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Music That Glorifies Crime Should Be Banned

Is this just about youth culture and the link to crime – or does it have wider issues. Are we looking just at lyrics that incite crime or should we ban Holst’s Mars the god of war. How do we go about banning it?

All the Yes points:

  1. ban music that glorifies crime because of the influence it has on children
  2. A partial ban would not work
  3. Music can change who our children become

All the No points:

  1. It was the song that made me do it!
  2. Freedom of speech
  3. The Taliban Ban Music

ban music that glorifies crime because of the influence it has on children

Yes because…

A lot of young people don’t even realize how much they are influenced by music. But sometimes it is singers that dictate what is cool.

In addition, research [http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg18224410.800-bad-influence.html]] by the American Psychological Society has concluded that violent films, computer games and other media (music included!) has a negative influence on children. The opposition’s argument that “children are simply not that gullible” seems simply incorrect.

No because…

It is insulting the intelligence of a child to incinuate that, because children are simply not that gullible. Music may glorify crime but it is ludicrous to suggest that it can make a child want to commit a crime.

A partial ban would not work

Yes because…

Imposing an age restriction for instance would be impossible to police. Only a full ban would be able to protect children from music that glorifies crime. We would never dream of only placing a partial ban on inciting racism for instance, because we know it is incorrect in any situation to glorify racism. Isn’t murder, rape and theft equal if not more vile than racism? The prospect that anybody, regardless of age, could be influenced to commit such atrocities is morally reprehensible.

No because…

The rights of the musician

This musician have the rights of making any music they like as long as it doesn’t harm themselves or any other people. The Social Contract said that “the moment when citizens pays their taxes, it is the government’s duty to provides and protects their rights and facilities.” And yes, this musician do pay taxes, so that is why they also have the rights to make any musics that they like.

Music can change who our children become

Yes because…

Music can change who are children become later in life. Children who listen to rap music often turn to crime and drugs. People who listen to rock music often become slackers with no ambition other than destroying society. For example, there is a new album coming out on Valentine’s Day called Mass Debate by a punk rock band called Anarchists Pogo Party. They promote terrorism and violence against women, as well as using prostitutes, rioting, abortions, and satan worship. How is this good for your children?

No because…

Music is an escape for some, though abused, we should not have to mute people to their feelings. Should we get rid of the news and media as well? Get rid of all the crime investigation shows that often talk about rape, murder and suicide?

On top of that I’d have to say you’re the most judgmental person i’ve ever had to debate again. I would like to inform you that i listened to rap throughout middle school and i listened to rock when i was in highschool. I took one drag of a cigarette my whole life, never done any other drugs, i don’t do any of these “crimes” you say rap fans fall into. I also am not a slacker with no ambition besides destroying things. I’d like to help the world become a better place and i have a full time job plus a rock band on the side that both keep me very busy.

There may be some bands out there with lyrics that people will look at and ask “why? how is this any good?” and for the most part its because these people don’t understand. There are countless musicians out there who play “rock” music that sing about violence and hate and not because they want you to grow up thinking violence and hate is ok, but because violence and hate exist. If we go about hiding it how will they every know the real world? These musicians write these songs because its how they feel.

How can you honestly say we should mute a musicians voice because you don’t agree. What if you sang a song about how great America is and how great god is And how much you like sunny weather. In your point of view, someone who doesn’t like America, does not believe in god and likes rainy days has the right to say you can’t sing that because they don’t feel the same.

Our view of “right” is only “right” because we’re brought up to believe it is. Where as we can say violence is wrong, and i agree it is, we shouldn’t have to mute a musicians voice from singing about it. Honestly its much better they sing about it then actually going about it.

And to say that violence and crime only occur from one genre scene is completely incorrect. Perfect example: Selena. Her fan club founder and manager stole money from her and her fans and shot Selena.

Your view of society is skewed and if you think everyones actions are derived from music you should rethink your own life. As a musician i can honestly say that music can set a mood and make you feel a certain way, but every action you make is a conscious decision. If you aren’t a naive fool and have been brought up correctly by your parents (instead of relying on the government to force laws pampering every child so you can be lazy [from relying on the government not listening to rock music] and not be a parent) then there shouldn’t be a problem. You are brought up knowing that its just a song. You are brought up knowing right from wrong. If you’re still committing to the wrong then theres something more wrong with you.

In the end, everyone needs to stop being prejudice and understand that hate exists. Violence, drugs, sex, destruction, satanism, terrorism, prostitutes, riots, abortion… they all exist in this world. Why should we have to mute people because YOU don’t agree? I want to make it very clear that im not a violent person, i don’t do drugs, i dont destroy things, not do i worship satan. I don’t agree with prostitutes, ive never contributed to a riot and i dont believe in abortion. But thats all part of this world whether we like it or not, whether we agree with it or not. It existed before these songs and if these songs were banned theyd continue to exist. Banning this music would have absolutely no positive effect on society, just removing freedoms and proving that parents are lazy and need to rely on the government to take care of their kids.

It was the song that made me do it!

No because…

People don’t just go out and do something because they heard it in a song. We aren’t that easily influenced. It is for people to decide whether they want tto listen to a certain type of music. You can’t just start banning them.

Yes because…

To say that music has no influence on people behaviour and attitudes towards society I think is naive. It underestimates the effect all media related messages have on the mind. I agree that music alone would not cause someone to commit a crime or offence against an individual or society, but as part of a wider problem of negative messages being sent to young people about how to live their life, and about what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, it has to take it’s fair share of the responsibility. What is required is a change in attitudes proliferated through all media. A ban would be an effective method of starting this change in attitudes that is definitely required.

In addition to this, why do you think advertisers pay huge sums of money for the music on their advertisements? Of course music influences people.

Freedom of speech

No because…

it is part of human rights to have freedom of speech. You can’t ban anyone from singing about what they want to.
And yet we allow the news to promote racism, murder, mugging and burglary every time one of these crimes are committed. Does racism exist in the UK? I don’t live there, but i bet it does. Point being, it may be illegal, but the results did nothing, so where was the point?

Yes because…

Even the most liberal democracies accept that a line in the sand must be drawn with regards to freedom of speech, for instance in the United Kingdom it is illegal to incite racial hatred. If it is accepted that glorifying racism is wrong then why do we accept that glorifying murder, mugging and burglary is right?

The Taliban Ban Music

No because…

The Taliaban impose a ban on listening to music, for both men and women. Would the proposition really impose laws that would take us closer to the unjust, callous and backward rules imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Yes because…

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3 years ago

I think banning music that glorifies crime isn’t right. First of all, we have our own freedom to do what ever we want to hear. However, if government stop without asking us, that means, we just need to follow what government says. We have right listen the music that glorifies crime.
Second of all, that music does not make individuals to commit crime. We are not so stupid to follow everything what the music says. If the music talks about killing your best friend, would you? We are not baby, banning music that glorifies music also tells us that government cannot trust people. Government cannot believes us, and worrying TOO MUCH!! (Lol sorry)
Anyways because of these reasons, I CAN’T agree with banning music that glorifies music.

Thank you!
-Korean 11 years old girl.

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