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Gender equality will not happen anytime soon

The genders do not act as equals, and society does not treat them as equals

All the Yes points:

  1. The media exploits women.
  2. Women dress too provocatively.
  3. I am woman, hear me roar.
  4. Strippers, porn magazines, prostitution continue to separate the genders.
  5. Here’s one thing people forget: biology.
  6. There’s an ever fixed mental ladder of acceptance

All the No points:

  1. There are men Stippers, Porn stars

The media exploits women.

Yes because…

Women are still portrayed in the media and marketing as sex objects, and many of them are willing participants. The hundreds of women bust their tails to make it big and their are still billboards of women close to naked on the side of the freeways. Completely indiscreet women flashing their boobs for the tele whenever possible and then these tactless videos are bought and sold on the open market. The women who are successful, as you say, are clearly out numbered. The women get on the television, ads, billboards, etc. and say ‘this is my worth’, ‘this is what you should think of women’. These images are flashed in front of the children several times a day. They may learn of these successfull women one day and think that it is a mere fluke, and normal women are to be seen and treated like they are displayed in the media. Instead of “what’s on your mind?” it’s”show me your boobs, Hottie mama!”, and crotch shots all around. These are the choices that women make to show the world that women are for sex, and not to be taken seriously.

No because…

Women are not only portrayed as sex objects! That is a gross exaggeration, and very misleading. There have been many empowering roles for women over the last 20 years in the media. In magazines and newspapers, everyone will think of the big bosomed page three girls, but what about the hundreds of women who work as journalists and columnists.

“Women” is a 2008 film which contains only female leads. All of the actresses involved found it very rewarding and in no way seen themselves as exploited. Not every woman on TV is nude, and of those who are nude, we cannot say it is the result of exploitation. You may not like it, but some people are exhibitionists, and they enjoy being seen naked. But that is a woman’s choice and as long as it is balanced by the success of more reserved women then we cannot argue that the media exploits females.

Women dress too provocatively.

Yes because…

Women wear clothing specifically designed to show off their differences. They use their bulges and curves to manipulate the people around them. I am not speaking of women who were dresses, and high heels. I am referring to the ones that show way too much. The ones that might bend over and show their cadoodle from behind, and a boob would pop out the front. To wear a short skirt to tantilize a man in order to get a job. These are the things that happen so often that men find it near impossible to take a women seriously. It is disrespectful to themselves and to other women.

No because…

This is a poorly made argument. As you said, women choose to dress provocatively. And why should they not? Your argument seems to be based around the fact that women are showing off the fact that they are women. But surely this is what gender equality is. Women should not have to hide their differences from men. They should feel like they can dress however they want, be that provocatively or conservatively.

Individual women dress provocatively – not all of female-kind. A woman who dresses provocatively simply conveys information about herself – not that all women are sluts and only useful in the bedroom.

I am woman, hear me roar.

Yes because…

Some women find it necessary to exaggerate when it comes to a conflict with a man. They automatically assume that the conflict exists strictly because the two genders are involved. They also tend to think that if they can not do something(i.e. lift something heavy), that the other gender will think that women are weak. Sometimes women insist that they should get things on the grounds that they are women, and if they don’t get it, then they assume it has to be because they are not men. They get rude with a man, because he opens the door for you. Saying, “I am a women, that doesn’t mean that I can’t open a door for myself!”

No because…

Women only roar at ill-intentioned men, if a man is only being polite in an attempt to attract a woman; obviously the woman will object.
lift-something-heavy! There are female weight lifters[http://www.female-bodybuilders.org/bodybuilding-gallery.php]]

Many women say ‘Chivalry is not dead’ when a NICE man is being the good Samaritan. But those same women are not nice to sleazy men; and women can tell.

Strippers, porn magazines, prostitution continue to separate the genders.

Yes because…

As long as this self exploitation exists, men and women will continue to be unequal. Men will still see that women do not respect themselves enough to act in a decent manner. Therefore, why should men respect them?

No because…

Self exploitation doesn’t really make sense

Exploiation – act of utilizing something in an unjust or cruel manner

surely one is not able to use oneself in an unjust or cruel manner otherwise one would not do it.

I would say on this point that it is not necessarily the people but the culture has deemed it to imply. When the word porn, stripper is used for an odd reason it is associated with female. This almost impies that there are no male strippers porn stars etc. However as I’m sure you’re aware there is sufficent evidence to reason the contrary.

Perhaps what needs to change is the culture and thereby the association of words. But I agree with the title this isnt going to happen anytime sooon unless people realise that not every women is a promiscuous whore and that men can be very much the same.

There are also male strippers, porn subjects, and prostitutes. Does that mean all men should be or are labeled as a part of this “people of the night” subculture?

Here’s one thing people forget: biology.

Yes because…

I think people forget that despite what a lot of what the feminist movement wants, they cannot escape the fact that the biology of human males and females can cause substantial differences in abilities, as noted by a lot of physical and psychological testing. Just the simple test of how male and female humans find directions going to an unfamiliar place already demonstrate this.

There are many places where males and females can do equally well, but our biology will dictate the strengths and weaknesses of each gender on certain tasks and abilities.

Let us not forget the fact that there are different types of sexual orientations. While a bisexual person can look at men and women equally, even in the state of physical attraction, a homosexual or heterosexual cannot do this. This is a huge part of what makes the belief in gender equality as attainable nothing more but an imagination.

Besides, the world is imperfect. Murder, rape, stealing, and corruption will never disappear from the face of this Earth. Therefore, we should stop having high hopes in gender equality.

No because…

A difference does not mean that equality is not possible. Handicapped people are capable of being treated equally. People of different races have different physiological characteristics: some races are prone to certain diseases, and have other differences in abilities: you don’t see many Asian basketball players, do you?

The fact that a difference exists does not mean that there needs to be inequality. The idea that it does supports racism and discrimination against handicapped people – in addition to other forms of bigotry

I refer you to the motion: ‘Women are superior to men’ women can swim longer distances faster.

There’s an ever fixed mental ladder of acceptance

Yes because…

What I present here may be harsh to admit, but in most cases, anyone would put it this way:

Smart Pretty Woman > Smart Pretty Man >
Pretty Woman > Smart Man > Smart Woman > Pretty Man >
Ugly Man > Stupid Woman > Stupid Man > Ugly Woman >
Ugly Stupid Man > Ugly Stupid Woman

After all, the beauty of a woman is what most appreciated. When there’s nothing good in a person, only the strength of a man can be exploited.

No because…

There are men Stippers, Porn stars

No because…

There not only female strippers and porn stars there are also men too,and just like everything else that people think are for only one gender they are wrong a woman can do the same as a man could do too.

Yes because…

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