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Boys should go to boys only schools

Eton-college/Andover is by far the most preferred institution for boys all over Britain/the-world/The-U.S. Perhaps, because it offers the best education a boy can have. How many coed schools compare? Zero.

All the Yes points:

  1. On Research
  2. less conscious
  3. Give the girls a break
  4. Less distracted

All the No points:

  1. boys perform better in co-ed schools and girls perform academically better in girls only schools.
  2. boys are more aggressive, violent, stereotypically masculine in boys schools
  3. No-one should have to go to school at all.

On Research

Yes because…

Actually most research suggests that both boys and girls perform better in single-sex schools. Boys are afraid that girls will call them nerds/dorks if they perform ‘too well’ academically. They spend more time attempting to be entertaining/charming/annoying to impress girls than concentrate on the lesson.

the research on the above-right is simply about how in “coed classrooms” if there are more girls than boys then boys do better and does not say anything about boys-only classrooms.

No because…

Boys in coed schools feel more proficient in sciences and mathematics than their female counterparts; are thus more confident and understand they can use their superior potential to get girls to notice them.

That is they understand if they do well in these ‘boring/boyish’ subjects girls will ask them for help and will do their homework/classwork with them etcetera.

less conscious

Yes because…

Consider this comment from one of the boys in the single-gender class: “We don’t just do war poems and Macbeth, we do Wordsworth too. It’s a challenge, in a way, which Mr J sets us to show the girls we’re capable of doing it, but I couldn’t talk about these things if there were girls there!”

Boys care more for what girls think of them than what other boys think of them. A giggle from a girl can be life-threatening; boys feel they do better around boys because the judgement is less harsh/felt.

“Interviews with [these] ‘non-macho’ boys suggest that these boys did not feel exposed in single-sex classes. . . .Such boys told us – without exception – that they felt at ease and comfortable, that they did not experience bullying or aggressive behaviour from other boys, and that they were not intimidated by the atmosphere in all-boys’ classes.” (p. 86)

Percentage of students scoring proficient on the F.C.A.T (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test)

boys in coed classes: 37% scored proficient

boys in single-sex classes: 86% scored proficient.

The numbers speak for themselves.
Again; less threatened by bigger males who tend to be less aggressive when there are no girls to impress/scare/intimidate

No because…

Frat boys, choir-boy-molesting-priests, gang-rapists, gangs etc have two things in common: They are generally all-boys and that they are horrible.

One boy in the company of ten women is likely to behave much better than five-ten boys/men/males with one girl.

Boys in all-male stags are up-to no good.

Give the girls a break

Yes because…

Girls perform better when there are no boys around. And girls-only groups unlike boys-clubs tend to be civilized. Compare sororities with fraternities. Women when in the company of other women and no men; tend not be catty/biting/rude but rather are not scared to be happy helpful and open. There’s a lot of singing/dancing,make-up and slumber-parties/beach-parties/parties. Girls have fun with other girls and need not worry about jealousy over boys or annoying/intrusive boys or looking bad or whatever.

If all the boys were in boy’s schools then girls would need not worry about most of the problems women face. Also we can openly communicate about girlie matters, feelings and hormones without being conscious.

No because…

The left will have us believe that there are no such things as platonic friendships between members of the opposite sex. Or that homosexual relationships are a myth. Or that the only thing that foments girl-rage is boys.

Fact is; so long as people are being themselves, are not worried about what other people think and remain civilized it’s all good.

The moment people are pressured to have/be-in physical relationships and are trying to fit into gender stereotypes/standards that is when there’s a problem.

But when this occurs naturally and it is human nature to have certain feelings after puberty; there is no problem.

Less distracted

Yes because…

Less distraction,

No because…

boys perform better in co-ed schools and girls perform academically better in girls only schools.

No because…

According to several studies boys do better when there are more girls than boys in a classroom because girls help them focus.

Males are natural competitors; while girls are encouraged to be shy and submissive no matter how gender-neutral a society claims to be.

Males around girls feel the need to prove themselves while girls figure if they seem dumb and popular boys will like them.

Therefore under-perform and boys perform better in coed classrooms.

This is just to impress boys but also not to be judged by girls around them. If a girl participates aggressively in a coed classroom she is laughed at by the ‘mean/cool/hot-girl’-crowd. Girls learn that being enthusiastic in the classroom is not for them.


Yes because…

The boys lose, the girls gain. Overall, the argument neither supports nor opposes gender segregation.

boys are more aggressive, violent, stereotypically masculine in boys schools

No because…

Boys feel the need to prove that they are in fact boys and thus indulge in shootings and bombing other than other masculine pranks which they would be ashamed to perform in the company of girls.

There is no paucity in spit/fart bombs,slingshots and other such weaponry in a boy-dominated classroom.

[[‘Catcher in the rye’- must read for all those who think boys are gentle in the environment of their sex alone]]

Yes because…

Again; this is in reference to schools that have student bodies that are predominantly male.

Boys only feel the need/pressure to be stereotypically male when in the presence of few women; when there are more girls than boys; boys don’t have to worry about not being able to bring a girl to a school dance or to have to compete with bunches of other boys for the female minority. They do not hate girls when there are none or too many; only when they are in a minority.

When in the company of boys alone; boys are less homophobic; are happier to be themselves (no girls to impress or fight over) and overall are pleasant.

In “Catcher in the rye” the only tension between the boys comes from girls/sex.

No-one should have to go to school at all.

No because…

If school was optional it would make life better.

Yes because…

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Eric S.
6 years ago

I strongly believe that the idea of all boys and girls schools should be entertained as an option moving forward. This has nothing to do with gender biased as I and many others believe currently plays a part in today’s education system. By providing grounds for all boys and girls school will provide their young and maturing minds the time necessary to develop fundamental educational progress without being overwhelmed by hormones and regressive natural tendencies for a less diciplined and younger mind. There are some that will find this regressive. On the contrary however, it is progressive in every sense. I believe in many cases the socio economic and educational support for girls grossly outweighs that for boys. It’s important to balance this formula to provide the necessary aid for both. Clearly, these failures of young men in education are a failure of society and the education system to properly engage this demographic in providing access and aid for fundamental and higher education.

Our system as we know it is clearly failing in the realms of proportional representation and all of the statistics are painting a very serious and ugly reality. We do not need anymore immature blame games that have caused these issues in the first place. It’s important for our istitutions and pockets of society to come together and develop a working product which will provide access to all who require it. In this case I believe that placing girls and boys in separate schools will provide grounds which will only elevate the sex’s for success.

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