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Should we ban the muslim veil?

There has been a flux of criticism and support of people of the muslim religion wearing a veil in the general public.

All the Yes points:

  1. It is against our culture
  2. It encourages terrorism
  3. Government not looking after their own?
  4. It is a racism starter

All the No points:

  1. It is their culture and religion!
  2. It’s just a way of unfairly targetting someone
  3. If you ban one thing, you have to ban lots of things
  4. Its personal. Why does it matter to others.

It is against our culture

Yes because…

The argument against the wearing of the veil is that it covers the face. This is very dangerous as the general public have no idea who is behind the face covering – be it male or female.

It is very important that the faces of people can be seen. This is how we identify each other.

In many cases the demand for the right to wear a veil is coming from young people who want to rebel against authority. Most young people do this with some fashion fad.

It has already been shown that some Muslim parents are upset because their daughters are putting on veils – just to be difficult and because they can choose to do so.

For religious purposes, people can cover their faces in places of worship and in personal spaces, but at work or in general public, covering the face should be illegal.

British people who go to foreign countries, especially those who visit places in the Middle East adhere to the dress-code of that culture and religion. It should work both ways.

Covering the face is not acceptable in UK.

No because…

It is possible that they accept our culture and embrace it in certain issues, but you cannot change someone’s beliefs and issues.

People in foreign countries are stoutly religious – they have religion on a national scale. There are a minority of people who a stoutly religiously in this country, but not enough to make an impact on a national scale.

Add to the fact that it would be shot down as we are a country embracing all cultures and religions, that is why banning it because it is against “our culture” would be wrong.

Exactly: ‘our’ culture. Will you be banning coffee, next? (and forcing tea down everyone’s throats.)
What is the ‘English’ dress code, how many cultures is it derived from? Jeans and T-shirts ARE not English(They were invented by non-english people), Gucci,Chanel, Armani etc are not English.
In-its ARE English: No more Curry for you!

Pakistani/Indian restaurants all over London ARE English. The fact that ‘ENGLISH’ people are wearing Muslim veils is the sole reason for this debate.

It encourages terrorism

Yes because…

Wearing the veil came under criticism at a time when Britain and America were under threat from terrorists. These were allegedly muslim extremists.

This further enhanced the case for the banning of the veil when an alleged extremist managed to get through security at an airport using his sister’s veil and passport.

Now this could be a criticism of the government and security for being so lax, but had the veil been banned, it would have prevented this from ever happening and as a result stopped thousands of people potentially being put at risk.

It would also mean that people could see faces, and facial expressions and therefore determine what the intent of that person is.

Not preventing it now could be seen as encouraging terrorism and/or acting as a shield to cover up supposed terrorists.

No because…

This is a weak argument in essence. Unfairly brandishing one group of people and saying it encourages terrorism is extremely far out.

Lots of things encourage terrorism; USA going to war with Iraq and Afghanistan, Britain going to war with Iraq and Afghanistan – both of these have had a much more significant effect on the likelihood of terrorism occuring than a religious garment.

In essence, yes it could be used as a disguise, but then again lots of things could much more naturally.

It is a flawed argument.

Most of the films and books based on terrorism that came out before Muslims were equated with terrorism deal with disguises of spies and terrorist and not one that I have read or seen used the veil as a form of sidguise.Therefore to say that it encourages terrorism is wrong.
Plus why not place the blame where it lies-flawed security.The Muslim women who do wear the veil do not object to revealing their faces in private to other women.Therefore this can be used to check for faces, expressions and as you believe the intent of the person.Which by the way you really cannot determine by just looking at a person.Have you not read about most serial killers and how their victims went with them willingly?

Government not looking after their own?

Yes because…

It could also be argued that the Government are so intent on setting an agenda that is politically correct, embraces all religions, that they are forgetting that this is a predominantly Christian country.

It is often the bane of the media that they are shot down for publishing articles that highlight politically correctness, such as people being told to remove flags, not wear certain personal items which are close to their religion etc. Now while this is not a national occurence on a grand scale, it is still an occurence none-the-less.

You don’t see people requesting muslim’s remove their personal objects from their homes as it could be offensive. Why? Because the balance is now shifting away from this country’s national identity to a more foreign cultured identity culminating in our forgotten religion.

It seems that the people who follow the national religion keep drawing the short straw in this respect.

No because…

They are part of our culture, so they are part of us. Some muslims are born here, and are therefore British nationals. They are brought up by their family in a way their family wants them to be educated. Therefore the government are looking after their own.

There is no such thing as the short straw. Often things get picked up in the media like this because it is negative, likely to cause outcry and ultimately sell newspapers.

The Government are doing a fine job in dealing with religions in this respect.

It is a racism starter

Yes because…

If someone wears a veil, it is a sure indication the bearer is a Muslim. As many people object to their lifestyles of praying everyday, many people might be racist to them, either verbally of physically injuring them. We must act to ban both veils and racism now.

No because…

Surely if you oppress someone of their right to wear a veil, you are inciting racial intolerance. This not only makes the oppressor a racist, but would encourage the Muslim woman being oppressed to fight back with racial hatred too.

It is their culture and religion!

No because…

Muslims should be allowed to wear personal items as it states in the ruling of their religious book to do so.

Had this been done in the Christian religious book – The Bible – then no doubt those stout Christian’s would follow this particular ruling?

Would it be wrong to take away something close to them? Something personal? In that respect, it’s against the principle and that’s why banning the veil should not happen.

Yes because…

Why do we allow them to adopt their own culture and religion at the end of the day?

If you leaf back through history you see occurrences of when religion dominated Britain.

What changed over time? At the end of the day they are in this country – a predominantly Christian country – so if anything, this could be seen as racially offensive to Christians.

It’s just a way of unfairly targetting someone

No because…

This could be viewed as just a way of targetting a group of people; in a nutshell using them as a scapegoat to highlight problems with the country.

Removing the veil would take away someone’s culture, religion and heritage, and therefore would cause more problems than it’s worth.

It could potentially increase hatred within religious groups, and lead to more racism, more criticism and ultimately making the country a worse place to live.

Yes because…

Justifiably however. It’s not targetting the whole group, it’s highlighting the problems of the veil within the boundaries of society.

At the end of the day it can be used as a disguise and therefore poses a potential problem to the general population of people.

If hundreds were people were killed by someone wearing a veil, would people be defending it then? Doubt it.

It’s the same for people wearing hoodies nowadays. A few tearaways and everyone socially brands them as criminals, or “chavs.” This scares people, especially the elderly and as such poses a risk not just to their health, but also to their safety.

As a result, the veil should be banned due to safety concerns.

If you ban one thing, you have to ban lots of things

No because…

It’s just not viable. If you ban something as sacred and religious as the veil, you’re going to get people then issuing rallying cries for other things to be banned.

At the end of the day if the Government feel that it is in the best interests not to ban the veil, then we have to believe them. If anything happen, it is the blood being spilt on their hands, but while this is not occurring, then there should be no reason to attempt to ban it.

Yes because…

Not really. By banning it now, it prevents any risk of future occurrences – well- occuring.

And if people start asking for other things to be banned, their cases should be listened to. Some of them may have a point for banning them.

At the end of the day though, the veil poses a risk, and if there’s a risk you have to eliminate that risk.

Its personal. Why does it matter to others.

No because…

Who is this ‘We’ to ban veil?
Who all you are, if you want to ban and want no veil first you go nude. Maybe then you’ll think why people cover their body.

Yes because…

Some people do, and we tend to object to that too. As with many things we like a confortable medium and dislike the extremes either way.

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5 years ago

I think it is CORRECT to ban the niqab.

A majority of Muslims are hypocrites. I’m living in an Islamic country, and these hypocritical dipshits often say: “If you’re living in our country, you have to abide by our religious rules!”. So since these Muslims are in another country, they should abide by that country’s rules too! You can say all you want about it being Islamic culture and whatnot, but I have absolutely NO sympathy for them, and I don’t think you should, too, because they enjoy playing the victim card to get people to respect them, but they themselves don’t respect others.

5 years ago

Ultimately this is a debate about wether it is justifiable for the government to restrict peoples rights (in this case religious freedom) for our “own safety” In order for that to be justifiable the harm caused by removing the right must be lower than the good caused by the protection. Personally in this case I find a burka ban to be extremely harmful. It actively incites intolerance in our society. Not only are they stripped of the right to behave as they believe will ensure a pain free afterlife but people begin to associate all Muslims as terrorists. This is a form of singling out a group of people and stereo typing them *all* as evil. Terrorists are not Muslim. They do not align with the beliefs Islam. They are extremists. To group their entire religion as “terrorists” and as “evil” causes extreme pain to the vast majority of peaceful people who practise their religion. Compare this with the one shaky benefit of It might help foil a terrorists plan to hide under a veil is ridiculous. These extremists will find a way around that. Few attacks to date have been carried out in this way. It’s stopping nothing. It seems to me that this is a thinly veiled scheme to actively discriminate, alienate and oppress those of minority religions. To me, its abhorrent

10 years ago

Absolutely, we should ban the veil in the U.S. Ever see a women in a Burqua in Costco? Well, it is a horrendous site to behold. It symbolizes male paranoia, male subjugation of a woman, a broken woman. It’s like something from the dark ages. Any impartial person knows its wrong. The purpose of the veil is to enslave. Its warped, no matter how much proponents try to justify it. It is also a matter of security concern. Radicalized females are more active in blowing up innocent victims as time goes on. Burqua’s are the perfect garb for concealing weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps the religion needs to be re-defined as a radical ideology. From there, we can prevent burqua and veil wearing as a protected religious freedom.

Ellie May
10 years ago

People are told not wear hats, hoodies, helmets etc when inside, this is so they are identifiable. Why should the veil be treated any differently? It is not a symbol of religion, it is based on a misguided culture.
I hope that these women hiding under their blankets at least have the common sense to not drive wearing these veils, they might be happy to cause health problems for themselves with lack of vitamin D, but I really hope they don’t put other motorists in danger by driving with poor visability.

Aisha Imran Patel
10 years ago
Reply to  Ellie May

I drove with a veil for 5 years and never had a accident. So what’s driving gotta do with it
The only reason I’m having a break Is coz of my health. Bit I will wear it again. And it’s nothing to do with anyone if we wear it. We are free to wear what we want

Aisha Imran Patel
10 years ago
Reply to  Ellie May

No need to be racist. Atleast it’s better than being dressed like a nun

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