domain will one day be the ones descending from the sky and owning the entire galaxy, plus Earth will run out of stuff and we will need to take it from asteroids. Calling space a waste of money is like calling discovering America a waste of money


“Some people ask: ‘Why should I care what happens in space? Don’t we have enough to deal with right here on Earth? ‘ Well, consider the dinosaur.” –Bruce Betts


just so you know space exploraion isnt just about going and seeing the moon i is about finding ways to improve our planet and if we finally destroy our planet because of all the pollution where will we move to survive being knee deep in poo? secondly what is the point of building house for the poor if the earh will collapse in on them due to lack of space exploration?


It is a fact, one day earth will not have resources at the ready for our consumption in a manner that can sustain our 8billion-ish population. When this day comes, all the coal, oil, water, soil, nutrients etc etc.. will not have disappeared, they will be in our coffins, in our skyscrapers, in our roads, our dumps, they will for the most part fundamentally changed. over time, they will return in most cases to usable resources once again. I am being intentionally vague about this description as i have not done proper research as to the consistency of this theory (example, a fruit would decompose and break down much faster than weather, heat and elements would break down a concrete slab.) but knowing that a hurdle such as this will occur, not to mention our sun will one day, (very certainly not any time near for us or our even imagined distant offspring) but some time in our species future, they will have to deal with the sun exploding outwards and consuming most of the planets neighboring and including earth. and by deal i mean, leave or die. There seems to be a lot of “space exploration is not a NEED, or its a “waste of money” and other simple minded reasonings to black list something they dont understand, or dont want to. Yes, space exploration is very expensive right now. were still rather infantile when it comes to this field. part of the reason is, we have just started scratching the surface of reusing materials, (particularly rockets) to leave our planet and return without having to rebuild and re-do everything over for the next trip. i do not deny that CURRENTLY, our space program is expensive. But as we slowly eat away at what our planet has to offer us, we should and can be doing the needful, and exploring our options. “Space exploration is a waste of money” based on this statement, I say, FALSE. it is NOT a waste of money, i see the long term value, and importance of space travel. I do, also, generally understand and appreciate the need for effective, and concise goals. These goals are not as easy to obtain when you are in a situation where you are still writing the book on ” how its done – Nasa edition” If we could effectively and technologically “explore” space… we wouldn’t be wasting money anyways, we would be efficient because our techniques and skills would be honed and conditioned for this type of expedition and money wouldn’t be “wasted” ( i would say, invested ) on research and development. It is also some sort of misconception that the government is supposed to support and spend money to govern, police and protect the citizens of the country, when in fact that is the states job, or more specifically, each citizen, and his or her families job to do so. and it is disappointing to see money spent elsewhere on questionable ventures, just as haphazardly and without pause, as nasa and our space industry has though at least with nasa there is enough reason, and valid points to conclude that yes, large amounts have been used in the past for funding a “seemingly” pointless organization, but when you look at the big picture, and consider POSSIBLE future threats to mankind, whether they be real or not, preparing for colonization or some sort of relocation plan out in the final frontier, is, not a waste of money.



*mentioning the sun expanding and consuming the planets? i was refering to the process of a star dying, where it expands outwards then will collapse in on itself.

*when i talk about effective concise goals, im basically saying, yeah look at a year here and there, it looks like nasa is spinning their wheels, but really the growth of space flight technology is so slow compared to the potential of space flight, that we have a long way to go, and naturally starting out with any sort of venture, you have to spend a lot of money at first to get off the ground (pun sort of intended lol)



Matthew Tackett

To not explore space because of financial issues is ridiculous. I seem to recall that the discover of the America’s needed backing. Was it worth it? To not put forth the cash will hurt humankind. We must continue to expand or as a species we will slowly begin to die. Our solar system alone has many possibilities. We are explorers by nature. Earth does need to be fully explored. But for the future of our species must expand beyond the cradle and reach out into the universe.


Shall I tell you what is a real waste of money? In 2010 the USA spent 665 billion on it’s military, only 0.5 % of the US budget went to space exploration. Now before you complain that the money spent on the space exploration could be used to stop worldwide suffering, then take another look at the statistics. And tell me which one is more wasteful?

So you are complaining that investing in exploring alternate sources of minerals, alternate planets to live on, developing technology (internet, GPS, mobile phones, etc.) is worse than spending money on murder and destruction?

cece jonablone

there is no point to send someone up there where there is lack of oxygen and water to die


and how much does it cost to build one for one person?


Exploration and discovery is waste of time and money! I mean who really benefited when columbus found out the world was round?


Columbus did know that the Earth was round; every mildly educated person at the time knew that.

A lot of people benefited from the discovery of the Americas including (but not limited to) the British, the Irish, the Italians, and above all the Americans. The trade that went on brought the potato to Europe, introduced various gourds to the east, and brought horses and cows to America.

One asteroid in our solar-system can be worth over one billion US dollars. There is an incalculable amount of material and intellectual resources just in our local area. And you can multiply that by the number of stars in the universe.


we dont need to spend a lot of money to unknown planet which we can or cant survive, even if we will b able to get there using light year speed, extremely fast, it will take 100,000 years or some


you are sooo right. I’m doing this paper in class, but I’m going to need some FACTS, NOT OPINIONS. Just so you know. Not hatin’ on your creativity, though.


So what are you planning to do when the Earth runs out of ressources? When overpopulation increases even more? When our planet is unbelievably polluted? Nowadays with modern technology, we have disproved many things that everyone thought to be impossible. Who’s to say that we cannot disprove this as well?

And Space exploration, isn’t simply about discovering new planets. Space exploration is responsible for the creation of the internet, satellites, GPS, Weather Forecasting, and much more. And correct me if I’m wrong, but that took less than 100, 000 years.

Spencer Lohr

Poo, you know nothing. Alpha Centauri, one of the closest stars to earth, is only 4.4 Light Years away. So basically, we could get there in 4.4 years with light speed, because that’s how that works.
Next time you are going to comment on something, make sure you know SOMETHING about the topic.


We will never travel at the speed of light. It would use too much energy.


“Never” is a rather strong word to use. There were multiple other things that people claimed humanity “will never” do, like place a man on the moon, circumnavigate the globe, or fly in the sky using heavier-than-air craft. Sure, humanity might not be able to travel at the speed of light NOW, but that’s due to our current level of technology. But what if in the future we gain the technology to travel at the speed of light? It could also not be that far away, due to the fact that technology is increasing exponentially. So saying “We will never travel at the speed of light” is rather a large conclusion to jump to suddenly.


The closest possibly habitable planet is at 4 LY from here and light years isint a speed its for exemple 4ly is traveling for 4 years at the speed of light