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Has Martin Luther King’s dream come true?

Many parts of Martin Luther King’s dream have come true, or much closer to fruition. The dream of ending segregation has been fulfilled and there is equal rights for all races. The USA and much of the world has moved a long way towards Kings wish that people should “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” The election of Barak Obama as president would seem to be the perfect fulfilment of the dream. Yet there are many ways in which the dream is further away from fulfilment. MLK campaigned against militarism in Vietnam yet the US is involved in a war in Afghanistan. Minorities may be equal before the law but in terms of their life prospects they may still be considered unequal. Has the dream been realised or is there some way yet before we reach the mountaintop?

All the Yes points:

All the No points:

  2. Depends on the dream, but i feel overall, no


No because…

The prison population of America is full to bursting with young and old African-Americans. There is a disproportionate number of black people receiving the death penalty. The emergence of the right wing, fascist Tea Party demonstrates once again that America has a long way to go before it accepts African-Americans as equal members of society. The election of Barack Obama was a great moment in not only African-American but American history. But, as we know, the president is largely the puppet of the CIA and the biggest lobby groups in Washington like the tobacco and arms industry, Israel, and the gun lobby. Obama has so many opponents who won’t openly come out and say they don’t like him or are suspicious of him because of the colour of his skin, that they deflect their distaste to areas of the economy Obama is trying to reform, like banking and healthcare. Expecting African-American university students to get ahead just as fast as their white counterparts is a joke since we are only just entering into a generation of middle to upper middle class black people with the capital to pay for education. The majority of black people just cannot afford it. Slavery is the stain on America’s conscience, and it’s also which helped make it one of the richest countries in the world. A stain is something that cannot be removed. Ir remains like a scar forever on the nation’s collective memory. MLK wanted his children to be judged by the content of their character, not the colour of their skins. I’m sorry to say that the white establishment still views people primarily, initially, by the colour of their skin.

Yes because…

Depends on the dream, but i feel overall, no

No because…

In his speech he speaks of not 1 dream but 6 different dreams.

Dream 1: America will hold true to ‘all men are created equal’
Met? No. Racism still exists. In fact depending on the topic and area, racism is held in all ways. It is not just white people that degrade african americans, because african americans will dish racism right back. Asians and Ltin Americans are in the same boat as well. We are all targets of racism. Not to mention that in the end, with the rising ‘acceptance’ of african americns you see all these scholarships ad additives, these “prizes” for african americans. Treating them as ‘special’ because they were once abused isn’t quite treating them equal.

Dream 2: The sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.
Met? I think so. This may depend where you live but i feel that there are plents of people of all races tht intergrate and call one another brothers.

Dream 3: Mississippi with be an oasis of freedom and justice
Met? There may be more laws there (or not, im not sure) that may make it seem less free, but i believe we are all for the most part free states with laws oritecting us from other people trying to take from our freedoms. While this may not always be the case, it is the basics of our law system.

Dream 4: His children woud live in a world where they are judged on their character and not their skin color.
Met? i doubt it. A lot of people judge of skin color all the time. To believe that was met is just absurd

Dream 5: Children both “black” and “white” and both “boys” and “girls” will be able to join hands as “sisters and brothers” in alabama
Met? Ive never been to alabama but id imagine that there are populations of equality within that state where said event occurs

Dream 6: everyone of all skin colors will see glor together as one
Met? No, where some places are together as one, this nation is not.

This is a no more because the end result is a tie and when you really think about it, some of his dreams have been met, but the idea behind all of those dreams is that they are not only met but become ‘normal’ ‘avrage’ and ‘accepted’ nito our society and not even be seen as a problem, something different or unordinary.

Yes because…

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5 years ago

nope people still are getting judged to this day because of their skin color

Donald J. Trump
3 years ago
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