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There Is a Mathematical Miracle in the Quran That Proves It Is the Word of God

“Say: ‘If the whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Qur’an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support.'” (Chapter 17:88) This and many other verses of challenge appear in the Quran, challenging mankind to find one even one mistake in it. People have unsuccessfully attempted to refute the literary perfection and scientific truths existing in this holy book. But what about a numerical miracle? What about the fact that this book is structured upon an ingenious mathematical formula, based primarily on the number 7, proving without a shadow of a doubt that no human could have ever written this book, and that every single letter in the Quran is the pure word of God?

All the Yes points:

  1. The number 7 miracle
  2. More coincidences?
  3. Quran and Prime Numbers: 1433 Hijri is 2012 Gregorian
  4. Numbers Are Not Real but Quatities Are.
  5. Quantities are real even if number are not
  6. 100 percent right
  7. Odd to Even Miracle
  8. Recurring Numbers And Symmetry Miracle
  9. Just some Numerical Patterns, Scientific Signs and Future prophesies in the Quran.
  10. Rechard can never be right!

All the No points:

  1. No.
  2. My name is Richard
  3. Numbers are not real
  4. You can do the same kind of thing with any lengthy book (Moby Dick is famously often used)

The number 7 miracle

Yes because…

The numerical miracle in the Qur’an involves numerous numbers, of which 7 is the primary one. But why 7? It seems that this number shares a strong relationship with the way our universe was created and structured. The Earth has seven layers: the crust, lithosphere, upper mantle, astenoshpere, lower mantle, outer core and inner core. The atmosphere has 7 layers: the Troposphere, Stratosphere, Ozonosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Ionosphere and the Exosphere. Atoms, the basic building blocks of matter, have a seven-layered structure. The universe has 7 skies, and the one we see decorated with stars at night is only one of those 7.

God Almighty perhaps wanted to include this fascinating number not only in his creations, but in his Holy book. Now, I will attempt to explain some miracles of the number 7 in the Qur’an:

• The number of verses in the Qur’an that referred to the seven skies is actually 7!

• The word “the Hereafter” is mentioned 70 times in the Quran, a multiple of 7!

• Hell-Fire has seven doors to it, and the number of times the word “Hell-Fire” (‘Jahannam’ in Arabic) is repeated in the Qur’an is 77, a multiple of 7!

• The first time God Almighty (Allah) mentions the number 7 in the Qur’an was in Chapter 2, Verse 29 when he says: “It is He Who hath created for you all things that are on earth; then He turned to heaven and made them into seven firmaments; and of all things He hath perfect knowledge. (29)”. The last time Allah mentions the number 7 is in Chapter 78, Verse 12 when he states: “And (have We not) built over you the seven firmaments, (12)”. Now observe this:

o The number of chapters between the first chapter that mentions this number and the last chapter that mentions it is 77, a multiple of 7!

o Not only that, but amazingly, the number of verses between the first verse that mentions 7 and the last verse that mentions 7 is 5649, also a multiple of 7.

o And even more amazingly, the number of verses that come from the beginning of Chapter 2 until the verse where 7 is first mentioned is the exact same number of verses as from the verse where 7 is last mentioned until the end of Chapter 78: 28 verses, which is also a multiple of 7!

o Furthermore, from the very beginning of Chapter 2, the chapter which first mentions number 7, to the very end of Chapter 78, the chapter which last mentions it, there are exactly 5705 verses, a multiple of 7! Check it yourself!

o The number of verses that come before the first verse where 7 is mentioned is 35, which is a multiple of 7, and the number of verses that come before the verse where 7 is last mentioned is 5684, a multiple of 7!

This is only a small ounce of the many examples of the wonders of number 7 in the Qur’an, let alone other prime numbers such as 13 and 19 and others. But the question remains to all those who question the Qur’an’s authenticity: could have all this happened by coincidence? Can this infallible accuracy have been sheer luck, or is there a precise system of mathematics that no one could have ever dreamed of concocting, proving through the language of numbers that this book is completely and utterly the word of God?

No because…

The frequency that multiples of seven appear in the Qur’an is not at all surprising, it is merely the result of a fundamental property of integers, namely, that all integers greater than one can be written uniquely as a product of prime numbers. Since seven is a small prime number multiples of seven appear quite frequently, as do multiples of two, three, five, eleven etc,. The pattern is not a coincidence, but neither is it a miracle.

This is to the person who says no to this Number 7 miracle

i would like to ask you Mr/miss/Mrs now how can person who couldn’t read and write have known to place and exactly did something the on this earth great mathematician could do only when they all come together!! to me, that’s proof enough to understand that is book is truly a miracle from God and indeed no falsely can be attached to it, thanks and prayers to the team that came together to find out this.

More coincidences?

Yes because…

Another miracle concerns incidents when the number of times one word or phrase is mentioned is equal to that of another phrase related to it. For example:

• The number of times the word “Man” is mentioned: 24 times. The number of times the word “Woman” is mentioned: 24 times.

• “Dunia” (one of the Arabic words for ‘life’) is mentioned 115 times, and “Aakhira” (an Arabic word for ‘after life’) is also mentioned 115 times.

• “Malaika” (the Arabic word for angel) is mentioned 88 times, and “Shaytan” (Satan) is mentioned 88 times.

• “Life” is mentioned 145 times. “Death” is mentioned 145 times.

• “People”: 50 times. “Messengers”: 50 times.

• “Corrupt”: 50 times. “Benefit”: 50 times.

• “Iblees” (king of devils): 11 times. “Seek refuge from Iblees”: 11 times.

• “Museebah” (calamity): 75 times. “Thanks”: 75 times.

• “Sadaqah” (spending): 73 times. “Satisfaction”: 73 times.

• “People who are mislead”: 17 times. “Dead people”: 17 times.

• “Gold”: 8 times. “Easy life”: 8 times.

• “Zakat” (taxes Muslims pay for the poor): 32 times. “Barakah” (blessings of one’s wealth): 32 times.

• “Mind”: 49 times. “Noor” (light): 49 times.

• “Tongue”: 25 times. “Sermon”: 25 times.

• “Desire”: 8 times. “Fear”: 8 times.

• “Hardship”: 114 times. “Patience”: 114 times.

• “Muhammad”: 4 times. “Sharee’ah” (Muhammad’s teachings): 4 times.

If this is not enough, now please look at the number of times the following words occur:

• ‘Month’: 12 times

• ‘Day’: 365 times!

• ‘Sea’: 32 times. ‘Land’: 13 times. ‘Sea’ + ‘Land’ = 32 + 13 = 45.
% of Sea = 32 / 45 (x100%) = 71.11111111 %
% of Land = 13 / 45 (x100) = 28.88888889 %
Modern science has only recently discovered that the above figures represent the exact proportions of Sea and Land on Earth!

Finally, I ask that if you have any doubt as to the accuracy of these numbers, by all means, please check them for yourself.

Can all this have been a coincidence? Could it be sheer luck? Could it be that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was such a mathematical genius that he wrote a book that combined a complete way of life along with a mathematically embedded masterpiece that included scientific truths and references to phrases that matched their equivalents or opposites? Any sound individual will tell you that he could never have done this, because he himself was an illiterate man who couldn’t read or write!

“We have, without doubt sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption). (9)” (Chapter 15, Verse 9)

“(This is) a Book, the Verses whereof are perfected (in every sphere of knowledge), and then explained in detail from One (Allâh), Who is All-Wise Well-Acquainted (with all things).” (Chapter 11, Verse 1)

No because…

This all sounds a bit too much like one of the wackiest 9/11 conspiracies- something to do with the numbers 9 and 11 relating to loads of different stuff.

In answer to all the matching numbers of words: wow. maybe whoever wrote it did that on purpose, because they thought it would look cool. I could do that. I’m not God.

The ratio of Earth and Sea: actually that’s not a valid measurement, as the proportions are changing constantly with rises and falls in sea level, the shift of tectonic plates, reclaimed land etc etc.

Half these pairs of words have nothing to do with each other. Many of the rest have arbitrary exclusions based on rules about what prefixes or suffixes count. These arguments show no understanding of probability.

Quran and Prime Numbers: 1433 Hijri is 2012 Gregorian

Yes because…

Knowledge Extraction from the Quran Using Prime Numbers

You thought the film Contact (1997) had an extraterrestrial message in the form of prime numbers from 2 to 101 was amazing? Well here is a REAL, non-science-fiction, extraterrestrial message encoded within the first chapter of the Quran appropriately named THE KEY (الفاتحة) which has 7 verses, 29 words, and 139 letters. Not only are these prime numbers but their digit sums (7=7, 2+9=11 and 1+3+9=13) are primes too, and the grand total of these sums (7+11+13 = 31) is yet another prime!!!

After a month or so, I developed a PrimeNumber testing utility for my PocketPC and just for fun arranged these numbers (7, 29, 139) next to each other right-to-left and left-to-right (i.e. 139297 and 729139) and guess what? Both were primes! SIMPLY AMAZING (سُبحان الله) J

Convinced that THE KEY to unlocking the Quran is somehow related to prime numbers, and rather than wait for some non-Muslim scholar to discover something only for Muslims to feverishly start scanning the Quran for confirmation, I set about extracting some enlightenment from the Quran using prime numbers with the total reliance on God alone, and within few days I came across a very revealing verse.

In chapter 55 (THE MERCIFUL الرحمن) I found 31 repetitions of a verse that comes after every time God reminds us of a certain bounty He is bestowing upon both worlds of humans and genies and asks:

“What other bounties of your Sustainer, do you still not believe?”

“فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ”

Not only this verse is repeated 31 times (the grand total above) but the sum of its verse numbers is:

13 + 16 + 18 + 21 + 23 + 25 + 28 + 30 + 32 + 34 + 36 + 38 + 40 + 42 + 45 + 47 + 49 + 51 + 53 + 55 + 57 + 59 + 61 + 63 + 65 + 67 + 69 + 71 + 73 + 75 + 77 = 1433, a prime as you may have guessed.

But what was MORE INTERESTING AND REVEALING however, is the fact that the current year according to the Hijri Calendar is 1429 H J

CAN YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? We are less than 4 years away from a great if not the greatest bounty God may be preparing for humanity and jinn in 1433H.

I can only speculate that it might be the Reappearance of Imam Mehdi and the Second Coming Prophet Jesus (May peace be upon them both).

God bless all good people and good genies.

Ali Adams
God > infinity

Sunday, November 09, 2008 (1429 الأحد 11 ذو القعدة)

No because…

Numbers Are Not Real but Quatities Are.

Yes because…

Numbers 0, 1, 2, …, 9 are actually called digits and I agree with you they are simply symbols in a man-made decimal system that conveniently uses the fact that man has 10 fingers to count with.

Quantities on the other hand, are as real as you are 1 person and with your mum and dad are 3 people. The solar year has approximately 365 days which is a natural quantity and not man-made becuase earth revolution around the sun involves 365 earth spins.

NOW prime numbers are very very very special, as special as the atoms in chemistry are. They are the basic building blocks for all other non-prime (composite) numbers.
For example the quantity18 = 2^1 * 3^3 while the quantity 19 is only divisible by itself and 1 (the unit) so 19 a prime or a building block for other numbers.

Hope this clarifies why we ought to pay heed to the prime evidence before us.

Ali Adams
Allah > infinity

No because…

Quantities are real even if number are not

Yes because…

Numbers or to be precise Symbols 0, 1, 2,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,7 ,8, 9 are man-made but they represent quantities that are not man-made. I hope you realize that you and your mum and dad are 3, and Earth revolves around the Sun once every 365 spins (or days). AND prime numbers are the basic building blocks of all natural numbers and see my post above about The Key and 1433 = 2012 and be prepared my friend. No one will help you except yourself.

Ali Adams
God > infinity

No because…

100 percent right

Yes because…

dear richhard what argument u give for tthe mathmatical is absolutely bogus because for example the repetion of word days is 365 and ucant say its not miracle bcoz at same time he is maintaining its eloquence how could aman same time match with both and is not one there 100 of such types like if u chech up quran the total verse of quran and chapter and total odd verses and total even veres and match it there are same which are in thosands u may say its incidental now another miracle the word they say and say are same which again in 100s dear richard accept Islam

No because…

Re 365 miracle, see http://www.answering-islam.org/Religions/Numerics/365hoax.html

Re the odd even “miracle”, see the next argument below entitled odd even miracle

Odd to Even Miracle

Yes because…

at the following link:


There is an easily verifiable miracle for believers and coincidence for non-believers.

The idea is that,

When we added each Chapter’s number with its Noble Verses’ total, we found out that the SUM of the odd results = 6555

When we added each Chapter’s number with its Noble Verses’ total, we found out that the SUM of the even results = 6236

The sum of the Noble Chapters = 6555

The sum of the Noble Verses = 6236

Was this just a coincident? Or was it a True Divine Numerical Miracle like the 10s of others that were already found in the Holy Quran?

To me, this Miracle shows that each WORD in the Holy Quran has a Divine Purpose in Its LOCATION, SPELLING and FREQUENCY.

Chapter Number Number Of Verses Total Odd/Even

1 7 8 Even
2 286 288 Even Total Odd Numbers: 6555
3 200 203 Odd Total Even Numbers: 6236
4 176 180 Even
5 120 125 Odd
6 165 171 Odd
7 206 213 Odd
8 75 83 Odd
9 129 138 Even
10 109 119 Odd
11 123 134 Even
12 111 123 Odd
13 43 56 Even
14 52 66 Even
15 99 114 Even
16 128 144 Even
17 111 128 Even
18 110 128 Even
19 98 117 Odd
20 135 155 Odd
21 112 133 Odd
22 78 100 Even
23 118 141 Odd
24 64 88 Even
25 77 102 Even
26 227 253 Odd
27 93 120 Even
28 88 116 Even
29 69 98 Even
30 60 90 Even
31 34 65 Odd
32 30 62 Even
33 73 106 Even
34 54 88 Even
35 45 80 Even
36 83 119 Odd
37 182 219 Odd
38 88 126 Even
39 75 114 Even
40 85 125 Odd
41 54 95 Odd
42 53 95 Odd
43 89 132 Even
44 59 103 Odd
45 37 82 Even
46 35 81 Odd
47 38 85 Odd
48 29 77 Odd
49 18 67 Odd
50 45 95 Odd
51 60 111 Odd
52 49 101 Odd
53 62 115 Odd
54 55 109 Odd
55 78 133 Odd
56 96 152 Even
57 29 86 Even
58 22 80 Even
59 24 83 Odd
60 13 73 Odd
61 14 75 Odd
62 11 73 Odd
63 11 74 Even
64 18 82 Even
65 12 77 Odd
66 12 78 Even
67 30 97 Odd
68 52 120 Even
69 52 121 Odd
70 44 114 Even
71 28 99 Odd
72 28 100 Even
73 20 93 Odd
74 56 130 Even
75 40 115 Odd
76 31 107 Odd
77 50 127 Odd
78 40 118 Even
79 46 125 Odd
80 42 122 Even
81 29 110 Even
82 19 101 Odd
83 36 119 Odd
84 25 109 Odd
85 22 107 Odd
86 17 103 Odd
87 19 106 Even
88 26 114 Even
89 30 119 Odd
90 20 110 Even
91 15 106 Even
92 21 113 Odd
93 11 104 Even
94 8 102 Even
95 8 103 Odd
96 19 115 Odd
97 5 102 Even
98 8 106 Even
99 8 107 Odd
100 11 111 Odd
101 11 112 Even
102 8 110 Even
103 3 106 Even
104 9 113 Odd
105 5 110 Even
106 4 110 Even
107 7 114 Even
108 3 111 Odd
109 6 115 Odd
110 3 113 Odd
111 5 116 Even
112 4 116 Even
113 5 118 Even
114 6 120 Even
6555 6236

No because…

For more discussion and original source see: http://quranspotlight.wordpress.com/articles/quran-odd-even-debunked/

The first thing to notice is that added together, the odd and even totals must contain the sum of all the suras and all the ayats in the Quran (since every sura belongs to one of the two groups). Thus if one group = the sum of the suras, the other group must = the sum of the ayats. We can deconstruct things a bit further. We can simply state the “miracle” as follows:

1. Total s+a (odd) = total sura numbers

6555 = 6555

2. Total s+a (even) = total ayats

6236 = 6236

Each sura belongs either to the odd s+a group or the even s+a group. If we subtract all the suras numbers belonging to the odd s+a group from both sides of the first equation, we can see that it becomes:

Total ayats in the odd s+a group = total sura numbers in the even s+a group

If we then subtract all the ayats belonging to suras in the even s+a group from both sides of the second equation we can see that it becomes:

Total sura numbers in the even s+a group = total ayats in the odd s+a group

Swap the sides of this equation round and you’ll see that it is identical to the other equation.

Thus both apparent coincidences in reality simplify to a single one: Total ayats in the odd s+a group = total sura numbers in the even s+a group. Specifically, that number is 3303. And no, 3303 is not divisible by 19 in case you were wondering! ;)

It is not particularly remarkable that you can use some criteria to select approximately half the suras (as this process does – exactly half as it happens), and find that the sum of those sura numbers = the sum of the other half’s ayats (3303 is approximately half of 6236 or 6555).

We must consider that huge amounts of man-hours have been spent looking for numerical patterns in religious books, so try hundreds or thousands of possible patterns and coincidences, including this kind, and it is likely that you will find some.

Recurring Numbers And Symmetry Miracle

Yes because…

Please visit this website to know more: http://www.megasutra.com. Thank you.

No because…

Just some Numerical Patterns, Scientific Signs and Future prophesies in the Quran.

Yes because…

(1) The Moon

The word moon (Qamar), is used exactly 27 times in the Quran! The moon’s ecliptic sidereal cycle around the Earth takes about 27.3 days. It is of course generally accepted by the majority of people worldwide, especially during the ancient times, that the moon takes roughly 29.5 days to rotate around the earth. But in the Quran, the word “Moon” is cleary and exactly used 27 times instead of 29 or 30! If Muhammad himself had invented the Quran, surely he would have placed at least 29 or 30 word “Moon” in the Quran instead of 27. Surely the people during that time would generally believe the things that they see with their own eyes; and what they saw was that the moon’s one complete cycle from a “full moon” to another new “full moon” was of course roughly about 29.5 days. No human being ( even today too, without the latest scientific help ) could have ever imagine about the moon’s true orbital period around the earth, which is roughly about 27 days. So, why the 27 word “Moon” in the Quran instead of 29 or 30? Maybe, this is one of God’s way of showing the people of the future what He already knew of the things that the people of that time did NOT even have a CLUE OF!!

The Moon makes a complete orbit around the Earth with respect to the fixed stars about once every 27.3 days (its sidereal period). However, since the Earth is moving in its orbit about the Sun at the same time, it takes slightly longer for the Moon to show the same phase to Earth, which is about 29.5 days (its synodic period).
• The sidereal period is the temporal cycle that it takes an object to make one full orbit, relative to the stars. This is considered to be an object’s true orbital period.
• The synodic period is the temporal interval that it takes for an object to reappear at the same point in relation to two other objects (linear nodes), i.e. the Moon relative to the Sun as observed from Earth returns to the same illumination phase. The synodic period is the time that elapses between two successive conjunctions with the Sun-Earth line in the same linear order. The synodic period differs from the sidereal period due to the Earth orbit around the Sun, with one less synodic period than lunar orbit per solar orbit.

(2) The Date of the Landing on the Moon

[54:1] The Hour has come closer, and the Moon has split.

Sura (Chapter) 54 of the Quran is THE ONLY chapter in the Quran titled “Al-Qamar” which means “The Moon”. We discovered that the first verse in this Sura discusses the splitting of the moon event which was a miracle performed by Prophet Mohammad during his life time and may also has a significance for future event such as man’s landing on the moon. ( The form of the word “splitting” in arabic language when the Quran is describing this event can also be used as a form of ploughing the lands because there ARE other verses in the Quran using this “splitting” word, for example when the Quran describes rain waters “splitting” the ground )

And now If we are to count all the remaining verses right after this specific verse right all the way to the end of the Quran, we will count exactly 1389 too! The year 1389 Hijri in the Muslim calendar corresponds exactly to the year 1969 AD in the Gregorian calendar, the year in which man landed on the moon for the very first time and ploughed the moon’s surface of about 21kg of moon soil. On July 20, 1969 ( 6th day of the 5th month of 1389 Hijri ), as part of Apollo 11 mission, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon, and bring back to earth about 21 kg of moon soil.

(3) The Bee

1. Chapter 16 of the Quran is titled Chapter of The Bee (or Surah Al-Nahl) and is the only chapter in the Quran titled “The Bee”. It is worth mentioning that the number of the chromosomes of the male bee is 16 too.

2. If this chapter is number 16 and MALE bees have 16 chromosome too, (take note that chapter numbers are usually located at the TOP part too ) then it is also interesting to know that the bottom part of this chapter ( the very last verse of this chapter ) has exactly 32 letters too. And 32 is the chromosome of the FEMALE bees too!

3. The word “Bee” too is only mentioned once in the Quran, meaning it is only mentioned here in this chapter, in verse 68. And between the very start of this chapter and this one and only word “Bee” of the Quran, there are also exactly 32 words “Allah”.

4. The total Gematrical values of this title chapter “An- Nahl” ( The Bee ) of chapter 16, is 119. The chromosomes of the Male bee is also 16. If we count all the verses from the very start of the Quran right to the end of this chapter 16 of “The Bee”, we will count exactly 119 verses too that are divisible by 16, just like the total Abjad values of this chapter 16’s title “An-Nahl”, which is 119!


(4) The Atomic Number of Iron and The Iron Core

The Quran has a surah or chapter titled “Al-Hadeed” ( The Iron ) which is chapter 57. Let us see first the verse which mentions the importance and characteristics of iron:
[57:25] ……. And we sent down the iron, wherein there is strength, and many benefits for the people. All this in order for GOD to distinguish those who would support Him and His messengers, on faith. GOD is Powerful, Almighty. .

The verb “anzal” in the Quran is usually used to describe the action of God sending down something to Earth. The verb “anzal” refers to the fact that a creation in the world has taken place following an event exterior to the earth. The temperature of the Earth was not sufficient, at the beginning, for the formation of iron. Not only the Earth, but even a middle sized sun like ours did not have the heat necessary for the formation of iron. That is why iron must have come to our planet from outer space, as well as to the entire solar system. The iron we have in our planet today must have come to our solar system from other suns which had higher temperatures favorable for the formation of iron. To allude to iron, the Quran uses the verb “anzal” to explain its origin is the space.

And there is also one verse much earlier than this, verse 4, which says : “ It is He who created the heavens and earth in six days and then established Himself above the Throne. He knows what PENETRATES INTO THE EARTH and what emerges from it and what descends from the heaven and what ascends therein; and He is with you wherever you are. And Allah, of what you do, is Seeing.” ( And scientist only just know that the IRON CORES in the centre of the Earth are foreign objects not originally of this Earth! )

The Quran also shows other mathematical miracles by pointing out the iron’s atomic number, which is 26.

The Numerical Gematrical Value (NGV) of the word “Al-Hadeed” “The-Iron” or ( AL-HDYD)
Alif (A) = 1
Lam (L) = 30
Ha (H) = 8
Da (D) = 4
Ya (Y) = 10
Da (D) = 4

Total NGV of the chapter name “The Iron” ( AL-HDYD) = 1+30+8+4+10+4 = 57
Total NGV of the word “Iron” (HDYD) itself without “The” = 8+4+10+4 = 26

1. As we can see above, Chapter 57 in the Quran is called “The Iron” ( Al-Hadeed ). The arabic word “Al-Hadeed” too has the Numerical Gematrical value of 57, the same as the Chapter number.The Gematrical value of the Arabic word “Hadeed”(Iron) itself without the “Al”(the) is 26. And In the Periodic Table of The Elements, the 26th element mentioned is “Iron” too! Meaning the atomic number of Iron is 26.

2. The word “Iron” itself is only mentioned in verse 25 of this chapter of “The Iron”. But if we are to count all the word “Allah” from the very start of this chapter right to the end of this verse, we will count exactly 26 word Allah too! And this 26th word Allah from the start of this chapter also happens to be the 26th word of this verse too!

3. Chapter 57 is virtually located at the center of the Quran too! ( Total chapter of the Quran, 114 divides by 2 = 57 ) And what is the most abundant element of all in the CORE or the CENTER of our Planet Earth? The answer is again IRON! It is as though God is telling us today, that the chapter of “The Iron” or Chapter 57, is located EXACTLY at the CENTER of the Quran, just like how the IRON CORE of the Earth is located EXACTLY at the CENTER of our planet too!

4. Chapter 57 is “Al-Hadeed” ( The-Iron), which marks the end of the first half of the Quranic chapters. It has 29 verses too. If we multiply the chapter number 57 by the verse number 29, the result is 57 x 29 = 1653.
And if we add 1+2+3+4+5+6+7………..all the way to 57,
we will get exactly 1653 too!
( And this kind of situation is rare too in the Quran and even in any other books too! It is as though God wants to remind us that there are indeed some other amazing hidden miracles in this Chapter of “The Iron” )


(5) The Highest Degree

( This is one of the many unique numerical patterns in the Quran involving the use of Numerical Gematrical Values )

One of the verses of the Quran, points out that God is the owner or the possessor of highest degrees. Chapter 40, verse 15 says:
[40:15] Possessor of the highest degrees, and Ruler of the whole dominion. He sends inspiration, bearing His commands, to whomever He chooses from among His servants, to warn about the Day of Summoning.

The term “Rafey el-darajat” is translated as “Possessor of the highest degrees”. The word “Rafey” expresses highness and the word “el-daragat” expresses the degrees.
The numerical value of the word “Rafey ”, which means “highest”, is 360. This number is the equivalent of the highest degree in the universe. For example, in a circle, there are 360 degrees.

The numerical value of the word “Rafey ” is calculated as follows:
Ra = 200
Fe = 80
Ye = 10
Ayn = 70
Sum = 360

The highest degree in the universe is 360 too!


(6) The Human Chromosome

( 23 is the number of the Human Haploid chromosome, and
46 is the number of The Human Deploid Chromosome. )

There is a chapter called “The Human’’ in the Quran. It is the only chapter titled “The Human” in the Quran. It is the 76th chapter of the Quran and has a total of 107 verses. In this
chapter, the word “Human’’ takes place only in the first and second verses of the chapter.

1. If we are to count all the unique types of the 28 Arabic letters from this two verses which contain the only two word “Human” in this chapter, we will get exactly 23 unique Arabic letters. ( 23 = Human haploid chromosome ) And no other combination of 2 verses for the rest of the 105 verses will be able to give this number too!

2. Between the very start of this chapter of “The Human” and the second and final word “Human” of this chapter, there are exactly 46 letters. ( And we know that two humans beings too are required in order for the creation of another human being of 46 chromosome! )

3. Between the very start of the Quran itself and the verse that contain this word “Human” again, there are exactly 46 verses containing the word “human” too!

Some other things to ponder too :

One key word in the Quran which is of course very obvious to many is the word “Allah”. Special numbers will have to be number such as number 19 and 7. As for the Arabic alphabet, it will have to be the letter “Aliph”. All of this makes perfect sense because the word “Allah”, and the letter “Aliph” are by far the most abundant of all in the Quran!

4. Between the very start of this chapter and the first word “Allah” of this chapter found in verse 6, there happens to be exactly 46 words too.

One strange thing about this chapter is that all of it’s 107 verses ends with the letter “Aliph” too! There are only 3 chapters like this in Quran out of the total 114 chapters. Furthermore, the first letter of the word “Human”( in Arabic ) too consist of the letter “Aliph”.

5. Now between the very start of this chapter and this word “Allah” again, the letter “Aliph” too has a total of 46 counts!


(7) The Number Seven

( The Quran only has 114 chapters and only ONE chapter has the most number of 7 on it’s chapter number, and that is chapter 77 )

1. From the very start of the Quran till the very end of Chapter 77, there are exactly 777 verses that are divisible by the number 7. Therefore, we can also say that the 777th verse of the Quran that is divisible by the number 7, ends at Chapter 77. And thus the 778th verse that is divisible by the number 7, would have to start at Chapter 78 too! The FINAL word “seven” of the Quran itself can be found at Chapter 78, at Verse 12.

2. It also turns out that this 777th verse of the Quran, which is the last verse of chapter 77 that is divisible by number 7, is also the 49th verse of the chapter. So we can also say : “This verse 49 ( and 49 is 7 x 7 too ) of chapter 77 which is divisible by 7, is ALSO the 777th verse from the very start of the Quran that is divisible by 7.”

3. And this verse 49 of chapter 77, which is the 777th verse from the very start of the Quran that is divisible by 7, ………………….and “49 OF 77” is also 49 X 77 equals to 3773. And 3773 = 7 x 7 x 7 x 11………….. Another triple 7!

Regarding the verse that contains the FINAL word “seven” of the Quran ( in Chapter 78, Verse 12 ) :

4. This verse that contains the final word “seven” of the Quran also happens to be the 5684th verse from the very START of the Quran. ( 5684 = 7 x 7 x 116 )

5. This verse that contains the final word “seven” of the Quran, is also the 553th verse from the END of the Quran. ( 553 = 7 x 79 )

6. This verse that contains the final word “seven” of the Quran, is also the 5649th verse from the verse that contains the FIRST word “seven” of the Quran itself! ( 5649 = 7 x 807 )

7. The first word “seven” of the Quran is found at Chapter 2 verse 29. And the last word “seven” of the Quran is found at chapter 78 verse 12. From the start of chapter 2 to the end of Chapter 78 too, the total number of their verses is divisible by 7. ( 5705 = 7 x 815 )

No because…

Rechard can never be right!

Yes because…

Let Rechard (=7 characters) supply his father’s name and that of his mum, sum them up and give us a multiple of 7.
He should also try and solve the following mathematical problems for us:
sum of the characters of names of Rechard’s first son and the last,
His first daughter’s and the last,
His immediate elderly and younger brothers,
the sum of his father’s and mother’s ages when they bore Recherd,
The total number of individuals in his nuclear and expanded families,
Sum of the digits included in Rechard’s date of birth, and other mathematical manipulations therefrom,
The Rechard’s sorename and other names, giving him a multiple of 7?
Rechard should make use of the brain he was given by Allah, the Creator of the entire universe (S.W.T.), appropriately to see the Truth and embrace It. Islam us the Only Way to the Heaven. May allah guide him aright and others.
Position of letter R (R=18) on the English language alphabets.
Let Rechard and others think of the Oneness and Greatness of Allah(S.W.T.)

No because…


No because…

There is no mathematical miracle in the Qur’an. It has no basis of argument, and even if a bunch of numbers do coincide, that doesn’t tell us much. We can find coincidences in the Bible and say that there is a mathematical miracle there as well.

And no, it wouldn’t be hard to write it in. I could quite easily write a book, using the word “Dave” every time the character Dave was mentioned, and the word “Derek” everytime the character Derek was mentioned, and then go through and change however many “Dave”s or “Derek”s as I needed into “He” or “the man” or whatever. I’d sit and write an essay for you to illustrate it, but this doesn’t really need any more explanation.

Yes because…

It is not a ‘bunch of numbers that coincide.’ If you observe the evidence, it is illogical to assume that all these examples of OPPOSITES are purely coincidental. But it would make sense to think that the author of the Quran intentionally, with knowledge inserted the number of opposites in such a way that they would always be equal in number. There is a highly distinguished, repeated occurence of equality of these opposite words. And it would be difficult for any person to arrange the words throughout the length of the Book so that they occur exactly the number of times he wants and still make sense/ fit in; and he would have to refrain from using the words if the “limit” was exceeded. But the sentences of the Quran are in perfect cohesion and arrangement. This proves that the Quran could not have been written by an ordinay human being, but is from an inifinitely Intelligent and Perfect Source. And what this is exactly the message that is being conveyed by the pattern & consistency, to all readers.

There are several versions of the bible and it has been changed over time, it is highly unlikely that you would find such a pattern in any of them, if you believe that the current bible(s) is still the Word of God, intact.

Is there any other book where such a pattern has been found? God openly challenges in the Quran for any man to produce something like it. Not one person could meet this challenge, even after more than 1300 years.

My name is Richard

No because…

My name is Richard.
My name has 7 letters in it.
This proves everything.

Yes because…


Numbers are not real

No because…

Mathmatics is something humans have invented
therefore just because something is a mathematical miracle doesnt mean its the word of god.

Yes because…

Quantities are real even if number are not

Numbers or to be precise Symbols 0, 1, 2,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,7 ,8, 9 are man-made but they represent quantities that are not man-made. I hope you realize that you, your mum and your dad are 3 people, and Earth revolves around the Sun once every 365 spins (or days).

Prime numbers are the basic building blocks of all natural numbers as you can make any number out of multiplications of primes.

Please see my post above about the Quran and prime numbers and in particular the number 1433 = 2012 and start purifying your soul before it is too late.

Ali Adams
God > infinity

You can do the same kind of thing with any lengthy book (Moby Dick is famously often used)

Yes because…

Moby Dick and the Bible code, they virtually removes ALL the word SPACES from the whole books. Then they look for any unique words from top to botom, bottom to top, left to right, right to left, criss-cross, zig-zag. U-turn. ANYTHING! You name it! And they dont start from a specific chapters too! They start from the first page to the last pages, they start anywhere they want and stop anywhere they want! If they can’t find anything interesting on that page, they simply move on to another page.

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3 years ago

The words of Quran not a soothsayer brother. Quran is a guidance and reminder as also for criterion what’s the truth and the deceive in our way of life.

3 years ago

The one against quran is so hypocrite
But the worst thing he said that we invented mathematics, how come and itdescribe physics and all other domains billions before any creature was born
We discovered them not invented rather weputted symbols for thes numbers and equations
Such a loser
Get a real job or be more academic

3 years ago

There is a typo in a number i believe, when it says the word sea is used 32 times and land is used 13 times, then the pourcentage land says 28.888888889, and the one for sea say 71.11111111, it should be 71.1111111111 ten times the number one, after the coma, or it doesnt add up, i find this pourcentage intresting.

3 years ago

why didn’t you bother to find a skeptic to explain to you why none of these are proof of the existence of a God?

6 years ago

Suppose Surah 1 has only 6 ayats, and not 7. Then there will be only 6235 ayats in the Quran. Sum of Chapter Numbers will remain 6555. As to the sum of Chapter Number and Number of Verses, there will now be 58 Odd sums and 56 Even Sums. Total of Odd sums will be 6555 + 6 = 6561. Total of Even sums will be 6235 – 6 = 6229. No Miracle there!

Amir Yaghoobi
3 years ago
Reply to  AbdulRahman

I have to say that the first Surah has 7 ayats. Because the بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم specially counts as a Ayeh in this Suarh.

Shaban Yusuf
7 years ago

What you were saying about 2012
Its here :
Nov 1-2012: Scientists detect evidence of light
from the universe’s first stars, predicted to have formed 500 million years after the big bang
Quran described the cosmology in chronology
When the stars are extinguished.
Quran 77:8
This sura is the very last sura which talked about cosmology
Note: there’s a sura 88 which talks about cosmology but in different aspect
1-When the sun is rolled (swelling like a ball), and when the stars collapse. 81:1-2-When the seas are set aflame. 81:6

These are not telling about how the earth or universe was formed these are telling about the judgment day

May be You were true what you have said about 2012

Allah knows best !

7 years ago

When you are praying 5 times a day as did prophet Muhammed(PBUH) plus holding religious discussions with his people at the time, it would be impossible to come up with a scheme to produce this book the Quran. Never mind Phophet Muhammed(PBUH) was also illiterate. Number codes hidden in the book of Quran is a testament that it could only have come from god which adds a new very interesting dimention and makes us wonder could there be other hidden codes that may be perhaps non numerical. Now if you are a non beleaver in God ask yourself this question. If all the knowledge spread across the universe was the size of a soccer ball, what is your total knowledge of earth and universe in relation to this soccer ball. If you said a dot then because our knowledge of the universe is soooo small God exist in the unknown. If you had full knowledge of everything in this universe and said to me God does not exist then I would believe you but when u know very little and top say I don’t believe in God than you are being a hypocrite

Abdul Rahman
3 years ago
Reply to  mustafa

Please try and understand this. The Prophet SAW was not illiterate but rather the opposite. This is something you should research.

Mrs Hussain
7 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Wawoo what a research, interesting and surprising article.

3 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Dear friend, we are in 2020 and your prediction made in 2008 regarding the year 2012 has failed. Wait … 2008 + 2012 = 2020!! The judgement day is coming at the end of this year!! Covid19 (the number 19 again) surely is the end of the world! Repent and pray our savior Jesus Christ as the time has come for you to turn to Jehova the only rightous God. Are Krishna Bratislava!

Abdul Rahman
3 years ago
Reply to  Bratislava

2008+2012 = 2020 … really?

No one knows when the end will be..some people make predictions based on hints they perceive. This does not reflect the religion rather the shortcomings of our intelligence.
Nevertheless we try our hardest to become better human beings / believers.

3 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Did you search these figures in English what criteria did you use coz when I searched ” شھر” Arabic word for month 17 Results came out not 12 also same with Land some 444 results came out what criteria did you use…

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