Commercialisation of festivals has eroded their real significance

Do you think that commercialisation of festivals has eroded their significance?

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Commercialisation of festivals has eroded their real significance
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Commercialisation of festivals has eroded their real significance
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basic aim of festival forgotten

i think the basic aim of any festival is to show our love for god and when one commercializes festivals, that basic aim is forgotten and everyone involved is thinking, "What am I going to get on this festival."

In fact, in some instances; the festivals have been commercialized so much, that kids do not even know the significance of the festival and consider it just another holiday or just another chance to increase their material possessions. Commercial establishments have a field day in these instances.

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No because...

This depends on what is considered to be the basic aim of a festival. Is it simply to praise god (or as they are often from before Christ gods) or is it to have a good time? Festivals in the middle of winter were as much to banish the long nights with merryment as to praise the god(s) for the day beginning to get longer again.

If it is simply about having a good time then commercialisation makes little difference. Commercialisation can even make having a good time easier as there will be more veriety and the festival is likely to get more spectacular.

Commercialisation of festivals has eroded their real significance

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2 Comments on "Commercialisation of festivals has eroded their real significance"

Soumik Karfa

What is the true essence of Festivals actually? We praise the omnipotent for what?Because we love him so much? No, it is because we r thankful to him for being by our side. Because we are happy and we want to share our happiness by thanking him.
That doesn’t mean that yhere must be harf n fast rules in Sharing happiness.
One can sacrifice a hundred goats to show how “HAPPY” he is. On the other side, one can make merry n stay happy n rejoice, wear new clothes, go for shopping trips and we call that Commercialization.
We can take the matter in this way,
Commercialization is introduction of new products in market.
The products are bought by commoners, which makes them happy.
The products are sold by businesses men who earn Something which also make them happy.
When both are happy, the sole purpose of Festival is served. So where is the harm?