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Use and Misuse of Internet

I am talking about use and misuse/abuse of the internet.

These days most persons are misusing the internet instead of using it productively.

They waste time on social networking sites.

Students are falling academically because they are addicted to rubbish on the world wide web.

I know a girl who failed in her 12th (grade/yr?) exam because of her unfaltering chatting habit.

She chatted on msn from morning to midnight and could not focus on her studies.

The youth of today is being misled with this evil. Kill the internet before it gobbles up our brains!

All the Yes points:

  1. A lot of research points to the fact that internet/television addiction causes grades to suffer and is bad also for your eyes

All the No points:

  1. Not everyone uses it for the wrong thing
  2. School world including projects require a lot of reading and research
  3. Is important for social development; the safest way to socialize even when it comes to academic/career development.

A lot of research points to the fact that internet/television addiction causes grades to suffer and is bad also for your eyes

Yes because…

is also* bad for your eyes…
Parents need to make sure that their kids are not spending too much on the internet or watching T.V around exam/test-dates(Take the fuse out of the stabilizer or disconnect the modem); .Children who do not use internet at all ; suffer socially, and have difficulty working with study groups. So, no T.V or internet at all, is not the answer.
As far as porn is concerned most boys are peer-pressured into viewership; there is a wealth of parental control software available to block sites that teenagers/children cannot unblock without using secret passwords that only parents know. Using Proxies to access these sites can also be prevented. Either way; it isn’t too difficult to insure that your child is not misusing or over-using the internet.

No because…

The internet plays a great role in studying; you cannot access JSTOR offline. Students conduct most/all of their research for school projects on the internet. The internet is hoarded with websites that aide in examination/test preparation.

All boys go-to porn sites but not all boys get bad grades. The key is to keep boys from getting addicted to porn and in making sure that they have organized study schedules/time-tables.
Girls get addicted to chatting; again the key is in moderation. Everyone chats on msn/G-talk/Yahoo but everyone isn’t failing courses.

Men can usually not make friends unless they get drunk and watch sports at bars/pubs. Boys can’t keep friends unless they go-to porn sites and play some kind of sport.

Women/girls need to read Sweet Valley high equivalents; watch romantic comedies or T.V shows/sitcoms on family or highschool to interact with other girls effectively. However, there are no solid rules for women/girls; because girls tend to have small intimate friendships based on unique interests; while men/boys socialize in throngs.

Friends are necessary for healthy development; so cutting children/teenagers off from the only means they have to strike friendships will make their grades suffer even worse than an addiction to these things does . [[http://www.allacademic.com/meta/p_mla_apa_research_citation/2/1/2/9/8/p212983_index.html]]

Not everyone uses it for the wrong thing

No because…

Simply because some get distracted doesn’t mean we must kill the internet. A vast majority of my high school uses facebook for homework help, or they don’t have one. As for porn, if they weren’t online, they’d be looking at playboy.

Yes because…

Actually, playboy is more of a literary magazine [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-11802449]] than penthouse, and the other more explicitly pornographic volumes of the genre; plus the shoe leather costs of going to a store buying a dirty/girly mag plus the effort going into hiding it from your mothers surpasses, that of free internet porn/porno/pornography.
Buying dirty magazines and watching internet porn are not mutually exclusive; both can be done simultaneously.

Also, Playboy because of the quality writing in its publication is actually good for grades. Most subjects require writing well-thought,comprehensive,and on the whole well-written essay answers; reading the works of the greatest authors of our time especially when they were banned and produced their most thought-provoking works is great for academic prowess across the board. While internet porn is mainly smut; with no value for the brain.

Or they don’t have one what?

School world including projects require a lot of reading and research

No because…

Work* not world. requires*

Reading materials that are easily accessible on the internet may not be available in your local library/bookstore (assuming you have a local library/bookstore; and a membership in that case).

Parents would not have to take their kids to the store; if they helped their kids with projects using their computer alone. Use Ms Word; use websites for resources and information; make printouts and viola.

Counterargument: Independent socialization is prime when it comes to a child’s development. They need privacy during chat sessions(or at least the illusion of it; you can always review chat histories, without telling your son/daughter, if you’re afraid your kid may be stalked by a child molester)

Your kid will either spend time socializing on the phone or chatting on the internet; for healthy/normal social development. The former costs more money.

Yes because…

Why should children/students use the internet for this purpose? Parents can always go to relevant websites save information and switch off the internet. Then ask their kids to edit and extract data from the stuff they’ve saved and use it for their projects.

Again parents can surf the net in front of their kids, and save only what their kids want to use for their projects; so that the child is involved in the data selection process.

There is no need for a parent to hand over use of the internet to a child.

Is important for social development; the safest way to socialize even when it comes to academic/career development.

No because…

In this day and age, the primary means for socialization/communication is the internet.

Workers are barred from each other with cubicle walls and cannot be expected to really talk during five minute tea breaks(and so they resort to chatting when they aren’t on breaks; take away the internet and they’ll play games on their terminals to detract from boredom and exhaustion that is a natural result of continuous mental work; except these games will leave them even more exhausted; chatting on the other hand creates a revival of spirits therefore improving work productivity/efficiency. Clubs are only open to people from a definitive age group. Again people don’t go to clubs to make friends they go to dress-up, look good and dance. Most people do not have time for clubbing and it is proving to be less and less effective for socialization in our increasingly technological times.

Interacting with peers/friends only at work/school is very restrictive; it leaves people with a very myopic understanding of the people around them. Students can learn a lot of useful things from other students they’ve never met using the internet. Sometimes a school project about another country can be enhanced by interviewing someone from that country. Or a school project on economics can be improved by talking to actual economists. Writing emails to potential professors to gain an understanding of whether their teaching methods suit you or how could they are at explaining things or whether the universities you are applying are for you is free and the best means to determine where to apply and what your academic options are. Tutors are also available on-line.

Different schools/offices operate differently, certain options cannot be weighed out without talking to people from different backgrounds/work-spaces. And because cities are not very safe; most official and productive interaction is restricted to the internet.

Yes because…

People go out even if the city is not safe.

As asserted over and over in earlier points; internet addiction is primarily responsible for poor schoolwork. Children/teenagers are very easily addicted to porn or chat. The problem with porn addictions is that it is can cause impotence from a desensitization to the act; it can also cause a huge number of other health problems/issues/diseases both of a psychological and physical nature.

As accepted on the right; peer pressure makes it near impossible for boys to stay away from porn; this is exactly why parents need to control these habits; making sure they are not addicted and free internet use is ignoring the problem; a problem that could ruin your child’s future if not controlled.

People do not ‘need’ a broad perspective of the people/world around them. The reason parents put children in the best schools is so that their interaction is restricted to other people of high social standing or of the same social standing. Interacting with people or environments or social groups that are too different can get confusing and overbearing. There is a constant fear of losing class and stature. The balance pronounced most effectively in the following parentheses-ed line from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’, is not very easy to strike; especially for a child. ” If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,Or walk with kings–nor lose the common touch”

Healthy socialization is also moderate; and does not need to occur via thew internet. Parties,meeting and conferences are all very healthy ways to expose your child to the world around him/her; if it must be done. Else meeting people from school/work in and outside school/work is all the socialization any normal person needs.

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prabhat bikram singh jha
7 years ago

internet is very useful if used wisely as i can say internet is my university and sites having search engines are my librarians…

Fear God
10 years ago

I think there is need to understand the word of God in all that pertains to our life. Paul the apostle says “all things I can do but not all is beneficial…” All things we can benefit from them if we use them relevantly- use is for intended use but abuse is for a vile use. A spoon is beneficial is used correctly but the same spoon is dangerous ( can be used as a weapon to kill) if abused.

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